Hello, welcome to another cloud tech support, quick tutorial on Cody. This video here is gonna show you a little a few tweaks. You could do to help speed up your system. I did do a video prior to this to show a ways that you could add an add-on that will help your movies download a bit faster.

But if that didn’t work for you here are a few other tweaks you can put together and it should boost your system. So if you do have some type of build on your system here just go into system, you want to go to interface because we need to change it back to the default Cody skin and on the skin.

You click and we’re gonna choose a star II, so click there and you’ll. Get to this main cody theme here. If you don’t have a build already on and you’ll. Get this screen here that’s perfectly fine! All you need to do is go up to this little Settings gear at the top left hand, corner click on that.

We’re gonna go over to system settings right here. Alright, alright! So now we want to make sure that this is one expert for you. So if you click it, you can see it goes through it Scrolls through different categories.

Its basic standard, advanced and expert is the one we need so make sure your going to let’s, see it was add-ons and in the add-ons section you want to have updates to say it. Installs updates automatically.

You want, show notifications to be on. So it’s, usually by default on the left side. You want to make sure this dial is on the right and then unknown sources should also be on the right now after using Kodi for the first time, then this will be off.

You want to make sure you turn it on before you make any moves, and once you have those three steps here done, you can just go back and you can alright. So now you go back and you might want to go to player settings next in the upper left hand, corner click on that and make sure as well.

If this is on expert cycled through a few times it’ll, say expert at the bottom, then you’re good to go. You want to go up to videos over in videos. You wan na make just a few changes. So right here you want to sync playback to display make sure that is on.

So you want to make sure the dial is on the right side, make sure it’s on scroll down a little further and you’ll, see enable HQ scalars for scaling now by default. I think it’s. About 20 to 30 percent, you don ‘

T really need that. So I want you to drop it down to 0 %. Okay, it ‘ Ll help speed your videos up a little bit little faster. You know it’s. A little less well less stress on your system so put that to 0 % and then lastly, scroll down to playback mode of stereoscopic 3d videos.

I’m gonna change this to ask me okay, so cycle through these arrows here until it gives you the asking me option and that’s, exactly what you need that’s very important. So make sure you add this okay, alright, so the three changes you made in videos just to go back on that are sync playback to display is on enable HQ scalars for scaling above 0 %, and then lastly, you want to make sure that playback mode is On ask me: ok, perfect, all right and now language same same location, settings and player to scroll down to language, make sure you preferred audio languages on original streams, language, okay, and now that you have that you should be perfectly fine.

Yeah, like I said this is a very short video that’s, pretty much it. Those are the basic settings that you would want to have on your Kodi just to help speed up your system a little faster once you have that done.

If you did have it build like I do and you want to go back to it. Just make sure you go to interface settings right here: click on that skin click on skin and change it to the one you were using. I was using the No Limits fire build and that will put me right back here and I’m good to go.

I did just try this method a little while ago and it worked perfectly fine for me. I had no issues and it actually helped. My videos run a bit faster, so this is gonna be part 1 of 2 part 2 series that I have going with helping to speed up your Kodi.

I’ll, be uploading. The next video very soon so just make these tweaks and then come back here for the next half, and you should be good to go alright thanks for sticking around. I hope you enjoyed the video.

Please leave a comment like and let me know if you need me help. I’ll, be glad to help you out as time goes on. Alright see you soon.

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CloudTech Support showing you how tweak settings in KODI to make YOUR MOVIES & TV SHOWS load faster! Works 100%! Use this video along with our Kodi Buffering tutorial to maximize your systems speed.


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