I want to update all my subscribers on a change that ipvanish has made in the past. You’ve, been able to connect up to 10 different devices using your ipvanish account and they ‘ Ve made a change, so it’s, no longer 10.

In fact, what they’re doing. Is they’re now having an unlimited number of devices that you can have protected with one account, so they’re, calling this an unmetered vpn connection. So i just want to read a little bit of an announcement here that ipvanish has put out there.

So there’s. Some information here with an unmeter vpn connection. Ipvanish users can have an available vpn connection for every device they own, whether it’s, 10 devices, 25 devices or even more connect.

Your phone to los angeles or your tablet to london, or you’re streaming, stick to sydney with multiple vpn connections to spare. You can even share your ipvanish account with all the members of your household.

An interconnection metering is an into device quantity caps. So your device and all of your loved ones, devices will also have a safe point of access to the internet. Throughout this change, we’re, doubling down on our commitment to zero logs in standard vpn industry practice.

Even when neither connection nor activity logs are stored, activity points of network access are tallied in order to prevent infractions of abuse. With this move, however, the that’s completely eliminated.

Our infrastructure is blind to the number of devices you’re using unmetered vpn connections, combined with our strict zero log policy and access to over 1400 servers in 75 locations provide your household with access to online production, no matter what so vpn.

If you’ve got it already that’s! Awesome! If you don’t, you can click the link in the description below and i get a bit of a discount there. So let’s remember to continue to subscribe to my channel, and i will have a video out very shortly coming up on all the add-ons that you’re, going to be able to use for sports.

So wait for that.

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