Maybe i just level three: i’m, hoping this hits. Oh, he had to block it, though nice and i recovered oh speed up zamasu’s recovery. I forgot: how’s, it going everybody dots and we’re here back with some more dragon.

Ball fighters ranked matches this time playing a team of zamasu, krillin and yancha. Of course, our main focus is going to be on zamasu. He’s, just so much fun. Oh, i thought i had a hit there. Super dashing glad it worked out for me could have easily not, but i have been playing fighters all day, not even in rank just casually with friends, so i am already warmed up.

I was worried that would drop and i ended up dropping it. Dragon rush is going to connect wow. We are off to a very strong start here, maybe even a kill. I’m, not going to risk it. To be honest, it didn’t.

Get me anywhere. I took off zamasu literally grew wings and then just landed in the exact same spot. He would have landed in anyway. Fly oh anti-air assist, i couldn’t block it or i did, but it cost me my flight, i’m, doing it yeah yeah.

That was very stupid. I don’t know why i did it zamasu dead. What a turnaround? No poor, zamasu to be fair! I made multiple mistakes i should have. I should have let zamasu get out while the going was good.

Now it’s, going to be up to krillin and yamcha. Why not? Let him take that was very aggressive. I got scared guard canceled. Just to you know, get him off me reset neutral, a little bit. Oh, that was very lucky by me.

Oh beautiful, spacing super baby 2 comes down and just whips it big chance for us. I don’t want to spend any bar, oh wow, that actually connected get across nice yeah. I waited way too long. I wanted to see if he was going to make any moves, but after waiting long enough, i just got scared sparking here.

For sure he already used his, so it makes our choice a little easier back up nice, oh man, he is moving right now. Damn he’s, he’s got feet. He’s, got dancing feet. I can’t get him. He is moving uh. How long do we have for sparking, though? Actually with this mini with this much bar, he’ll, probably keep us locked down for the rest of it.

Yeah it’s. Gone, oh baby, oh okay, so he’s going cross-up every time. Baby players do this: it’s, cross-up first time, nine times out of ten okay. I think i think that was just an accident. I think he wanted cross-up, though, hopefully he goes for it next time there we go.

That might be enough. Yeah that’s. Gon na be enough. I don’t know how much bar, though two can i get away with two? I’m trying to save come on, krillin put him away, one nice, okay, good! That kind of gives us a chance.

We might have just even the game up. We’re a little low on bar, but that’s. Fine jumping medium beam’s, not going to hit please nice. That was huge that one felt very slow because i wasn’t putting any assist behind it.

Uh, because i wanted to make sure i’d, be able to combo but um. We look like we’re gonna be just fine. I’m, not gon. Na mess around. I could have maybe gotten away with three bars. I ain’t risking it dude.

I’m. Trying to win this android 21 is a scary anchor. This character has so many tools. The normals are just so good. We’ve got to watch out for everything, especially with seven bars, but mostly command grabs.

I’m. A little worried right there see command grab was on the mind, so we got really lucky there, though, keep last. Oh, look that’s. What i’m talking about dude. The range is nice: it’s. Gon na come down to edgar 21 versus krillin, both with equal full health gonna spend the bar.

We also got to make sure we’re keeping track of what tool she has right. Now, solar flare that’s mostly for combos, so i’m, not worried about that one too much, no okay! He last bended up. Oh instant, super dash.

I bent it too slow, bent it up too slow five bars. I’m. Expecting we’ll, see three used here: yup. Okay, remember how i said: android 21 has options. These are where the options are. Cross-Up is probably the most expected.

Okay glad i didn’t block cross-up. No, i wanted to back that 2h. Oh, that was safe. The chaos ball. I don’t know what it’s, actually called don’t kill me one more chance. Ah, that was sick. The chaos ball.

I was looking for a 2h there, but the back dash. Actually i don’t know when i got hit. I couldn’t quite see krillin, but i think i got hit but backdashing i shouldn’t have risked a huge game for my opponent, but now we get an equals.

