All right stick around because today we’re gonna be getting rid of that really annoying error. Log information pop-up thing that you keep getting alright welcome to another cloud sex support, quick tutorial today, I’m gonna show you how to get rid of that pesky Cody error, where it tells you that the add-on can’t be Installed in is check your log errors, so we’re gonna jump right into this one because it’s, not that difficult of a fix it’s actually pretty fast.

So once you’re here at the main Cody screen, I need you to go up to the gear click on that click. On that again, there we go and then I want you to go over to system settings alright, so click system settings and once you’re on this screen here at the bottom, you want to make sure that this is on expert.

So by default it stays on basic, just click there again and again, you should get to expert good now, once you go up to add-ons, go to manage dependencies here, click on that and then I want you to scroll all the way to the bottom.

Go all the way down until you see URL resolver once you’re on URL was over click on that, and I want you to go to update ok, so update your URL was over and we want to make sure it is on the most Recent update that you have for this.

Ok, if it’s somewhere down here it’s, probably gonna that’s, probably why you’re receiving an error. So I have five point. Zero point. Three! Just click on that one in the upper right hand corner BAM.

You should see add-on, updated and once you have that done, you need to restart your kodi. Ok, I’m, not gonna. Do that because mine’s, not messed up it wasn’t messed up, but restart your kodi and by doing so just X out of it and then open it back up and then try to reinstall the add-on that you previously got.

That error on ok, you shouldn’t, have any issues after that. If you do, you know, leave a comment down below I’ll. Try to help you out as best as I can, as always like the video subscribe to the channel and ring the bell for more content.

It really helps the channel grow, and I appreciate that and in the meantime you guys enjoy thanks for watching. I hope this helped you out and if it did, let me know: ok, thanks.

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In this video CloudTech Support show you how to FIX THE ERROR CHECK LOG INFORMATION error that commonly pops up on most devices. Every device should check for this update and if you haven’t stick around and let me catch you up to speed. This is January 2019 Tutorial!


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