Hey and what’s going on here today, I’m, going to be showing you how to jailbreak the firestick 4k edition or any other fire stick or fire TV device from Amazon. Basically, I’m going to be loading. The best movie apks, the best TV show apks, and we’re gonna be doing this very easily and live TV some stuff as well, fully loaded.

The reason I’m using that jailbreak term is because everybody ‘ S been saying jailbreak, basically in is fully loading. The fire stick matter. What jailbreak means putting all the apps that are not traditionally found in the store so follow along.

We’re, going to fully load this device. Okay, so once you have your device booted up like you’re fired, you’re fired, you simply want to go to settings, and once you are in settings, you simply want to go to my fire, TV or my device.

Just go to that menu right there. When you’re in there, you want to go into developer options. Ok, you’ll, see the bulbar options. Click on that you & # 39; ll, see apps from unknown sources. You want to click on that and you want to turn and on apps from unknown sources needs to be turned on.

We’re, going to turn it on once we’re finished up press the home icon right on your firestick device. You’ll, be taken to this menu; all you got to do is go to the search and we can type in downloader to search for downloader, or we can simply use the voice remote to make it easy on our firestick device.

How many is the voice remote? I’m, going to search for a tool called downloader. You can also type it in as well downloader. Here we are download, our orange icon should come up. If you don’t see, you might be scrolled like this, you might have scrolled.

So all the way to the left, downloader is the first option. You’re gonna click on downloader. You’re gonna click on the download button. Here it’s, gonna queue it once it’s queues and installs. We’re gonna open it up.

Ok, press the Open button. Downloader, this screen will come up now. I want you to press the allow button right here. We press the ok button. Once you press the okay button, your cursor will be blinking right in there.

I want you to put it in the following: URL click into it type in get dot file linked, calm, so file, link, HTTP colon forward, slash, get dot file. Link, calm is what you want to type in exactly like you see it on the screen scroll over and press the Go button.

We are going to be loading the file linked store. Here we are once it installs and downloads press the install button. Ok, now that’s, going to fully install it. So now we’re, going to be downloading it, and now installing it here we are file linked, is fully installed, file linked or ready to launch.

I want you to scroll over and press the Open button. Ok, there we are. We are pressing the Open button. It’s gonna initialize. It’s. Gon na be right. Here you want to click. One down enter code ignore everything else on the screen and click in to enter code.

This screen will come up and put in my special code. I’ll, give you the code right now: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. S. 8. S. Exactly you want to input into the file link the first option: click in to that and press the next button.

It’s. Gon na be highlighted. Own continue, click on continue it’s. Gon na say this enter. Pin I’m gonna give you the pin right now, click in to enter, pin and you’re gonna enter 47:54. You’re gonna enter 4 7 5 4.

As the pin number ok. 47. 54. Is the pin number okay? 47. 54. Once you’re into the pin number press, the continue ok dismiss, and you should see a lot of files in here. Ok, first thing on the menu right here: the first one I want you to get is the ipvanish download.

If this pops up simple dismissal, so click the download arrow that’s going to download the ipvanish VPN. Ok, you’re gonna hit the play button, ipvanish and press the install button right there when it finished installing ipvanish VPN on our fire.

Stick don’t press the Open button press the done button. Ok, now let’s, go down the list and we’re gonna load today. The first apk that works really well and, I believe, works better than Kodi for movies and TV shows for those of you who have that have used.

Kodi of perhaps are looking for Cody unlocked my TV 1.49, ok and then hit the play. Button unlock my TV. It’s, gonna pop up press, the install button and you’re gonna press. The done button. We’re gonna install all of them by pressing the non button they’ve, just been updating my file link and they’re.

The latest version unlocked my TV press, the dumb one that’s installed unlock my T, TV press, the download that’s. Gon na download unlock my T TV. We’re gonna press the play button and we are going to press the install button.

Okay, here’s unlock my ki TV and unlock my TV or two different applications press done. Okay unlock my TV unlock. My T, TV T TV is exactly like the terrarium TV clone unlock. My TV is similar to cinema apk.

I’ll, get to that a little bit later on okay B TV right here, click the nominal arrow. This is our next one: it’s gonna download BTV. We’re gonna press that play button right here and press the install so far.

We load it for applications. Ipvanish VPN unlocked my TV unlock my t TV and then b TV. We’re at 4 press done. Let’s. Keep going cinema apk click the down arrow, that’s; gonna download cinema apk it’s.

Gon na turn into a play button press that play button press the install button again and then press the done button once it finishes. Ok, here we are installing cinema HD be to press the done button. You get the notification, let’s, keep going down the list skip the Oreo skip celestial skip all these keep going down, keep going down; okay, you can scroll up and down.

