How’s? It going everybody dadoy here and if you’re watching this video there’s, a very good chance. You’re, familiar with dragon ball and as a side effect to that fact. You’re, most likely pretty familiar with the characters that make up the franchise it’s.

The reason why we know the difference between goku and vegeta, but what, if those characters, weren’t drawn by professional artists? Would we still be able to name the characters that we’re, seeing on screen? That question is essentially what this video is going to attempt to answer today.

In order to do that, i have assembled an ace team of dragon ball fans to compete in a four round: dragon ball, themed, pictionary event. The topic, of course, mainly being dragon ball characters, but because i had to write the list in manually myself, i also threw in a few curveballs such as battle scenes from dragon ball like goku, vs, vegeta or goku vs frieza, and then i also threw in one That only i could get because i thought it’d, be funny to see someone trying to draw it that one is goku doing a backflip don’t.

Ask me why i entered it. I don’t know. I just thought it would be funny, but hopefully somebody picks this in the actual event, no matter what they pick, though it’s, important to remember that the game won’t generate a reference for them, so they’ll.

Essentially be drawing whatever they choose from memory alone, with all of that, out of the way let’s, go ahead and jump into the actual games and see if people are able to decipher what some of these drawings are.

Alright, our first artist is celos tv. Let’s, see what they’re able to do here whose name finishes off with two leather letters. Oh, it’s, an android. It’s, an android! Is it 17 or 18.? Who is this android 18.

, so it’s got to be 17.. Why is he working so hard on the hair? Why does that guy still think it’s 16? Is that a skateboard? Oh? No! No! A race erase a race that was a mistake, mistake mistake no face huh, we’re, just drawing 17 based off his hair and his body.

I guess parachute is still very confused down there. He doesn’t quite get what’s going on nope parachute, unfortunately, does not get that it is android 17 and is going to miss out now. Parachute is our next starter.

This vegeta’s hairline. This kind of looks like a vegeta hairline to me. What is this? It looks like chicken little why you bullied. Vegeta super saiyan, lord chill. What is going on? Nobody’s, guessed it right.

So far, someone got it. It’s. Go it’s, go on it’s, not go on. What is this? Who is this dude? No don’t delete it. He he grade the screen. It’s, not gohan what it. How did lava lamp get this? Somebody just dumps him down put the pencil down.

Why are we but oh goku? I get it now. Okay, that’s. Why dark? Okay, i get it, i get it! I get it! This is chonsu. This is a great drawing. I don’t know how to spell chantsu. I don ‘ T know how to spell chatsu.

Oh this is so embarrassing. No, i can’t, be the i can’t, be the last one to get this. That’s got it. Oh this round was hard just because it’s, hard, spelling chatsu. How do you spell it? Wow losers, look at these guys, couldn’t even get shoutsie huh.

I did throw in some characters that are uh unknown. So this it’s, not gonna work. Oh it’s. Oh it’s bobbidy. It’s bobbidy. Yes, yes, let’s. Go. I got ta frame, one whoo! Let’s, see if the others, oh people, are getting it now.

Ew. I don’t like that. He’s. Drawing bobbidies like hair follicles, i guess i guess it is an important part of the character design, but he kind of looks like rufus. I will summon majin buu. Why is this drawing actually bibbidi? I’m having too much fun with this good.

Drawing look at the ceelos being supportive, it’s. I doya he’s representing dotto doyle. Right now he ‘ S, got ta, he’s, got ta represent me. Well, what’s? The draw this is vegeta: it’s. Vegeta it’s, vegeta the classic mcdonald’s.

Hairline, you got ta know it’s, vegeta right away. Oh that’s. A good! Ah yo. Wait a minute that looks like we got a serious artist in the house. It’s cell. Is it cell? I don’t, think i wrote cell it’s, cooler! Oh, what a that, what a drawing let’s! Go that’s, probably the best one we’ve had so far, but what an art! What what a piece of art here? What it! What is this? What did he gonna tell that was cooler? Oh, should i oh no.

