hi, welcome to mix and gem a channel about game development. Experimentation today’s. Project is inspired by Metal Gear, Rising in the game there’s. A mechanic called blade mode that allows Raiden to aim, is sword in any direction and cut the object in front of him multiple times for this project.

I wanted to try and build a similar mechanic using unity. So here are the steps I needed to follow for this recreation. Implement the slice mechanic for the 3d meshes set, the proper animations for the blade mode and polish, the scene with particles and effects like all of the third person character projects in this channel.

I’ve, used this tutorial from film storm to create the camera control for my scene. I headed over to mix amble to download most of the animations I needed to implement and since I couldn’t find a decent model of Raiden sword.

I decided to just download this blade model made by this user on sketchfab. I start off by implementing the aiming mechanic by changing the values of the cameras field of view and the tracked object offset [ Music ].

Then I created a plane right in front of the player. I made it so that the plane was a child of the camera, making it follow its position and rotation and to rotate the plane itself have used the mouse horizontal axis to add to the planes rotation on the z axis now I had to figure out a Way to cut the meshes of the objects inside of the plane and decided to use this open-source slicer framework called ez slice made by David arrive by using the slice object function.

I could easily tell what object I wanted to cut and the slice direction that slice returns to hole objects as a result of it. Instead of cutting only one object. At a time I decided to use the overlap box function to detect multiple targets on the plane.

Then add components to every piece of the objects that were cut like a rigidbody and a Collider. I’ve, also added a bit of explosive force so that the pieces move a bit after they’re cut, [ Music, ] animating.

The blade mode was quite tricky. What I did was manually create eight different poses for each possible direction. In their own unique animation, clip after that, I’ve used the blend tree of the type 2d freeform directional to smoothly transition between poses.

I [ Music ] created a reference object on the plane to set the amount of the x and y values of the animation blend tree and for the actual slice animation. All I did was simply flip the values of the reference object for the blend tree.

To move immediately. For some polish, I started creating a shader for the planes material using shader graph by using the seem def node. I was able to highlight the intersection of the plane with other objects.

Then I added more nodes for the emission for it to look a little bit better. I’ve, also added a texture to that plane, [ Music ]. Then I created two particle systems for the mechanic, one that was a very fast particle emission with a big trail and the other one that goes left and right to simulate spark.

I had a some screen shake to the slice using cinema. Sheen’s in post source and finally, I added some post-processing, like blue def of fields and chromatic aberration and after a bit of adjustments. This is how it turned out [ Music ].

If you want to download this in all the mix and jam projects, you can find a link for the project’s. Repository on the description below mixin Jam is only possible because of everyone helping out on patreon, including these top-tier supporters.

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