In this final video for January, I’m, going to show you six add-ons was the new ones few that have been updated. We’ve got a nice variety here. So let’s, go ahead and check them out for more videos for my channel click.

The hash tag below this video IP vanish is a sponsor of this video and for all of February it is having a big sale. So if you’re, a new user, you can get a great discount here for only 4 bucks a month to get some storage cloud space as well and so click the link in the description below this video to access this nice deal, and I’d like to remind everybody to subscribe and keep your eyes peeled for YouTube membership programs starting soon.

So let’s get right to it. 7 & amp 9. This one’s been one of my favorites in the past. This has recently been updated. It’s, now, sort of coordinating with real to bridge. So there’s. Four links for both so just make sure any access, the link for movie or TV shows.

You actually look to see if it says real to bread in it. It does don’t pick that and just look for some of the links that are not real, the bread associated and those ones should it work for you. Next one is an international IP TV, one philemon 360 film, um and film on there.

You go and you can see there, it’s got different channels from around the world, so you can check that one out another international IPTV one is the groov 360. It’s, got lots of categories on there. Again, you’re gonna have to do some searching to get some links that work.

You can check out. The groov 360 WTF shark, jaws for movies and TV shows this one’s, a new add-on, so you can check that one out it’s, got lots of box sets and other things as well. So go ahead and check out shark jaws and Salva is an Italian IP TV.

So this is specific to my Italian viewers in Italy, so there’s, some channels for you to check out there. And lastly, this was an interesting one called free video lectures. So it’s categorized, you can see, we ‘

Ve got math science engineering, so you can click on those and it ‘ Ll find some lectures for you to check out so that’s, helpful for anybody in the school. I would think so. There we go. We’ve, cracked, thirty thousand subs we’ve, got a membership program on the way.

Very very soon so thumbs up and continuing to comment. It would be excellent as well. Thank you very much and enjoy

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