In this video we’re, going to look at five add-ons that are either new or have been updated for january. Before we get to that don’t forget to uh sign up for ipvanish. They ‘ Ve got an amazing deal on right.

Now i don’t know how much longer it’s. Going to last, you can get your yearly uh subscription for 35. Bucks click the link in the description below. So you can surf the internet in anonymity and don’t forget to subscribe to my channels for fun, so the first one i labeled it as a new one, but it has been around in the past.

So i guess it’s. Been recently updated, if you will it’s called the dark carnival it’s good for movies and tv shows so check out the dark carnival. Now the next bunch have recently been updated sort of multiple times.

Sports hd is once again been updated, obviously, for sports, so uh try that one out again, you probably have to try a bunch of different links on the sports add-on to find one that works. Make sure you check at game time another one that was recently updated and then updated again is go, go anime, so check that out for your cartoon needs and release.

Bb was once again updated as well. So this one’s, a real debride one, but it does have some free links. So you can check out that and another one that was recently updated is death star. It’s, a conglomerate of add-ons now out of it’s got a whole bunch within it um.

Frankly, there’s only a couple within it that have been updated. As far as i can tell me, tv and the wasteland were two that were recently updated, so you can check out this one and you can go through the add-ons and see what works best for you and that one is death star.

So this video was recorded using the cloner alliance box. Pro click, the link in the description below rhyming intended and also check out uh viper antivirus software for your computer and please make sure you ‘

Ve, updated your cody system to 18.9 and stop crying about links and things not working because you didn’t. Do this

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