Hey what’s going on youtube? So if you’re looking for life, sports, nfl, nhl, nba football cricket, boxing special events, whatever it might be, i’ll. Show you the most simple application that has ever been created for watching sports with two three clicks.

No messing around follow this along and you get all your free sports works on a fire. Stick very well with this remote, no extra keyboard required. It actually works on all devices: android cell phone android box, whatever you’re using, so i’m doing this on the fire.

Stick i’m just going to go to settings right away and i’m. Going to go to my fire tv and from here i’m, going to go to developer options and i’m going to make sure that apps from unknown sources is turned on.

So let’s. Do that! Let’s turn it on. I’m, going to hit the home button and i’m, going to search for an application called downloader downloader. It’s, going to search for downloader. Once it comes up orange icon, you’re, going to click on that and you’re, going to click the download arrow and it’s, going to cue it and it’s going to download it.

Okay, it’s, going to install it and once it’s finished installing you can proceed by pressing the open button. Okay and press the allow button you’ll, get a notification that it’s installed. So now we’ll press the allow button.

Here we’re, going to press the ok button here and we’re, going to click one up into the url field here and we’re going to click inside here and we’re going to put In the following, url get dot file linked dot com; okay, just put that url in get.

filelinked.com and press that go button. It’s, going to download the file linked application when it’s finished it’s, going to prompt us to install the file linked application, which we can click on that when it’s finished takes a Minute to download this will pop up press the install button on that and it’s going to install the file link application.

Now we’re, going to open it up and it’s, going to come up with the file linked application. Now i’m, going to give you a code and a pin number where you can get the most updated application to my store, but to be able to get apps from my store.

You need to be subscribed to my channel so make sure you hit that subscribe button, and i’m gonna give you the code now and the pin number okay hit that subscribe button and let’s, get to it. So click into enter code and you’re gonna put in one two three, four: five: six, seven, eight eight twos exactly and then you’re gonna press.

The next button, once you put in the eight twos okay press, the next button press that continue button and it’s. Gon na ask you for a pin. I’m gonna give you the pin right now, but if the pin doesn’t work, always read these instructions here how to get the newest pin number so click into enter.

Pin i’m going to put in 98.98 as the pin number okay press, the next button and press the continue button. That is going to throw you into my store. I’m, going to dismiss that bun and the first thing i’m going to get is on the list it ‘

S already highlighted is the ipvanishvpn. I’m, going to click, just the download link right here and it’s going to download the ipvanishvpn. Some of these sports links may not work. If you don’t have a vpn on, they might be geo blocked and the content may not work.

I recommend using ipvanish dismiss any pop-ups that come up because you can use this on any files from my store. So i’ll. Show you in a bit how many movie apks i have how many live tv apks i have. I’ll, go all into it and i’m, going to share a lot of things with you.

So having a vpn is going to keep you protected. I’ll, explain everything when i launch it before. I run my apk okay. So once ipvanish finishes downloading, this turns into a play button and you can hit the play button and it will install that application, and this is the process of installing applications with file link, so give it a minute.

Let it finish downloading this turns into a play button, and then we install that application. My store has been updated here since november 15, but i’ve actually updated last month. I have to change that, so i’m, always changing that.

Okay and i’m, always updating my store, you’re, always gonna get the newest most updated files. Okay, there you go. We’re. Almost there. Wrapping up and gonna have the opportunity to hit that play button to install the file, and this is a progress bar to show you the download progress.

If it stops, you can just go back click on it again. If you have some issues, okay, so mine is already wrapping up hit that play button. You’ll, get a notification. Let’s. Install ipvanishvpn, i’ll. Explain everything in detail now press the done button.

Okay! Now, if you scroll down here, you’ll, see that i have kodi. I have also many other apks, so you see here movie show apps many many apks. I recommend zenni tv, btv ttv, all great apk, strix tv uh.

All of them are really really amazing. Okay, you’re gonna keep scrolling down until you see the the live tv section. Okay, so just keep scrolling down uh you’re gonna see that the main heading here soon, okay, okay, you can see.

I have lots of apks here free tv section and i recommend redbox tv as well, install it very easy to use. I recommend uh snappy streams and livenet tv. Those are great, but today we’re. Looking at vola sports super simple, so click on vola sports and i ‘

Ll, always update it. For you guys, the newest one and the same thing is going to turn into a play button. Just like ipvanish, we’re, going to install vola sports very, very easy process. Okay play button right there and press that little play button and press the install button.

Okay, once vola sports installs, we’re, just gonna press the done button. Okay, there you go done, hit the home button and let’s. See now, if you have it installed, go to your apps and games, see all or applications, depending which firestick version you’re on you’re gonna see that i have some apks here.

