In this video I’m gonna show you how to install a number of new add-ons here. So let’s, get right to it. Firstly, on our list is a new one called the crew. It’s for movies and TV shows and, as you can see here, it’s got a bunch of sections sports IPTV Fitness stand-up.

So it’s, a bit of an all-in-one, so go ahead and check out the crew nextly we ‘ Ve got a boxing one here. The Queensbury rules add-on it’s organized by boxers, so you can go ahead and search there and find your favorite boxer and watch some of their best or worst fights got an add on here.

For my chinese and japanese subscribers. This is an add-on for pretty much any kind of language spoken in the you know that part of the world, if you will so we’ve got you can see them all here, chinese, the broken up by country which is kind of nice.

So I see drama go ahead and check it out: konichiwa [, __ ] anime tune. This is pretty much just for cartoons. It’s broken up into a couple of sections here for movies and TV shows. It also has access to Little Kingdom, which is also another tune add-on.

So there’s, one for cartoons. For you folk is this one suddenly come back into popularity. It’s, been recently updated. It’s from movies and TV shows the only kicker about this one is, it does come from the Sandman repository and you will need a pin to use any of the add-ons within that repository sports recap from strakes.

You can see they ‘ Ve got the different sports here and even television stations as well. So, if you missed some highlights, I want to go check things out, go to strikes and lastly, Medusa has been updated.

This was from almost well almost two weeks ago. What happened, but I just didn’t get around to it. Yet it’s in the our Mac, repo. It’s for movies and TV shows. So there’s Medusa, so closing it out. We’ve got our ipvanish.

I lots of sales last month, which was great for me and great for you guys, because he get that protection there’s, a link in my description. You can get a bit of a bit of a discount there, even better than these prices showing on screen.

So click through on that link that helps me out keeps me going and don’t forget to check out my Amazon store, also in the description where I list some products that I’m using and I’m all About the fire, stick pretty awesome! So if you want to buy one click through that link and that’ll help me out as well.

I don’t think anybody has click through any of my Amazon links in about eight months. So hey, I’m. A keep. I’m gonna keep vlogging this one until somebody clicks through, but anyway. I appreciate that enjoy the add-ons

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