This is gonna be so hard. If i take this, i’ll. Do it i’ll. Do it for the team i’m focused. It’s, him doing his ex move. How could you not tell how could people not tell bro he’s? Doing the ex move? Look at look at the reference photos.

This is a long name. Oh this is this: is goku doing a backflip. It’s, it’s. Goku doing my flip, i’m, not gonna guess it, but i am going to write it in if you guess it um it takes away all of his um time.

So i’m gonna give him the full 187. I’m, so happy you took this fog, you i’m. So happy you took this. You are a true champion. Oh people are not getting it at all. They see this long sense. They don’t get it.

What is he are those his legs? Oh no, he’s. Coming up from the back flip. He’s coming up raccoon. I think that’s, raku recoup he does cut out for cruz hairstyle all right. He colored it in black, you look, you can see.

Fog was like no, it’s, not recoup that’s exactly why he colored it in you still got 90 seconds. Baby yeah draw the arrow. He’s. Drawing the motion lines, he’s, drawing the motion lines. He’s coming down.

Now he’s. He’s just giving up he’s. Trying to people are saying gohan. Now you can tell he’s, you could tell he’s really reacting to the fan criticism. He’s. Gon na try to work on making it more goku like there we go beautiful.

I think that does sell it. That sells it a little better goku doing a backflip is the final boss battle of pictionary. Nobody’s, getting it! Nobody’s, getting it. He’s, just letting the art speak for itself.

At this point there i’m gonna guess it. I’m gonna make people nervous, oh yeah, that one they’re thinking. It’s an inside joke, but i just wrote that for no reason, oh, we got somebody drawing the ground now, but who’s this next to him? Who’s? Oh? Oh! It’s.

No! It wouldn’t, be mr satan, but who is this? I thought that was boo. Standing next to him. Is that a horse? What is going on here? I have no idea what this is. If i’m going to be completely honest with you, this one, even i don’t, know p.

It starts with peel off gang. It’s. The peel off gag that’s, why he looks like a dog the dog walks on two legs, though [ Music ]. He’s. He’s white. He’s, not drawing any faces. He’s, just leaving the pilaf gang as faceless entities.

He does wear purple. He does wear purple. Yes, somebody else got it. No! Nobody’s. Gon na get it peel off gang. You guys got ta get the p love gag. Is it cool? No, it can’t be cooler. So who is this? This looks like a cool.

Is this ultra? No, it can’t, be altruistic, goku either. He looks sad about being. He looks sad, though. What who is this? I have no idea i can’t tell oh baby vegeta wow. I would never have gotten that i would never have we forgot about gt, but if it isn’t zamasu, who is it? We got a whole stick figure, drawing goku hair.

Clearly going down into oh it’s, go ted, it’s. Go he’s, got the whole family picture. I want to see these three doing the family coming up. That would be funny this one that one pretty good, drawing pretty good drawing got the point across.

Oh this is a mean looking drawing wait, a minute who’s, the artist kebab, drawing look at this, oh and it’s gone. He deleted it. Oh the classic dragon ball knows. I recognize that anyway, what is with the right eye? It’s, a scouter.

Is it not vegeta? Then it’s. Bardock it’s, not bardock. Who is this? Oh somebody got it: it’s turles that was so hard. Okay, turles was a hard one. I was like if it’s, not bardock. Why don’t he keeps deleting, i feel like.

I have to go with dr briefs because nobody else went with this character, but i don’t. Remember what dr briefs looks like i’m gonna give it a shot. I’m gonna give it a shot. All right, so i remember him having almost like a parted style of hair, that kind of wrapped around his head like.

Oh, this is bad and then he had glasses right. He had big spectacles on a big spectacle. Then a slight crooked smile. He was a. He was a smart fella. He knew what he was getting into. Oh, this is bad.

His arms, okay, his arms, his arms would be somewhere around here. Maybe if i draw a little bulma that’ll do pretty well, i don’t. Think it’s selling people okay, so we’re gonna circle, him just so. They know he’s, the drawing dragon ball and then i’m gonna build the dragon radar, the dragon radar.

