In today’s video, I am gonna show you how to install six add-ons in total. Three are new and three have been updated. You should also consider subscribing to my channel right where that arrow is pointed.

You can click on that and that will give you the power to remain updated with Kodi for future add-ons on new and updated ones. Before we get started, I like to mention my sponsors for this video or ipvanish.

That would be a good way to protect yourself, while online seven day, money-back guarantee and additionally, the band Slone now touring promoting their new album twelve. So let’s, get to it. Here. Let’s start off with fen, which is one of the better add-ons out there right now it’s recently been updated for movies and TV shows, go ahead and check out fen.

Next, we ‘ Ve got one called area 51: this is from the luxray repo. It focuses on science, fiction, movies, ghosts, kind of the alternative creatures. If you will so go ahead and check out area 51.

Next, we’ve got pas vu TV. This is a live TV add-on and, as you can see here in the picture it’s got Germany, Turkey and some sporting events there too, so some European channels so check out Pabu TV.

Next I’ve got one called mirror video. This is an exodus fork, so it’s, got movies and TV shows here, and I’d like to apologize for the long address, but I didn’t make it so I won’t apologize next on The list is one that has been updated: the crew it’s added a fitness section, so you can go ahead and look at the crew and the last one on this.

Video has recently been updated as well venom it’s for movies and TV shows, and this one’s been one of the top add-ons for a few months now, so it’s, nice and reliable. So go ahead and check out venom and to wrap it up.

Here I’d, like to mention, if you click in the description below you’ll, see some products that I’m endorsing through my Amazon. You know account if you will it’s mostly links to the amazon firetv, stick which I use almost basically exclusively right.

Now it’s good. So if you’re, looking for a cheap option to run all these add-ons, whether it’s, a PKS or anything else, you can go ahead and get the fire TV stick. So that’s. Our video for today, thanks for watching and go ahead and enjoy those new and updated repos

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