Okay, welcome to another cloud tech support, quick tutorial on Cody today I’m gonna be showing you how to get rid of that pesky buffering in all your videos when you’re, trying to watch movies, etc, etc.

I’m gonna give you a quick look at what it looks like. Then we’re gonna jump right into it. Okay, so, as you can see, I’m currently watching a movie and at the bottom here you can see that the video is loading faster than I’m watching it.

Finally, I’m, tired of watching these movies and all sudden getting down here at the bottom of the screen. It says buffering sick of it, so I’m gonna show you how to get this done and, as you can see it’s still working as I have it on pause beautiful.

I love this. Let’s, get to work. See now. I’m currently using the No Limits build and if you’re, not that’s perfectly fine. We’re gonna get you to the main coding screen. All you need to do is go down to the system and once you’re in system, you go to interface, let’s, click on interface and let’s change the skin from whichever one you’re Using down to this one, it’s tower.

I still can’t pronounce that but whatever so we’re gonna keep this skin here. Alright, so you go back next thing you want to do. We’re gonna go down to file manager, so in file manager. I’m gonna go to add source and type this in.

Exactly as I do, I’ll. Also put some text up, so you guys don’t get lost, but HTTP we’re gonna use the just like that, and it’s. Gon na be called repo dot supreme. I don’t spell it like that supreme builds calm, that’s.

All you need to do hit. Ok, now you have to change the name of it just so you know how to find it me. I’m gonna put it to speed. Now I’ve. Already done this on my computer as I’ve shown you, but I’m just gonna go step by step with you the whole way through alright, so make sure you have it just like this here and you can name this.

Whatever helps you identify it easier, alright, so hit OK up, we can leave this. We can go back, go back again. The first thing you want to do here now is go to add-ons all right. So in add-ons we’re gonna go here to this little drop box, little looking symbol and we’re gonna install from a zip file and install from zip file.

I have a lot you want to look for the name. You gave it okay now I just called it speed so scroll down, so whatever you named it. If you followed me, it should be called speed, Cohen’s in there and installed the repository for supreme builds.

Now everybody done it. So I’m, not sure if this will be the exact same way, but you should get up boom right there. Supreme bills were talking repository so now after you fit enter, and you saw that pop up.

You want to go down to where it says, install from repository click there and you want to find supreme builds repository now. What I’m gonna do is scroll up, because what you’re gonna most likely see, is it’s gonna be at the top? So let me just go up here.

Bring this up this up. I have a lot of repositories on my system. Alright, so you’re, most likely gonna start from here, which is perfectly fine, so we’re gonna scroll down until you find this of green bills.

Repository on your screen on your computer, it’ll. Look just like this. Sb is all fire. This is the one you want to find. Look for that’s, the one you’re gonna click, click right on there! Next thing you want to go down to just to make sure program add-ons in program.

Adams are gonna find the supreme builds wizard. Now the SR is in blue fire. That’s, exactly what you want to click click on that one go down to install. I believe install will be probably on the side here or one of the two I’ve already done it like I said, but once you install it, it should open up once you get once it’s opened up and you get To this screen here it’s very simple.

What you need to do. I need you to go over to maintenance click on maintenance. Let it load up. Then we’re gonna scroll on down to system tweaks and fixes. Ok, click on system tweaks and fixes, let that load in as well, and then you want to go to this here.

Advanced Settings. It’s, gonna be in red. If you’re, a computer tweaks out as mine is, for some odd reason, use your keyboard. Advanced settings hit enter and right here you want to go to quick, configure advanced settings.

The first option. You can find click on that. Let this open up, and now this is what you’re working with here, the Advanced Settings configurator. Now all this other stuff, it really doesn’t interest.

You you, don’t need this information right now. All you need to do is find this in the upper left, video cache size and drag this line all the way up as much as you can well, we like to keep it at one third of free memory, so they recommended that they give is 1204.

For me, but you can push it up as much as you want. It won’t. Let you pass the max that’ll. Allow you use, I suggest you, don’t really go to the max. I didn’t, I usually put it about about right. Here is where I left my net and it worked perfectly fine and that’s, how you saw it was buffering and had no problems whatsoever.

That’s. My suggestion to you, you can do whatever you feel comfortable with now. If you do do that, and you find that it’s, your kodi is crashing that’s, not a problem either. All you have to do is go down to the remove current advanced settings, but you click on that.

It’ll, remove your settings and you just follow these settings. You follow these steps over again and by doing so, you’ll, be able to find the setting that works best for you. Ok, so once you go to quick, configure advanced settings that opens up, drag the upper left hand dial over a little bit to where you feel comfortable.

That give me allocating enough Aram for the system. Then you want to hit right file once it’s done that’s, a save! Basically, I’m gonna hit cancel because I ‘ Ve already done this in order to view the current advanced settings.

You click on the one in the middle and right there you can see that you’ve made changes to it, which is perfectly fine, hit close and you are done it’s really that simple, so it’s. Honestly, the quickest process – I was able to do now if you want to get back to the build you were using like I said I’m using the no limits fire build, that’s, not an issue either.

All you need do is go to the gear up here. You’ll, see let’s, see I think it’s player settings. I believe, nope, you go down to interface settings once you’re in interface. Settings go back to skin and in the skin choose the one that you were using.

This is the one I had that’s, the one I’m. Putting back on my system. Would you like to eat this change? Yes, I would, and again you should probably use the No Limits fire build because it’s. It’s. So simple! So, like I said that’s, it now you won’t, have any issues whatsoever.

Now my favorite build to use will build add-ons to use when I’m watching movies or TV shows is Exodus. If you don’t have Exodus on your kodi device. You could check out my last video, which shows exactly how to download it and how to give you all the best add-ons for the system again.

I hope this helped you out. If you have any questions, please comment at the bottom like and subscribe to my videos and to my channel. I’d, love any feedback, and I’d love you to ask me any questions.

I’d, be glad to help. So with that being said, I’m signing off. You can reach me here or you can find me on our website at wowt.com. Well, that was easy is what I’m sure you’re saying right now, I like to say thank you for watching my tutorial videos.

I’m sure the last one you just watched was awesome and it worked perfectly fine for you, like all of my tutorial videos do. If you could please subscribe to my channel, I’ll, be dropping the newest content very often trying to get to at least two times a week drop in a video.

But anyway, beyond the point like the video subscribe to the channel comment below, I’ll be glad to help you have a great day.

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