We get an equal start again. Oh no, i’m scared. Oh man, oh and i just got ta hold that too dragon rush. I’m, expecting a little bit, oh huge for me huge. Sadly, i kind of what that was. Oh, i forgot the tracks i got.

I was like nice. I’m, dodging that one dick i literally went up in the air. Like i’m good. All right, i’m, calling an assist yeah. I knew that would hit, but conversions off that don ‘ T switch me back in okay.

That would have been too sick. I would have been too impressed don’t, okay, good [, Music, ] mix-ups. Oh, it was low. That’s, a powerful option; 17 18’s, got that’s, probably 18’s best tool. These days, two bars that’s more than enough to kill yeah, even with dragon rush.

Maybe one bar was enough: optimal damage, gonna go ahead and switch out a super baby, two get that blue light back and the good start that’s. Gon na be rough. That is a rough uh thing to come back from okay good.

I could have easily got a lot worse. All right. Let’s track him up here. Do we go for yantra level? Why not right? We got to get all the advantage we can. Maybe we go limit break zamasu if he can make a comeback.

That would be huge. I’m going for cross up here. Oh that was almost so bad one more nice nice that could have been huge too. I didn’t block. It i didn’t block it. Okay, it’s, parking time. It’s sparking time it’s, time to panic as well.

Oh, oh, the damage six bars. He might be going for cross. Why? I reset? I got reset where no, i wasn’t holding block. I didn’t think the combo would end there. Oh huge! We’re, actually dead. We’re dead, wait.

I was hoping for another drop. I was like, maybe if he reset me once he’ll, do it again. Maybe he wants to save the bar oh level, three. Maybe that was necessary. I thought i lost a little more help. Let me break zombies.

If i said i didn’t believe in myself, i’d, be lying dude. I, for some reason, i’m filled with confidence right now. I’m filled with confidence. I don ‘ T know why i shouldn’t. Have this? Is anybody else sweating right now? Oh, i’m, getting reflected a lot please, okay, good i was.

I was really hoping don’t know. What to do. I can’t. Get i can’t get a lot of damage. I i need to assist okay hold on. I can still. I can still make this work. Reflect. Okay, good, we made it reflect.

I’m, getting reflected a lot got ta start baiting. Those android 21 comes out. If we make a good enough move to start with no [ Music ] huge, huge [, Music ]. Oh, it didn’t. Actually, oh, what am i doing in this quarter? I wasn’t supposed to be here.

No, let me live. Maybe i do live this level one to three. Does that kill? Maybe i get one more shot, but even then it’s. Gon na be hard to recover from the okie. This is so much let’s. Go recovery drop! Maybe i just level three.

I’m, hoping this hits [. Music ], oh, he had to block it though nice and i recovered oh speed up zamasu’s recovery. I forgot. Oh huge recovery weight spare me one more time, not the laser that was so clean.

I und i overestimated. Is it under overestimated regardless? I didn’t. Think i’d, be stunned for that long. That was clean. What a good first game! Maybe we might even get the rematch it did take a while to find this game, so we might even get a rematch okay.

So we didn’t actually get the rematch, but i am fine with that. Zamasu is still back. We still have a lot to improve. I’m going in ultra instinct right. Oh nice start. I will definitely take that. I didn’t get the heavy, oh, oh, i was risking it there.

I’m gonna cross up okay, i mean i’ve made so many mistakes, nice stop uh. Oh no man! I actually want to learn zamasu like pretty bad. I think zamasu might be the oh. That was oh and i got stepped on. I thought he would continue.

The combo zamasu might be the character. I pour like a lot of time into. I know a lot of people think he’s really bad, but i think he has like benefits to him. I think he has, as long as a character has unique stuff, even if they’re bad in a game like dragon ball.

