Hey what’s happening into today? I’m, going to show you a great great little application for your Android phone iOS is coming. I had a chat with the developer. Firestick version is coming soon. Let me show you how great this application is.

First, we’re gonna get the file link store. Then I’ll. Take you through it. Okay, so open up a Chrome browser, any type of browser and just go to the following URL you’re gonna go to get dot file linked com that’s.

All you got to do to get my file link store. So I’m gonna type in get file link, calm file links will start to download it’s about 10 megabytes when it’s finished just install file link on your phone.

There you are file link. Is there? I’m just gonna click on it, and I’m going to hit the install button on my phone. It’s going to install the file link to application. Ok, it’s in my following story and there’s, many other applications.

Once the file link is installed, I’m, going to open it up it’s. Gon na ask me to use storage, which make sure you enable the use of storage to store the application press the continue and it’s good to say, file link.

This was built for an older version of Android. This might not work properly. Try checking for updates or contact the developer, but it works fine, no problem. I have a very new Android OS on my phone, but it still works once you’re on the screen.

All you have to do is click into enter code and I’m, going to enter 1 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. I’m gonna have to continue on now I’m gonna press. The continue button and I’m, going to give you a pin number now in to enter, PIN click into it and put in 47 54 is the pin number hit the continue button and that should throw you into my store.

Ok dismiss that message and once you’re in my store scroll down until you see an APK dismiss, any pop-ups sign sign hub. Okay, so it’s. The sign hub, APK right there and hit the download button, as you can see, on your android phone, it’s, gonna start downloading.

When it’s finished downloading. The download arrow is going to turn into play button and we’re, going to be ready to install the application. You can be free to get any other applications. They all work on Android phone, BTB cinema apk.

Many many others will work on your Android phone. When the download is finished now I can press the play button. Ok, let’s, press the play button. You might get a notification like me settings and I’m gonna allow unknown sources.

Ok from this source. Ok then, I’m gonna hit back and I’m gonna get installed again so make sure you have you allow installation of applications on your phone, ok, so sign hug T I’m gonna install it And installed successfully, ok, now before I run the sign up, apk or any other apks, I like to be protected with a VPN.

The one I like to use right now is Nord VPN. So if you go to play store right here, you can just type in Nord VPN and that’s, going to keep you protected when using any other applications from my store in any other place for streaming content and some Internet service providers are blocking Movie links and TV sites, therefore, this might give you more content.

I know in UK for a fact, a lot of sites are being blocked already. Okay, so Nord VPN and I’ll, give you the link right now on the screen there’s, also a link in the pin common description to get your Nord VPN discount.

Once you have your Nord VPN account, you’re, just going to open it up, and you’re, going to sign in confirm your email and nor it is very easy to use. So I’m going to connect to Nord before I use sign hub.

So I’m gonna hit the quick connect button. It’s. Gon na find you the best server and then it can connect. Also, you can scroll down and I see United States is selected fastest server. So there you go.

I’m gonna. You know what I’m gonna, say United States, and I want to connect to the United States so connecting to United States. Okay. So I’m going to connect to the US server. That seems to work the best for me in north VPN and then I ‘

Ll start sign hub, so it’s already connected Nord VPN. A super quick works on fire sticks as well. So if you’re using any other apks highly recommend using Nord and that’s available in the pin comment description and on the screen right now.

Ok, so now I’m, going to start up sign hub, beautiful app. Ok, beautiful beautiful interface comes up like this beautifully, no need to make an account ID made one: it’s totally free and then you can either go watch trending action, movies, comedies and you have too little.

You have some tabs at the bottom here. So I can jump to movies and then I can choose my movie or I can jump to TV shows and I can search not much else in the apk except the filter button at the top comedy country TV shows by country.

I can filter only by countries and I think John was going to be implemented shortly. Okay, as the developer developer, updates the apk okay. So let’s just choose something here: love rice as an example.

It gives you a nice detail about it. The timing more info, and then you can just hit the watch button and what happens when you hit the watch one. It just starts up automatically very quickly and if you just give it a second, the movie should load and it should start playing.

As you can see, it already is playing very fast and I get very little buffering, even when using a VPN like Nord, no issues whatsoever. So I’m going to go back here. Let me show you another one, just to show you how great this app is, and I can’t wait until the firestick Edition comes out one you can run on Nvidia shield and other devices.

Okay, let’s hit the watch button. Now and as you can see, I just hit that button. I’ll, give it a few seconds and look at that. It’s already playing same thing with TV shows very simple, app to use, and I looks way better than Netflix to me.

The interface is pretty pretty sweet. Tv shows same concept. I can also search so let’s. Go to TV shows, let’s, say dirty John and three episodes. You can click the episodes button, episode 1 of dirty, John and it plays right away, and that should come up fairly quick for me for me and there you go it’s already up and, as you can see, very very limited buffering, and I’m even using a VPN and fully protected, like I said, with Nord VPN, as you will see it here, fully protected with Nord VPN.

Ok guys, thank you for watching. Thank you for being here grab that nord VPN deal grab more apks from my store. Let me know what do you think of the sign hub APK? I love it. It’s. Super fast super nice runs great on and phones right now, iOS firestick version is coming.

Let me know what you guys think of sign hub apk. As I chatted with the developer. We’re gonna get. We’re gonna get casting, we’re gonna get fire stick and we’re gonna get a couple of other options as he’s.

Updating the app there’s; no ads. Absolutely whatsoever, but as always stay protected, I’m recommending North VPN and thank you guys for watching. Thank you for your meaning here hit the thumbs up and let me know what do you think of this great great apk.

Thank you guys see you all in the next one. Take care.

Source : Youtube

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