what’s up series s fam, so you want to stream to twitch from your xbox series s using nothing, but the console itself where we’ve got you covered, so first things. First, what you need to do is you need to head on down to the store and head on into the store.

So you can get yourself the twitch app so go over to this menu bar on the left hand, side go down to apps, and then you can go down to apps home and you’ll. Be able to find it in here, no problemo. So in the top entertainment apps, it’s, usually in here and if you can’t see and here go down to most popular apps and boom.

There is twitch click on it and then install the app and you need to have a twitch account. So you can link to twitch and then stream to twitch from your xbox series. So make sure you head on over to twitch and make an account on your pc or mobile phone.

If you’ve not already got one and just a quick note. If you’re worried about space on your series s, this is quite a small update. It’s, only 164 megabytes once you’ve, downloaded twitch. You need to head on over to twitch.

tv, activate and then enter the code which pops up on screen to link your account to this app on your xbox series s. Once you enter the code from your xbox on the activate page, it’ll. Ask you to authorize so just go ahead and click that so it allows you to stream to your twitch page from your series s with no problemo at all and then once you’re logged in on the app on your css.

You want to head on over up the top here to broadcast, and once you’re on broadcast, you want to select it so press a, and here we go. This is where you put in all your settings to make your stream come to life.

So it’s got information from my previous stream here. So that is the title of the stream. Here you can change this using the keyboard on screen. I’m just going to leave it as it is right now, and then your game will appear here next to language.

Once you start playing, it will automatically populate that and set your language to english, and that is the correct one for you. Next up for destination here, obviously, we’re, going to twitch light stream.

Do not worry about that! That is a subscription service which will allow you to add some extra features like overlays and alerts, and things like that from your css. But that does cost you a monthly fee.

So if you want to do this for free keep it simple just to test out streaming just select twitch, then camera position you can plug in a usb camera. If you have one plug it in, i recommend, if you’re, looking to get one which is good and cheap, which a lot of streamers use use.

This logitech c920, which i’ll, leave a link down below in the description for you to check out it’s, the one i use, and once you have it plugged in you, can select the camera position on screen. If you want me to do a separate video showing you that using the webcam on the series s, please, let me know down below in the comments and i’ll – get one out asap for you.

Next, we ‘ Ve got the broadcast bar position. You basically just select where you want this to be to be out of your way, and all this shows is information about your stream. How long you’ve been streaming for there’s, a little red dot indicator to let you know you’re still live.

It will tell you how many people are viewing and i ‘ Ll. Also tell you stuff about your microphone. That is all that is so i recommend just select bottom right or the opposite bottom corner from your webcam just to keep it out of the way.

Next up, you ‘ Ve got a microphone, so this is for your microphone. You, unfortunately, cannot plug in a usb microphone to the xbox series s yet and use it for streaming. You can do this on playstation 5.

I don ‘ T know why you can ‘ T do it yet on xbox, but that means you will have to use the microphone on your gaming headset. So try and pick up a decent one of them. So you get the best sound quality and then you can play about with the volume slider you can just press down or up to change it, and then you can obviously press mute to mute.

It next is party chat. If you’re in a party with people on the game, you can control the volume here up and down. I recommend you just mute this, so it does not come across on your stream as it can be confusing when there’s.

A whole bunch of voices talking and they’re, probably just more interested in hearing what you’ve, got to see, as you are the streamer they’re tuning in to watch next up. We’ve got game. This is obviously all the game audio, so the sound effects, the shooting explosions, the music.

So just watch with that, i recommend you maybe turn that down a little bit just so it does not clash with your microphone volume. So you still come through super clear next up bitrate. This is about the quality of your stream, and this is a really useful tool.

They’ve introduced here, so you can see um here we’ve got the resolution. I recommend, if you’re starting out, go for 720p. If you’ve got good, um, broadband or good internet, maybe try 1080p.

But this is the best thing here. If you just click automatic, it will run a test and tell you what your bet rate should be. So let’s. Click on it right now. Boom broadcast quality test. Let’s check your internet bandwidth, so we can get the best experience for you and your viewers.

So this is good. It takes away a lot of the tech know-how for you and we’ll just set the best settings for your internet speed and your series s or series x. Obviously – and you can see here – it’- s – came up with a bit weight of 6500 and a stream resolution of 1080p, so there we go.

That is all you need to do so, once you’re ready to go, live head down to the start streaming button just keep pressing down until you get it and then press a to start streaming and wait until the live button appears like that, And that means you will be live on twitch.

Now let’s, jump into a game and we ‘ Ll show you what it looks like. So i’m, going to just press the x button and head on over to call of duty black ops, and you can see there. That is a broadcast bar in the middle of our screen.

So we are going to jump into a game right now see if we can just get a little cheeky multiplayer game on the go, and it looks nice and crispy over on twitch and the broadcast bar will update with information.

You can see the little eye there that will tell you how many people are actually watching your game and we’ll just jump straight into newtown, 20, 4, 7, and whereas this is happening, i will show you what it looks like over on twitch And advise you as well download the twitch app to your phone or have the twitch website up on our pc or laptop.

So you can see chat and you can then respond to what people say as well. The overlay on xbox does not tell you what people are saying. Unfortunately, in chat you don’t get that information, which is a tad annoying.

So i’ve got it up on my pc screen as well, and i will flip over and show you it all right now boom. So you can see, i ‘ Ve just said was up to people in the chat, and you can see it’s, loading, nice and clear and yeah.

That is it. You’re, pretty much good to go. That is all you need to do to stream. Straight from your xbox series, s or series x to twitch and that you can see it’s running perfectly on my series s here, the game is still nice and smooth, and also the gameplay on twitch.

Is nice 1080p gameplay. So, as you can see, it’s, running really really smooth still, which is great. Considering you’re streaming from this machine and you’re also playing the game runs really well, and this is the series s.

So if you’re on a series x, you will be absolutely breezing it. Nothing to worry about at all runs fantastically. The only thing like i said, make sure you get that open or a laptop open next to you as well, so that you can also see what people are seeing in chat.

That is the only bad thing which is missing so far about this. To get you up and running and started on your journey on twitch to do some quick, simple twitch streaming straight from your new xbox series, srx and here’s.

What it looks like for you, when you’re streaming on your series. Okay on twitch, you get a little broadcast bar there. Oh and you see, if someone’s watching you’re fortunate to get any notifications about chat messages that’s.

Why, i said make sure you destroy that uk make sure that you get your laptop or your mobile phone set up next to you, so you can see if you get any chat messages. Any questions, please. Let me know down below in the comments and i’ll, try my best to answer them for you.

If you’d like me, to go over the whole webcam set up side of things, please let me know, and i’ll, get that covered in a video for you asap. Thank you very much for watching my friends. Much love to all your faces.

We’ll, see you on the next video

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