Hey youtube: what’s going on? Do you want your fire? Stick fire tv to look exactly like this. Well in today’s! Video i’m gonna show you how to do this. This is very versatile. One advantage is that the amazon operating system, the new updates they keep hiding apps, that they don’t allow in their store or third-party apps that they feel are threated to them.

They hide these apps, so some of them that are hidden would be, for example, like mob drawer. You don’t, see it here. It would be hidden with this launcher. You can access it very easily. You can have it always display without any issues.

So this is called the atv launcher. I’m, going to show you how to get on your fire. Stick without hooking up your fire stick to computers without any. You know, weird commands. I’m gonna make. This super super easy because that’s, how i like it, i like it easy.

Let me show you how to get this going, how to make your fire stick. Look like this. Okay, let’s, get into it! I’ll, show you how okay, so you got your fire stick and it looks like this. Some of the apps are hidden, not accessible.

Uh. The fire stick is hiding them. You have to go home, you have to go to settings, then you have to go to apps to get them going. Well, i, like the atv launcher, makes things easier, but i don’t want to start it up all the time.

When i start up my fire stick, let me take you through the process. Show you how to set it up. So the first thing you want to do is on your fire. Stick, you want to go to settings and you want to go to my fire tv from there developer options and make sure apps from unknown sources is turned on.

So let’s turn that on and let’s hit the home button. By the way you can always go back to this very easily with one click, if you did not want the atv launcher, i’ll. Show you how okay, how to go back to this and how to switch back and forth.

So the choice is yours: if you like it or not, okay, let’s, go hit the search and let’s, search for an application called downloader downloader. You can either type this in or you can use the voice command like.

I’m, doing hit on the downloader and hit the download button and it’s, going to cue a download and you’re ready to install it, and i think atv launcher is much faster than the default fire stick Setup, this is the reason i like to use it.

Okay, when downloader is finished, we’re just going to pop that open hit that open button press. The allow button press, the ok button, click one up and click into this box, and we’re going to put in the following.

Url get dot file linked dot com; okay, let’s. Put that in just like that and press that go button right there. Okay, when you press that go button, it’s, gonna connect and it’s. Gon na download all that stuff.

Okay, when it’s finished downloading, that it’s going to pop up and ask me to install the file linked. Okay, i’m, going to press the install to install my file linked application, and now i’m, going to give you a code and a pin number.

So let’s open it up. Once file link is download installed and i’m gonna give you this code and a pin number that you’re gonna be able to fully load all the best apps for free movies, free tv shows and free live tv And the launcher, of course, press into enter code and put in one two, three: four: five: six, seven, eight eight twos and once you’ve done that you’re gonna press, the next button press the continue button.

You’ll get here, click into enter, pin and all you’re gonna put in is 47 54 just put in 47 54 and press the next button. Okay, press the continue button and it’s, going to take you in here and dismiss any pop-ups.

You get so dismissed that pop-up, you’re, going to get another pop-up dismiss it. So the two things you want to get here is the atv launcher. It’s, going to be right at the top here with ipvanish dismiss that pop-up launch.

At start, they’re, going to be all together here at the top. So i’m, going to get atv launcher, make sure it finishes downloading when it’s finished you’re, going to hit that play button, and you’re, going to press the install button.

Okay, once it installs press the done button, okay, lunch should start hit the download button once it installs hit the play button and press the install button and that’s going to install launch at start.

Okay, press the done button. Okay, they’re. Both installed feel free to get ipvanish. If you’re, not protected with a vpn, i’ll. Leave the discount link in the pin comment description. If you want to get your ipvanishvpn, you can also download it from here.

Okay, let’s hit the home button. Let me show you how to get atv launcher going, okay and scroll here. We should have this downloaded. This is launch at start, and this is atv launcher. Okay, click on the little launch at start or launch on boot.

It’s going to take you through the process. You can just click forward arrows and get started very simple to use, and once you’re in here, we’re, going to say, enabled put that check mark on enable launch tv app on boot.

Okay, we’re gonna leave that off launch when device wakes up. Okay, so put these two on okay, select, app and select atv launcher. You can also select anything you would like to start at start. Prime video, maybe you want to start your netflix.

