Welcome to january’s. First, video of the year we’ve got some new and updated add-ons to talk about today. Before we do, ipvanish is still running an amazing sale. If you want to uh surf the internet in an imminent anonymity, you can’t say that word click.

The link in the description below and don’t forget to subscribe to my channels also in the link below new on hades. This one is new and then even received an update just today on january 1st, so it’s.

Good for movies and tv shows it’s got a bunch of stuff. There are some debris requirements for some of the higher def stuff, but uh there are lots of free links so check out. Hades film on 360 is an iptv add-on.

It is an international one, so it’s, got a bunch of international channels, so check out that one and now the first of four all from the same repo. So once you get this one done, you can do all four of these.

At the same time, we’ve got watch series good for movies and tv other tv shows we’ve got uh the movie bay, which is clearly about movies, and we’ve got subs and movies, and also about movies And there’s, even a sport one in here too sportoa this one has been updated, so you can check that one out again it’s.

Uh sport links come and go. You just have to uh just have to give it a try and find the links that work for you and make sure you check rate at game time for those links a couple other ones that have been updated.

Another sports one sports hd, this one’s, been updated a bunch of times lately so check that one out tempest seems to get updated every couple of days and it has also been updated. It’s, good for movies, and tv shows check that one out and black lightning.

This is a real debride one, so you can uh check that one out. It has also been updated a few times lately and lastly, elementum also been updated. Uh recently, a number of times so check out that add-on uh and there’s, some blasts from the past.

If you’re looking for some enemy, we ‘ Ve got gogo anime. This one was just updated, so you can check that one out, so there you go. This video was recorded with the cloner box alliance, pro record.

Anything click, the link in the description below please there’s, even a five dollar discount there right now, uh viper antivirus. You need something for your computer check this one out. It’s, probably the third most popular one out there and if you haven’t updated to kodi 18.

9. That’s. The reason none of the links work on your system so do that

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