hi, welcome to mix and gem a channel about game development. Experimentation today’s. Project is inspired by Metroid Prime [ Music, ] Metroid Prime has a very unique feel to its first-person-shooter control.

Both the beam projectile and a heads-up display. Look fantastic and for this project I wanted to try and recreate that same visual feeling using unity. So here are the steps I needed to follow for this recreation, create both simple and charged speed projectiles implement the same visual from the heads-up display and polish the scene with some extra effects.

I started off by importing the standard assets package from unity to my project and using the FPS controller prefab on my scene, then, and downloaded this incredible model of Samus made by this user. On sketchfab, I used Maya 2d attached to cannon from the rest of the model and attached it to the controller object to work on the beam projectiles instead of instantiating new objects.

Every time I decided to use the particle system instead that way, I can easily change parameters on the projectile and to shoot. All I had to do was to play the particle system to add a bit of intensity to the shop.

I made the cannon move back a bit by using Newton’s, punch position. Then I started working on the charging States for the cannon by detecting how long the mouse button was pressed with those states. I implemented the other particle system for each charging moment like the girl in sphere and the sphere mesh emission that loops until it’s released.

I also added some movements, the cannon to really sell the feeling that the beam is charging. Then I started working on the heads-up display to do that. I created a new camera and added cubes on the top and bottom of it to start testing the layout I made a new layer called helmet, pour those cubes and change the culling mask of the camera.

For that layer, after that, I changed the clear flags property from skybox to death. Only this way I can choose the order in which the cameras rendered. In this case, I made the helmet camera, render in front of everything.

The UI elements on Metroid Prime are slightly curved and they are also part of the helmet object. So I achieved that effect by creating a regular UI canvas and setting its render mode to screen space camera.

Then it created a new camera. Just for that canvas that can only view UI elements, and then I created a new rendered texture that renders the visual output from that camera. With that, I can create a new material using the render texture and apply it to any 3d model on the scene.

In that way, it’s, easy to just modify the 2d canvas and see the effect on a 3d surface for this project. I collaborated with my friend Vita moderator, which is a super talented. 3D artist definitely check out more of his work on his Instagram Vito helped me out by making the asses for both the helmet and visor.

So I replaced everything on my scene with those objects. Then I started recreating the images in the game’s. Ui and organized in their position on my canvas horse on polish, I made a player movement a bit more organic by making the helmet rotate a bit with the controller movement by lowering its rotation based on the mouse axis.

I also added extra particles for the beam projectiles [ Music ]. Then I made it so. The canon emission intensity increased when the player was charging and finally, I added some post-processing to the scene after a bit of adjustments.

This is how it turn now: [ Music, ], [ Applause, ], [, Music ], the link for the project’s. Repository is on a strip shown below if you ever experiment with the code make sure to share it on Twitter. Using the mixing Jam.

Hashtag and by the way, mix and jam only exists because of all the support I get from lovely people on patreon, including these top-tier supporters. Don’t forget to subscribe to the channel to see more content like this in the future.

Thanks for watching – and I’ll – see you in the next one you you [ Music, ]

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