Team today, i’m, going to show you how to fix your youtube app on kodi, so we’re, going to fix the api key that’s, giving you an issue. This is the first of many user. Uh requested videos like i do have shown up here that are going to be coming out throughout this week.

So let’s, get right into the video on how to fix your youtube app in kodi, okay, first off um fixing your youtube api key is, unlike just installing an add-on in kodi. You have to actually go to your web browser and inside your web browser.

You have to search for this website, so we’re just going to type in the google console developer. Nah. Sorry, i spelled google wrong. We’re, going to type in the google console developer. All right so go to google console developer and it should be the first option that pops up here we’re, going to click on that hold on.

Let me zoom into my screen, because that’s way too far. That could have been tragic. So we’re going to go to google account developers, console click on that copy, so once this finally loads up from there, what you want to do is on the right side of the screen.

It says, create project um again, my screen can’t fit. I just zoomed in on it. Basically the very right side, click on create project cool. It may ask you to sign in or log in or something, but it should be whatever google account.

You’re already logged into okay, so from here we’re going to type in youtube. Now see i’ve already done this a few times, but i recorded this video and i didn’t have sound on this is crazy to me. So we’re gonna do this.

We’re gonna call. It youtube cody. You can name this whatever you want. It, doesn’t matter. I’m, just calling youtube cody crazy, all right. So once you have created your project here, we’re, going to go to where it says: api library, so click on api library here and then you don’t have to search for it just scroll down and you see youtube data.

Api version: three: we’re gonna click on that cool. I’m gonna enable it right there nice, when you’re back on this screen. Just click on choose here and then we’re gonna choose the youtube data api version, three scroll down, and then i want you to choose the other ui, all right and user data.

Once you have those selected. What credentials do i need and then set up the consent screen? Okay, we’ll. Let that go give it a second. It should load up in it. Not too long got it once you’re here, not that big of a deal.

This this is pretty simple, just click. On external i mean it seemed like that was going to be ridiculous. That’s funny anyway, uh app information. I’m, going to call this one kodi. You can name this again whatever you want.

However, you’re going to want to enter your email here, use the support email. Usually whatever google account you’re logged into it, usually autofills there. So click on that and then scroll down again you can’t see it, but you’ll, see email, address, click on email, address and type in your email address here wow i should have copied and pasted it all right got it And then scroll down to the bottom again and you’ll, see saving, continue.

Click on that! Okay! Sorry! I’m. Just gonna put this where it’s, fair got it so now here just scroll to the bottom. Again and click save and continue at the very bottom same with this one save and continue, and the very bottom back to dashboard good.

So now you’re back to the dashboard it didn’t. Take you there that’s; fine, just click on credentials. Right! There writing credentials at the very top. We’re going to create credentials and we’re going to create an api key.

It’s very important. You’re, going to need this, so you’re, going to copy this or write it down somewhere, where you can access it and copy it into kodi. So i’m going to copy this now, because i’m already on my computer, close it and then we’re, going to create credentials again and we’re going to click wow.

We’re, going to click on this one, so click on that and then application type, so application type is going to be a desktop app. I’m, pretty sure that this is universal. It doesn’t matter. What device you’re on? You should always be able to get kodi working in.

I’m. Sorry, get youtube working in kodi when you click on desktop app. I’m, going to name this one cody again. I tried it before and no sound anyway. Click on create good. So from here you’ll, get another client id and a client secret.

I would say: keep the secret because you don’t really want anyone to see it because then they they’d, have your youtube api information and for your kodi and i don’t. You know i don’t want that. I’m, a security guy.

So no thanks anyway. Now that you have these two here, i want you to go back into cody all right, so, just like in all of my videos, you’re, going to be in your build, so i’m, going to show you how to get Back to the main kodi screen, because not everyone has the same build, so i’d like to get everyone on the same page.

So in order to do so, what you need to do is on your build. Also, if you like this build, you think it looks pretty dang cool. You should check out my last video. I show how you can install this and what it all comes with so anyway, focus you want to go to the settings of your build.

Mine is xenon free that’s where the settings section is from here. You want to scroll down to add-ons. I’m. Sorry, wow that’s, wrong scroll down to interface, click on interface, from interface, up to skin, and scan a story, and then click yes.

This right here is the default kodi skin. When you first install a system. This is what you get all right. So once you go back, you’ll, be here in the settings. What i want you to do is go to add-ons.

So just in case you don’t have youtube and you’re like all right cool. I got it, but i don’t have the add-on. Let me show you how to do it so, just in case you didn’t see. I want you guys to click on add-ons.

This is the settings menu go to install from repository click on that, and then we can go to all repositories. And then you’re going to go down to video add-ons inside of video add-ons. You got to go all the way to the bottom.

So you can scroll all the way down. I’m going to hold page down because it’s a little faster because that’s, crazy all the way at the bottom. You should find youtube. Okay, click on youtube. From here, if you don’t have it, you should be able to install it.

You’ll, see install. If you do have it, you’ll, be able to open it, and this is the main youtube screen. If you’ve used it before. You know that it doesn’t work because you can’t click on anything.

So let’s fix that. What we’re going to do is go down to settings inside of settings. I want you to go to api api. As you can see, i have the old api keys in here, but i had no sound on so just like. I’m talking to nothing anyway, you want to copy, i’m.

Sorry, you want to paste your api key into this. One, like i said, try to keep it secret. I’m going to blur this out. You want to paste your api key into that first section. Then you want to go and grab your you want to grab the other two as well, your client id and your client secret.

That was created from from the second thing we did. You should have both a client id and a client secret, so copy that and then back into kodi. We’re going to go to api. It’s, going to keep moving because i’m switching screens.

That’s crazy, so your client id delete that one and paste it here and the last the same thing for client secret. You want to copy your client secret and paste it in the api secret cool hit, okay and one more time.

Okay, you’re gonna see you two cody kind of do a little loading thing there, which is pretty helpful and now, to be honest, your youtube should be working. So if you go into the popular right now section normally you would get an error, but you don’t this time right, yeah, pretty cool, pretty cool um.

I’m, not gonna click on anything, because i still don’t trust youtube with cody, not like this youtube app. It’s. Fine, but i don’t wan na i can’t preview. Anything on my tutorial videos. I’m, not doing that.

However, i would like to thank you guys for showing up and watching my video if it helped you out, drop a comment below and let me know if you didn’t. Let me know we ‘ Ll try to do a little better.

Next time we’ll, see how i can help you out. Give me a like if you appreciate it subscribe turn on my notifications, because it really does help me grow and i’m trying to fix this ratio here. It’s, it’s, a bad i don’t like that ratio.

So so i’ll, be tracking it through every video. So let’s, see if we can get the subscriber list to go way ahead of the non-subscriber list. Okay, i’d, greatly appreciate that and you guys will be a full.

You’ll, be in full view of that ride. So i ‘ Ll, see you in the next one and that is going to be another viewer video. So if you have some drop them below all right, i’ll, see you guys enjoy

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TEAM!! I’m here to show you how to fix the annoying YOUTUBE API ERROR. This process is a little different from a regular Kodi fix. You have to go through the google console developer to create an API key.

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