Fighterz they’re, still playable, and so as long as they have something unique that makes them fun. I’m down. Speaking of that those times you have to leave. I know he said we play but blocking defense.

No, i’m gonna have to reset oh, never mind we’ll fake fists. The second part you got ta. Remember there’s, always a sequel. I might even have to hit you with the full trilogy here. It comes trilogy. Oh you know.

The third movie’s, my favorite. I always start with that one. Actually, you know what run it back. Oh, the trilogy just has so many different options. Instantly replayable i mean re-watchable. Nice spark nice good tag, good tag, cooler and spark is a little scary.

Oh, i should have two aged that, but i got scared good stuff tomsu, but i couldn’t. Oh, you know what, if you’re, a zamasu player in the comments below what a sister zamasu that was a counter level 3, that i got very lucky.

I didn’t hit, oh god that really threw me off course. I was gonna ask zamasu players, what assists they use. I really don’t. Think his c assist is that great, but i mean i could be wrong. I don’t know i don’t know too much about.

Oh, the state of the zamasu meta i’m going over nice cruel in time. Oh, look at your clocks. Make sure you’re set daylight savings. Isn’t for another few months. Oh, i’m about to run it back. You know what hold on i can’t.

Do it like that? I was about to hit the uh. I was about to hit the real krillin stuff it’s time. I can only do one loop before he dies krillin. I was gonna. I had some more loops in mine, but that is gonna.

Do it for game, one all right, all right, pretty good stuff, decent starter man. I love how zamasu comes in with, like the the huge background piece. Oh my goodness, this character is too good. 2H. Nice just wanted to make sure i could get some extra distance along with sliding put up the lightning of absolution.

Oh ep assist [ Music, ] box nice to the corner. I’ll. Definitely take it. Wow huge drop, lightning absolution dragon whoa whoa. I was not expecting to get punched in the face right there. Oh my god, the aggression.

I really wanted to tag. I’m glad i didn’t. I would have gotten hit all right. We’re switching now, though nice a pickup on beerus means we get to go right back out into hit. Come here come here here. Let me talk to you a little bit.

Let me let me get a target put on me. I really want to do the krillin stuff now, for some reason, i don’t know why it just came to my mind: 2s busted. Let’s, go ahead and get zamasu back out here, all right level.

One should kill. My power is greater love that line and yes, it does, does get the kill, which is nice if it didn’t that would have been. I was not expecting to spend two bars five h. Oh, let’s. Go rock assist! Maybe yes, whoa.

Okay, that’s! Good enough! Oh huge drop, reflector gets us out of there. No tech and zamasu is going for a ride. Don’t level. Three me i no! I’ll, take it [ Music, ], nice. Okay, we’re. Switching to krillin i don’t know why, but i i can’t leave without doing the loops.

I can practically feel the loops coming come here. I’m scared. I’m. Not gonna lie to you all right here they come. Let me get those lubes dude. Let me get them. Let me get those loops. I’m bad at the game.

I need to be set on the ground all right. This is where we need to be okay, oh huge db. We can’t get the corner, though the corner is necessary. How bad did that get that got so bad, so quick? Oh, i i either need to censor but spark means.

Like i’m, an idiot, a spark means i can’t. Do the loop anymore um. Also i could have sent. I’m. Getting wait. A second beerus is destroying me zamasu. Are you gonna? Let a god do this to us? I don ‘

T know why zamasu would have a problem with that. Actually all right, lightning absolution again. Last time you mashed yup, and we are going to play around that pick up a w. That was great. We didn’t, get to play too much zamasu, but still that android 21 in the beginning was deadly dude.

That was a great game. Great couple of matches, hopefully you enjoyed this video. If you did definitely, let me know down below in the comment section while you’re down there, make sure to like button and subscribe to the channel.

If you like these videos and want to see them keep coming out, and you can also check out more videos that should be on your screen right now, other than that i have been dr doya, and i will see you in the next one.


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