If you can’t find some of them if they’re in different categories. Okay, skip all this until you reach an application called TVs. I’& # 39 m press, the download arrow and that’s. Going to download TVs ion and now we’re gonna press, the play pump on TVs ion and you’re gonna press.

The install button once TVs on installs. We are going to hit the done button because we’re, not done yet. Okay keep scrolling down. You might see some other apks. Now you’ll, see T TV, okay hit the download on T TV.

We already got the B TV, so don ‘ T worry about getting it again, t TV 9.9 for our, but this version might be newer by the time you’re watching this video and I’ll, be updating this file in the store press, the play install once it finishes installing We are going to press the down button, okay area and press the done button.

Okay, next one we are going to get is the typhoon apk. We’re fully loading. This fire stick once typhoon finishes: press play, press the install button and then, alternatively, press the done button again.

Okay, we’re, fully fully loading all the best application. The reason I’m loading, a lot of them. A lot of them are from movies, and TV shows the reason I’m revolving, so many of them, because you’re gonna, be able to find every single show every single movie that you could ever imagine on these applications.

Okay, press done, and then next one is our cyber flicks terrarium TV clone once it finishes downloading it’ll turn into a play: button press that play button, press the install button and press the done button.

Okay, here are a server 6 TV and we’re ready to press the done button once it’s finished okay. There you go, let’s. Keep going here. You can grab any other apks if you feel like trying them out. I would.

I would recommend these ones that I’ve just showed you. They’re, probably the best. If you want live IPTV, you can get live neck TV as well from here that will give you sports and bunch of TV that’s, a good one.

I’m, not going to be covering in this tutorial. You can get mobbed or other ones enjoy, have fun, but these ones I’ve loaded gonna get you fully loaded fully jailbreak the fire. Stick! Okay, once you’re all done, we are finished.

Now we’re gonna press, the home button, and you’re gonna see that all our applications are here now under your apps and channels. Click on seal, and once you go in here, you’ll, see all our applications are here.

Okay, so we got them all here. Okay, here we are now. All I can do is move to the front move to the front, move to the front and move to the front. So I’m moving them all to the front for easy access.

All my applications. Okay, here we are just moving them to the front and I also got the IP vanish right here. I’m, going to move it to the front now before I start any of these applications for free movie and TV shows.

I will start the ipvanish VPN that we installed so let’s start up the ipvanish VPN, and now i’m going to log in with a username and password to get your username and password click on this link. Right here.

You’re gonna be able to get shown username and password. You’re gonna be able to get more links in these apks. More movies and TV shows. What happened is some Internet service providers started blocking links in these movie applications which go to different sites to pull you? Those links, and I’ll, show you in a bit.

What you can do is you can protect yourself and get more links with this VPN click that link below grab your own personal, username and password from this website. This link right here it’s, also going to be in a pinned common description, and once you sign up for that, VPN ipvanish you’ll, get an email in your email box.

Once you get an email, click on that email to confirm it. Okay, you’re gonna confirm your account with an email, and then you’re gonna log. In so let’s log into the ipvanish VPN, and I’ll show you how to set it up so here I am logged in to the VPN and all I have to do here with your own username and password you log In look like the same, all you have to do is click on the gear icon and make sure you say start IP managed at the start, start up connection action, make sure you say: connect to fastest server, Auto reconnect for those who want to use netflix on Your fire stick having a VPN on hit, split, tunneling and then select your Netflix application from the list.

Okay, that’s. All you have to do once you do all that. Go to the left hand, side go to country, make sure you select the United States to give you the most links. I’m, going to select the United States, okay and then I’m, even though, even though, if you’re in the United States or anywhere else in the world, always select United States that’s.

Going to change your IP and give you the United States IP address that’s, going to get you more links because you’re, not going to be using your internet service provider. Ip address you’re gonna be safe and secure by using ipvanish, ok press the connect button.

Once you’ve done that this is gonna pop off. You want to press the ok button once you start seeing some data go through here. That means you’re fully protected. Even if your fire stick restarts, it will automatically connect to the VPN.

Ok, press the home button, and now I can use any of these applications that I’ve loaded to get free movies and free TV shows of 10. They’re incredible and I’m gonna show you how to use them. Ok, let’s start up the first one, cyber flicks TV.

Once that starts up. You always want to press the allow 1. Once you press the allow button, you want to select the exoplayer very important exoplayer in cyber flicks press, the ok button. Once you select exoplayer press the accept license and you’re ready to go, you can look at recently, updated new shows premieres.

You can click on the hamburger menu. You can go to movies. You can watch all your favorite movies with very good results in the bed. The way you would use it, you would just press on the link that you want to watch a movie or TV shows and then press.

Ok, you’ll hit that button at the top. You go scroll all the way up and then to the right hit that play button right here and that’s. Gon na take you to a next screen. You can just hit the back arrow on this screen.

