In this video, I am gonna show you some new and updated add-ons for you for more videos. Click the hashtags below this video as well. There’s, a lot of add-ons and links, aren’t working right now has a lot to is he open load sources that have been removed has nothing to do with my add-ons.

I’m, showing you please don’t criticize me the messenger on this one. I’d, also like to mention that all of this month, ipvanish has a special save up to 73 percent off 3 dollars and 25 cents. This will protect you against people trying to steal your information online, and I’d, also like to say don’t forget to subscribe, to receive all the latest videos from my channel.

So let’s, get to it here. Magic dragon has been updated and it’s pretty much one of the best, if not the best add-ons out there. So let’s check out magic dragon now notice the ruby jewel wizard address here, because it also appears for a next add-on.

This one’s, an IPTV 1 beta quadrant. There’s. Also alpha quadrant. I did a video on that earlier, so you can check out that one same address and also from the same address. Grease lightning has just been updated.

This one’s good for movies and TV shows so check that one out a couple of different add-ons here, a couple from Team Falcon. We got the Phoenix rises. There is the new address for that repo and we also have Leviathan, which is also from Team Falcon here, and it’s good for movies and TV shows, so you can check out that one so keep your eyes peeled for any live streaming done By my channel, thank you for your support.

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