Cinema apk is great for movies. By the way and my file link, which i can get go anytime with with a pin number and code and download more and i got vola sports now before i run volasports, i’m, going to run ipvanish to make sure all the links, work And i’m, not getting geoblocked okay.

So how do i do that? So i’m, going to go to username and password and log in now to get your own username to the vpn click on that link in the pin comment. Description there’s; a little link. There, click on that link.

It’s, going to take you to a site. Select your package sign up for a vpn. It’s, going to keep you anonymous. It’s. Going to give you more content and it’s, going to unblock any geo-blocked content by your internet service provider as they start blocking content.

Okay, so that’s available unlimited devices, you can buy it for a month. Try it if you don’t, like it 30 m 30 days, money back, guarantee there’s, absolutely nothing to lose okay, so click that link in the bitly bitly link in the pinned comment.

Description get your account and log in with your own username. So once you sign up for an account, they’ll. Send you a confirmation, email click on that confirmation, email confirm your account and you’re ready to log in once.

You have your account super simple to set up. You can use this on unlimited devices. I use it on my phone. Fire stick, etc, etc. Okay, so once you have your username and password log in, i’m gonna log in here into mine, and i’ll show you really how to quickly set it up on your fire.

Stick: okay! Okay! Once you log in with your own username and password, go to the gear icon and say start ipvanish, startup connection action connect too fast to server, and if your netflix does not work when the vpn is on put it into the splint tunneling.

So you click in here, split tunneling. You would search for netflix or your application and then you would put a check mark on it and what that means is that would prevent the vpn being on for those applications.

It’s called split tunneling. It avoids choose apps that can connect to the internet without using the vpn tunnel, which means netflix, hulu disney, plus, you might want to keep the vpn off. Okay, now make sure scramble mode is on click, one back go to country to get the most sports and the most content, and you want to make sure you select the united states.

Once you’re done that you’re, going to press that connect button right there, it’s going to come up with this. You’re, going to press the ok button right there. Okay, you’re, going to see progress here and you’re, going to see that we’re fully protected and connected.

Now i can run vola sports. I’m, going to hit the home button and i can run any other apk. So even cinema apk works great with a vpn, gives a lot of content, a lot of links, a summoner service provider blocking it and many other applications.

Okay. So let’s go to volasport, so i’m, going to start it up, and this application is super easy to use, because this is the way it works. Okay, there’s, not much in the actual application. Just shows the stuff that it’s live then you can see some highlights that passed.

Okay and right now there’s, some nba live or whatever going on. You can go switch here, other or nba, okay, and that shows you, the nba live sources, and then you would just click on that source and if there’s a game going on, it would load that source and it would play that source.

Unfortunately, it’s, blurred out it’s playing uh. I cannot show this per user policies. I have to blur that out. So super simple, just click on one of the sources and it starts playing. You can go back and say you know india and uh, verse, england, there’s cricket and there’s bundesliga going on as well.

So you can click on bundesliga. You can click on the playable source and if that source is up, it’ll load and it’ll play that source. If the source doesn’t load, you can always go and try another source.

So i’m, going to try another source here and they give you a lot of sources. So if there’s, you know the nfl and hl games. You’ll have a lot of sources and then you ‘ Ll click on one of the sources and one of the sources should play for you.

Okay, so there’s, hd sources there’s, high definition sources and there’s, regular sources. So this one’s playing as well. Unfortunately, i have to blur it out, so it’s. All blurred out, okay, now, if you wanted to watch, highlights that’s available here.

It also shows you when the game starts. So if i want to see, you know, highlights there’s, some football highlights. I would click on the highlight and that would play the highlight so unfortunately i have to blur it out, but this will give me the entire highlight of the game.

Okay, very easy to use application. Just shows you exactly what’s going on right? Now live, and then it shows you the links: okay, very nice for sports nba, nhl nfl, all that stuff. When it comes in the future, it’ll, be under this menu.

Under this application, you can enjoy all that content. Thank you guys for watching. Thank you for being here make sure you hit that subscribe. Button hit the thumbs up button and, let me know if you’re liking or if you’re enjoying vola sports.

I really like the application make sure you get that discount for the vpn in the pin comment description, that’s, going to unblock a lot of links for you when the actual events take place in volasport, and i can access volasports anytime, going back Into the apk, and that will work – and i’ll show you that my vpn is running and i’m fully protected.

Thank you guys for watching. Thank you for being here and i ‘ Ll see you all in the next one: take care

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How to watch Free Sports on all firestick devices, unlimited sports watch all the games and every single major event on your firestick device.

This tutorial will show you how to:

These are the 3 major topics covered in the video.

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