Maybe you want to start cinema hd every time you put up your device? Okay, so that’s, another tip we’re, going to select atv launcher and you can hit test and you can see atv launcher started. Okay. Now i’m going to take you through a couple of configurations.

I’m going to reboot the device. This is the first time. Atv launcher starts it’ll, take a minute to get started. Okay and it ‘ Ll change, your things and it ‘ Ll. Look like this and you’re ready to go with atv launcher every time you press the home button, you’ll notice.

It goes back to your regular launcher. Okay. So now, since i set up the startup on boot, i’m going to reboot my device and atv launcher should be automatically started. Okay, i just rebooted my fire stick device and i could be disappointed because the device starts, but there is nothing absolutely on the screen, so it’s.

I’m, seeing like home, live video settings and all that stuff. But there you go nothing, but the atv launcher launches in a minute it’ll automatically launch and you’ll, be back in your launcher, and you tell me newtek well what’s so great about this launcher? It’s, easy to use much more faster nice smooth interface.

You want to highlight the atv launcher, hit the three little lines on your remote and you got your move. Configure uninstall, create folder, move to section, launch your section settings and android settings.

Okay, lots of things so my vpn just started here. I’m. Just gonna connect, my vpn. It was automatically to start okay and, as you can see, i hit the home button. It goes back to my regular launcher. Okay, so very very easy to use so and go back to the old one.

So every time i hit the home button, i’ll. Go back to my fire. Stick: amazon launcher! Okay! Now the great thing about atv launcher is you: can access apps that you wouldn’t be able to access because they were hidden? You’d, have to go to settings right from this menu.

So what i like about this okay, so you can move apps around. You can hit the configure button. You can have border radius shadow layer app banner, so it supports three modes. I’m, not going to go through at all.

I, like the app banner mode. Okay, you can create folders as well, so uh password protect a folder and then you can move the apps into that folder. So if you have any apps that you don’t want your kids to use.

You can do that right in the atv launcher very, very powerful right move to section, so you can create sections. You can move things to sections uh, very, very easy. To use. Okay, let’s. Go to launch your settings.

Let me show you a few settings, so you can make sections what i like about this is, i can say, manage sections and i can add sections so let’s say i want to add section. I’m, going to say section title and i’m, going to say, live tv, for example right.

If you have like sdbl emulator or you may be paying for live iptv, you might want to launch that at the start or you might want to put in the folder options are unlimited. Okay, so i’ll just put live and then in the live tv i’ll, be able to add applications.

Okay, so i can go back and say you know what live tv and i can set this up this section – and i can add things to that section. So manage sections, okay, use up and down keys to move sections, press, okay and back to apply okay applications.

Setup and then live tv section set up and i can change wallpapers and i can have hidden apps you can show which apps you want to show. If they’re hidden, so you can have, as you can see, some stuff is hidden.

Let’s say you know what i want mobdro to show up red box to show up. I want some of the swift streams to show up tv tab system monitor, zenny, okay, i can hide it or remove it. So right now i’m, hiding all these apps, so the stuff you don’t want to see you can hide it.

So let’s say prime video. I want to hide news. I want to hide okay, so when you put a check mark on it, it will hide it. Okay, so imdb tv. I want to hide. I want to hide downloader. I’m done with that app store amazon.

I wan na hide all the amazon stuff. Okay alexa i wan na hide all that stuff. You can do it right from the app okay. Android settings goes back to your fire. Stick settings very easy to use. Okay, so anytime, you can restart it very nice to use let’s.

Go here. I’ll. Show you some more settings. Android settings launch your settings. Okay, let’s, launch your settings. Sections wallpapers, hidden, apps status bar configuration okay, very, very easy to use, and i show you now when you go into an app.

So let’s go in one of the apps here. Let’s, go to cinema apk and if i exit the app, i can show you that when i exit the app it’s back to my atv launcher very fast, very easy to use highly highly recommend this launcher.

You’re gonna really really like it. Okay. Now, if i let’s, go back to file link store. I’ll. Show you something here: okay put in my code and then we’ll, put in the pin number you can go here and you can download for those of you that are new to my channel.