If it doesn’t, let you you can say no and say: got it no problem. Okay, and now it’s. Searching for links. You can see that this gave us so many links. All you have to do is choose one link. Press on and hit play and we’ll, try playing the movie soon, as the movie starts playing you’ll, see the movies already playing very fast.

Apk works wonderfully well, the movie just played right away can enjoy so much content and it works perfect with ipvanish okay. So I’m gonna hit back one more time and that’s, pretty much it much it for cyber flicks TV, very easy to use.

You can access in the meantime, okay! Next one is typhoon. Tv very easy to use looks exactly like cyber flicks, but it has other scrapers and links press the allow bun once that pops up press the ok button and exoplayer as well press.

The accept looks the same. So you ask me: why would I need the same? Two ones, because this will give you different links for different movies and TV shows. So if you can’t find in cyber flicks, you might be able to find an anti fool like rare shows.

Ok, so I’m gonna hit the hamburger icon. I’m gonna go to movies like she ‘ Ll go to TV show, so I’ll show you how TV shows works, so I’m gonna say not the Big Bang Theory. I’m, going to select that TV show and then you can select your season in TV shows.

So TV shows are a little bit different and then I can see you know what season three. The Big Bang Theory now: click on that press! Ok on that screen and then select your episode in that season, so at the top you see all the episodes and soon, as I click on that episode, it’ll start looking for that episode.

Ok! So here I am looking for that episode and once the links come up, it’s. The same concept I’ll, choose a link and I will hit play and that link will play once it finishes resolving you can do that very very easily in this apk, so it’s still searching for links.

I can stop it select the link, or I can finish all that search and you can see, has tons of links even 1080p legs very, very nice. So many so many links I’m just gonna stop that and I’m. Just gonna play the first one: it’s just so so many legs and soon as it loads that link it’ll start playing it so spin, and if it doesn’t load, the link you can go to The next one I’ll, try to play the next one for okay, so this one looks it’s not going through for me.

So I’m gonna try right here. I’m, going to try the the other one you’ll, see the spinning and as soon as it loads that content it’ll start playing. Okay. If the second link, doesn’t go, you can go to the third one, I mean you can keep going until it until you get a link that works okay.

So these 1080p don’t seem to work. I’m gonna try 720 link here, and one of them should eventually work for you and there you go the third try it. It works for me, okay, so very, very easy to use so that’s, typhoon TV.

So I’m gonna go back here, so I’m gonna show. You now T TV very, very good idea, PK that’s, the third one on my list. Let’s start it up. So wait for T TV to start up. We are on the newest version of T TV and if any of these apks tell you to update, please do update okay press the allowed one and press the accept button.

Okay now choose your language, English, and then this is great top rated on the air airing. Today you can search, you can discover, you can go to movies TV shows HD releases, you can even check out live TV here.

You can update the channel list every day. Press + and then import n3 from T TV from disk. If you have a I’m three lakes, you can import your live TV right in here and watch it movies and TV shows right here.

You would just click whatever you want to watch. So let’s say I want to watch John wick from 2014. It’s, going to tell me to install t player press the cancel button very important, don’t, install t player, okay, you can watch now or trailer.

So I’m, going to say watch now it’s, gonna start, scraping for John wick and soon as it finds the link it’s, the same concept as r28, because that I showed you you’Re gonna hit that link and you’re gonna press on it, and you’re gonna say play and it’s.

Gon na start playing this like automatically. If that link, doesn’t play, you can do the same thing. You can go back and try never link, but we got the first link play in a beautiful quality right away.

T TV is a great great great apk. You’re gonna highly highly enjoy it. So we ‘ Ve, looked at T TV TV, we’ve, looked at so many okay, so let’s go back to our apps, so we looked at cyber flicks TV t TV.

Now I’m, going to show you TV, so I on ok click on TV Zion, let’s, go to initialize. Tvs on this is a great gray date BK as well different content. Different links works very well: ok, press, the ok and then here it is, we got TV shows we got movies added recently, you can search as well for your favorite TV show a movie very important function search.

So let’s, go to movies and I’m just gonna say you know what I want. What let’s, do our yeah, let’s. Do let’s. Do uh one of the movies here, so I’m gonna. Do one do something different? These are all 2019 movies and shows even a star rating.

So this is all the new stuff it has a little stuff. So I’m gonna try to pick something rare at all, like King Carter from 2004. Let’s, see if that gets me any results. Okay, and all you want to do is hit that play button at the top and what you’ll, see you’ll start searching for links as soon as it finds and results.

The links is gonna start playing the link here. It is catching the links trying to resolve it and automatically place that’s. All you have to do. If it doesn’t play that first link. It will jump onto the next one and try again and try again until it gets a link that works okay.

So we’re trying. Our link here should connect and shoot play. If not, I can always head back. I pick the very rate TV show very old, so I can hit back and you know what I can say. We can pick the link manually and I can try playing it.

