What’s up stadia fam, so you can now stream directly from google stadia to youtube using absolutely nothing but stevia itself. It’s, fantastic! So let ‘ S start this off by saying what you need. You need! A google stadia, obviously, you can sign up for a free account using gmail, get your gmail account and then log in and then you need a youtube channel to stream to obviously, and then you will connect it just like this, you need to head on over to Your settings so click on your little avatar at the top right hand, corner click on it and then you want to go to stereo settings click on that and then you want to go to youtube click on youtube.

And then you will see your channel here or you can add your channel and just click link. I’ve got it linked already, as you can see here, there’s, an unlink button. If i want to unlink it, but that is all you need to do, then you want to head on back to your games and you cannot start streaming until you have launched a game.

So let’s, see what are we going to launch or so yeah? Let’s. Do some rising tomb, raider! Let’s. Click that i can’t remember where we were we played about 11 or so of this way way back. So let’s, click play and now it’s in full screen and yeah.

This is so so simple to do. I really really recommend if you want to give live streaming a go or you’re starting off live streaming. This is fantastic because you do not really need to worry as much about your upload bandwidth, because at the back end of the servers, google basically takes a copy of your game play and let’s.

Go with london, let’s. Click continue, takes a copy of your game play from this. Daddy servers broadcast that to youtube and overlays your audio, and it is crispy. It is crispy clear. I’ve, already done a test playing outcasters, which you can see in the top right hand corner of the screen.

If you want to check that out to see what it looks like, but this is what you need to do so, once you get in your game, you then want to press the stadia home button or you can press shift tab on your keyboard and then your Menu will pop out and then what you want to do is you want to go down to live stream? Then you want to click on, live stream and go stream directly to youtube easy for everyone and note software needed.

So then you click on that and now you can see that it’s already populated gamers, while playing rise of the tomb raider 20 years, blah blah blah, then you want to make sure you’ve got it set to public, otherwise People won’t, be able to see or find your stream.

If you have it unlisted, you need to share your stream link with people directly. If it’s private, nobody will see it so stick with public. Next, you want to decide what audio do you want your stream to hear? I suggest you click youtube.

Only so only live stream. Viewers will hear me. So if this was a multiplayer game, they would not hear the party chat. They would just hear me. It keeps the chat a lot clearer, but if you want to hear your party, you’re playing with select this one.

That is the options. I think you should select. Okay, so let’s. Click. This one youtube only audience not made for children that’s, correct, who made her it’s, not like a kids game or made directly for kids.

So leave it like that, if you do change it to made for children, your live chat will be disabled. So remember that show of your account while playing let’s. Keep that on and there’s. No crowd choice in this game, but some games have crowd choice where you can vote for options in game.

If you have that on, the viewers will be able to vote, but unfortunately we do not have that. So let’s. Click, live stream start live stream. What does this have to do with the profits? It usually takes a minute or two to spring into life, so just bear with it.

It’s, not crashed. When my test wanted earlier, it literally took about a minute or so real time, and then we will be rocking and rolling on youtube live and we’ll, see if anyone tunes in to see what it’s like and also if You want to see what the tube radar stream we’re doing right now, once this goes live, looks like check it out on the channel as well.

I’ll. Leave it up on my youtube channel. Here we go. It says we’re live, the microphone is on and we ‘ Re live streaming rise of the tomb raider okay, so let’s. Just click this to go back and then click the start at home button.

And here we go, this should be nice and crispy 1080p 60 fps for everyone to enjoy. It does tell you, people are watching, so you go up in the top right top left. Sorry, you can see it says there’s. Two people watching you’ve got the little knight and yeah.

The last question you probably have is about ending you just press the start at home button again and the dashboard will pop out you go down to manage stream, and then you go over to stop stream and click it, and just like that, your stream is done.

There you go: live stream, completed, check out the video on your youtube channel to see stats, share it with your friends or just rewatch the glory, okay awesome. So that is all you need to do so there you go my friends that is live streaming on stadium.

Hopefully that was useful for you if it was smash that thumbs up button subscribe for all things daddy coming away in the channel, and please remember to leave me any questions down below. You may have a bit live streaming on stadia

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