You can down go to scroll down pass code. You can download movie and show apps you can fully load them uh, any ones you want. I have lots of lots of good ops and live tv as well. Just put the fast forward button, you go to free tv, go backwards movie and show apps click between them.

If you wanted to use one, you click on it. Like cinema hd, you would finish downloading you hit the play button and you would launch it uh install it, and then you would have that application. Okay, very easy to do very easy to navigate okay.

So i’m gonna head back and i’m gonna exit file link. So as long as i don’t hit the home button, my launcher settings retain so i’m gonna be in this launcher. If i don’t hit the home button. Okay.

Now, when you get all these apks from my store for free, live tv, free movie and shows, i recommend using ipvanish, and i’ll show you that i’m currently connected to ipvanish. This keeps you protected.

Keeps me safe. Keeps me anonymous, so i highly recommend using ipvanish. I have a discount in the pin, comment and description. It’s, going to keep you safe when using all these streaming apps. Okay, keep you safe and keep you protected.

Okay, just hit the home button to exit, and i can restart my atv launcher. So the vpn is going to keep you safe. It’s, going to keep you protected. It’s, going to keep you anonymous and it’s, always running okay.

The vpn is available as well from my file link store. So let’s. Go back in here, just to show you. It should be right here. All the way at the top with the atv launcher and launch at start ipvanishvpn.

Okay. So when i go into vpn uh, you can click the download and you can install it just like that as well right directly from file link, i’ll. Put the link for the discount pin common description sign up for that link.

You’re, going to get a confirmation, email from them, click on a confirmation, email and you’ll, be able to install the vpn and be fully fully protected right now, with all these crackdowns, i recommend using a vpn if you use Any uh movies and tv show apps or live tv apps from my store.

Okay, so let’s. Go back to our atv launcher on our fire. Stick! Okay! I got all these apps here. They’re running great okay. This is developer options on a fire. Stick: okay, and i got all these all these apps here.

Okay, there’s, a debugging option too. I’m, not going to get into all that downloads folder, but we can’t access that on the fire. Stick. This seems to be blocked. Let’s, see downloads yeah. It seems not to be working.

Okay, it’s, got fire tv player. You can hide those things if you don’t want to see them, but i think you’re, going to get a nice experience with the fire. Um fire stick. If you’re using the atv launcher and i could see, live right there, the section i created, i can move some of these app apps into that section.

If i want it, okay, i’m really enjoying this launcher. Really, nice really easy to use and very very easy to use, see how you can go here in applications. So i went to sections and i went to applications.

If you have a lot of apps. This makes it easy. You can go columns and you can go eight. So i’ve had a lot of apps. I could go to eight columns and that would put more applications on my screen easy to access easy to use.

You might wan na install it like for somebody that’s older somebody, doesn’t know how to use the fire stick well or just for yourself. It makes things much easier. Okay, thank you guys for watching. Thank you for being here.

Let me know what do you think of the atv launcher? I think it’s, a great way great way to set up your fire stick and if i unplug my fire stake and i plug it back in or you know, power it off power it on when it launches again with those two applications.

It’s, going to start up, atv launcher at the start, no need to hook up to your computer, no need to do magics uh, you know running command lines and all that stuff i don’t want this to be difficult. I want this to be easy, that’s, why i’m making it so easy for you guys.

So when this restarts it’s, just going to start atv launcher it’s. Going to give me that experience that i had i don’t have to set up anything. I don’t have to click around. My ip vanish is going to start at the start.

My ipven is just set up you. Can you can set up your ipvanishvpn to autostart when the stick fire tv device boots up? This is a great experience, in my opinion, uh a great way to do it. Okay, thank you guys for watching.

Thank you for being here. Thank you for all the support. Please hit the subscribe button. Please hit the like button and if you’d like to take advantage of my vpn discount, i have a link in the pin comment, description very easy to set up very easy to use.

Uh ipvanish works really great when using these third-party applications that i have in my store it’s. Gon na make your life easier. Okay, thank you guys for watching. Thank you for being here and i ‘

Ll see you all in the next one: take care

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