Okay, so I could say very stream and I can hit that little play button. Try to play that okay, so you can also pick the links manually. If something doesn’t work, you can try several links. Three four times might take you there you go it’s working, so that method was a little bit better.

I hear sound, so the picture should come in any minute here and you can click here and there’s. There’s, the bar, and there’s, our movie, okay, very, very easy to use TVs. I am as well works very good.

Ok, cinema apk is the next. So I’m going to show you when it pops up always at the allow button. Here we are with cinema apk press D accept the license. Ok, once you press that scroll all the way and press the ok button here we are in cinema apk, you can search hamburger menu.

Tv shows movies, all that stuff, ok, very, very easy to use. So I’m gonna hit movies right here and we can pick our movie. So let’s pick cars as an example. You can also search. You can filter a lot of things you can do.

You can hit trailer or download. Make sure you don’t press any of that? Ok, what you want to do! You want to actually go to that right hand side here, and you want to select the link don’t select anything on the left side.

Go to the right side, press on the link and hit the play button. You can see it’s screaming very fast, providing the slaughter links and it works super fast. We are already playing the movie. Ok, that’s.

How fast that was so! This is another great great apk cinema, apk very, very well put together. Ok, next one, let’s become B TV. Ok, it’s. Gon na start up. We are going to press the allow button as well as it starts up here, rusty aloud and it’s.

Gon na ask us a couple of things: exoplayer is the one we want to use, no problem, English language, same concept as T TV you can hit on the icon. Here we can go to movies. Hd releases pick our movie pick.

Our link same concept looks exactly like T TV, except has different links and different shows. Ok, you can hit that play exactly like T TVs and ask it to install one player. Press cancel we don’t need one player, it’s.

Going to look for all that stuff and then we can choose our lake and weekends hit play okay. It’s. Gon na check link that’s, a new feature in V TV now, but it’s. Gon na check link, if it’s, a bad link.

It’s not going to play so it’s, checking the link in the background. If it’s good, it’s going to play. If it’s, bad, it’s, going to tell you to pick up another link that’s, the new feature here, but I checked the link and it’s, saying that the link is good.

They’ll. Show you an ad once the video place, the ad will be gone. You’ll, be able to enjoy that TV show or movie okay, very, very easy to use same concept as T TV. You also want to select very high a speed and quality high that’s.

Not a little feature has built-in, which is great. I can say you know what I’m gonna resume that and it’s. Gon na try to play that from the place where I left off here it as our contents, already blasting and already playing B TV is another incredible incredible.

Incredible apk for movies and TV shows. So if one buffers, if one is giving you a problem, jump to the number link jump to another apk, your fully loaded, you’ve, got so many choices. What I’m, showing you, okay, unlock my TP TV when it starts up press the allow button press, the okay button, exoplayer proceed very simple: it’s, gonna start up with a lot of things, just like all the other ones.

We use like cyber flicks or typhoon movies. Tv shows same concept, select your link and ready to go okay. So next one unlock my TV, our last one, not least press the allowed one same concept. You’re gonna, say thanks gonna click.

Please thanks stay burn and dust devil for crack and gap, protection of disclaimer click to dismiss okay, press, ok and then from here you can select movies TV shows. This has absolutely no ads whatsoever.

It’s completely ad free and you can enjoy all the content. Okay, you can click on anything. You’d like and you can enjoy the content. You can pick the season here for TV show as an example, and then only TV shows you hit duck play button and then it’s.

Gon na find your link and you hit the link to play that okay very, very easy to use. You can also click on auto play so auto play, it will collect ten links and they’ll autoplay as soon as it has ten links.

So here we are out of place soon as a fountain like these are great wow. It’s already playing so quick okay, so these are great great apks, highly highly recommend that we’ve fully loaded. All of them they work great with ipvanish.

Vpn is again you can get that account right here in this link. Right here and in the pin comment description, thank you guys for watching make sure your VPN is always on when using this to stay protected.

Thank you for being here hit. The subscribe button share this video. Let me know if you found this helpful if it’s working for you and firestick and comment if these apks are working or not. I’d like to know if it’s still working or not so comment below and also comment which one of those is your favorite apk of all that you like to use.

Thank you guys for being here. Thank you for watching, and I’ll, see you all in the next one. Take care.

Source : Youtube

VPN username and password here as promised

▢️ http://bit.ly/vpn60off

Jailbreak Firestick and Firestick 4K this method will allow you to fully load firestick and put on the best free movie and tv shows app to stream your best movies and tv shows all on your firestick device, this jailbreak is by far the fastest method and works very well, 2020 version and this video will be good probably through 2020 as well. This jailbreak works on all versions of the firestick, and fire tv devices from amazon. Enjoy this video its the newest update that you can find right now for this process.

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