So they know it’s. Capsule corp i’m gonna build the sea. It’s all coming together. Now see i forgot what the capsule corp logo looks like. Oh no, capsule, corp, i! What’s? The capsule corp logo – i can’t, remember the capsule corp logo was it.

This see the oh somebody got it, somebody got it. They just didn’t write the s they didn’t write the s i got ta draw. I got ta draw a big brain. I got ta draw a big brain. This does not oh. This does not look like this.

Does not look like a brain that does not look like a brain, big, brain, okay, somebody i’m, just not looking like a brain! Ah! Well, you know yeah, i’m, not a good artist. So what am i supposed to do? Oh, what is this yo? This is looking mad detailed.

This is gonna, be a versus photo wow wow. This is so good kind of want to let this rock out. We got an artist over here. Look at this. I know this is goku versus vegeta. We got to let this look at this.

My man is stunting on us. Damn go off just do what you got to do. Then we’re back. This is we’re back to my style of drawing baby right back into it right back into my style of try. I love the quick cut right back to my style of drawing baby.

Now what? What is this? What is this blue hair? Oh, it is blue hair, so it’s, not bulma. Who is this wait? Whoa, it’s, not bulma wait hold on sneeze the transition. Now you know what this is a pretty good try and now i get to go ahead and come in with the crucial drawing i don’t know i didn’t.

I didn’t get a lot of time. All right, deadpool’s back up for the final round, the artist of the bunch. What’s? He gonna draw? Now somebody already guessed it. So he’s running on low time. He’s running on low time.

What is that i don’t know what this is. I don’t know what this is. Oh, it’s. Kid boo. I’m. A little draw that i see where it’s going. Even if i have to sacrifice points i want to see, i want to see him get max time.

Man put a lot of time into the teeth he ‘ S got to finish off the eyes. Ah, he ‘ S, gave up this frieza. This got ta be freezing. Oh, i’m missing out on points frieza. It was so that’s. All you need to convey frieza to dragon ball fan.

Why is he making his eye? So he’s mad. He’s upset now. Is he crying yep so that apparently, that’s? All you need to convey frieza to dragon ball a circle with a slight semi-circle of purple, and then you got frieza it’s.

Almost my turn. Fellas it’s. Almost my turn to draw for the final piece. Did somebody pick goku again, triangle does not equal square triangle does not equal square? How do at least at least this was a new and interesting way to draw tiana, and then he’s, going to add the third eye, and that’s when people are going to get it here we go here comes really.

Nobody’s going to get to end. I thought the third eye thing would would settle it for good. Is it my turn to draw? Am i going to end it off it’s time? I guess let’s. Draw broly i don’t know i don’t know how to draw i’m.

Trying to do his hand. Give me this head. Okay, just do just do the hand right like this right and then i can stick the thumb out here. Thumb connects to the palm, and then i can just do a green energy blast and then and then outside of his mouth.

You know he’ll, be laughing. He’ll, go ha, draw the blue ball around his neck. The gold chain – i didn’t get his head in quite frame, but it works. I got second place. Congratulations to all of the artists that came into the game, all of the guessers great games to everybody involved, but the drawings actually aren’t going to end here, because this turned into such a celebration of dragon ball and its characters.

I asked on twitter for people to draw goku and vegeta doing literally anything they wanted to, and a lot of artists came through and dropped off some pieces. So i wanted to end the video by showing off some of those artists and of course the artist twitter handle will be on screen and there will be links down below.

But hopefully you guys enjoy the art and i will see you in the next video [, Music ], so [, Music ], you

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WHO IS THAT!? I Forced people to draw dbz / dragonball characters from memory and this video is what happened. Will Iconic characters like Goku and Vegeta still be recognizable or will they be drawn so bad that they look like brand new characters…

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Drawing Dbz characters from memory would be easy if we could remember dragonball

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