So I’m hearing a lot of you guys that having issues figuring out URLs over so I’m gonna bless. You guys in this video we’re gonna install URLs over onto your kodi device. So let’s, get right into it team.

I am back after a short hiatus. I’m back after a while, and I’m here with the goodies. I heard you guys were having issues with you. Ro was over a lot of people’s, Exodus still isn’t working after my last video, so I’m gonna give you guys another tutorial on how to install URL was over.

So the first thing we need to do is get you onto the main Kodi screen, so just follow along. What I want you to do now is go over to settings alright. So my system settings is in the main area of your build, whichever you’re using, I’m using xenon, so I’m gonna go to system settings and I’m gonna go down to Interface from interface, I’m gonna choose skin and from skin.

I’m gonna choose a starry; yes, alright, so back up back up main Kodi screen alright. So what I need you guys to do first is go over to the gear icon at the upper left hand corner let’s. Click on that we’re gonna go over to file manager.

I’m using Kodi 18 by the way, okay, so file manager upper left side. I’m, probably lying. I think this is like seventeen point six. I think I jumped ahead of the gun a little bit alright. So when you go to file manager, you’re gonna, be here the very top.

I want you to scroll down to the bottom, all the way down all the way down until you see ad source, double click on an ad source. Once you’re an ad source, I want you to enter the path exactly as I do, and of course, as always, it’ll, be right on the screen.

So let’s, get right into it and we’re gonna click on none here. So I want you guys to type in HTTP it’s, fusion, dot, TV, add-ons, dot, Co, all right! So HTTP fusion TV add-ons Co. I already have it but, like I said, I’m gonna walk through the steps with you.

So once you have it in just like that down here, we’re gonna name it fusion and then hit. Ok, I’m. Probably gonna have my fusions, but we’re gonna have fusion anyway and then hit OK here at the bottom.

If you get an error here that says it did not find that dependency or the repo. I need you to retype it. Okay, so once you have that we’re, going to go back and hit escape or the back button on your remote, whatever you’re using and then I want you guys to go back one more time and go down into add-ons Once you’re in add-ons, I want you to go to the little drop box at the upper left-hand corner.

Here. Click on that, and then we’re gonna look for install from zip file right here, install from zip click on that one, and I’ll, look down for fusion what we just made. Okay, click on fusion. When you’re here, I want you to go to scripts, Cody scripts, click, Cody scripts and right at the bottom here URL was over and we’re also gonna get resolved URL.

So both of these click on that here should pop up in the upper right hand corner of your screen up here. At some point, it takes some time give it a few minutes. This is a big one, so uh let’s. Get this thing going? Okay! So now you have resolve URL.

We’re good on that we’re gonna download the second one now, so I need you to go back to install from zip file. Double click on that one nice, and then I want you to go down to fusion again back into Cody scripts, and then we’re gonna get URL resolver again give it a few minutes gonna take a little time.

Okay! So now we have URL resolver as well. Mine says I don’t updated because I already have both of them. Okay, so now you have both of these in we’re gonna. Do something a little different. I need you to go instead of going to install from repository like we normally do.

I need you to go back back to the main coffee screen again so back again and we’re gonna go up to the Settings icon up here. Okay, so click on the Settings icon again, then I want you to go over to system click on system.

Make sure this is an expert mode. Okay down here is expert, so you click it a few times it’ll change to expert. Once you’re, an expert. I want you to go to add-ons and from add-ons. Oh, that’s. Crazy add-ons make sure go to manage dependencies.

Okay, so click manage dependencies. Then I want you to scroll down here until you find both URL resolver and resolve URL, so scroll down scroll down, there will solve URL for one. You should have this now.

This is one of the main add-ons you’re gonna need for your Kodi. If Exodus isn’t working, this right here is usually something you’re gonna make sure you have updated to its highest one right now. I have 5.

0 point. 3.1 click on it make sure it’s installed. Okay, I already have it so make sure this is installed on you, guys’once you have that installed. Let’s, go back scroll down. Let’s. Go down, so you find URL resolver.

Once you have this. One click on it and install it to its latest one. I’m, pretty sure I can’t yeah. I can’t uninstall it. So I want you guys to install it for yourself. Ok, once you have both of those you’re, pretty much set, you should have the latest version.

If you don’t, my video that I’m, probably gonna link in the description and also do the you know the little box at the top. You can click on, you can go to it and I ‘ Ll. Show you how you can kind of get the latest version in case you don’t, so with that being said, guys hope you enjoyed it.

This tutorial was taken out of the add-on book add-on book Wow the e book that I wrote, showing you guys how to fix a bunch of errors and Cody as well. If you want to check it out check out my website, the link is in the description below, takes you right to the page.

It gives you access to a special page on my website that can only be accessed if you have the book the code, that’s in the book, and it has a bunch of deals. It has a bunch of other stuff that you’re gonna love to check out and if you’re interested just like I said it’s in the description below so thanks stopping around.

I hope this to help you guys out before I go. I want to make sure I show you guys how to get back to your build so main screen. Let’s, hit the Settings icon scroll down to interface click on interface from here.

I want you to go to skin and choose the build you were using previously. I was using xenon, so I’m gonna click back on that and go to yes and you’re back at your build alright. So thanks topping around guys sticking around whatever I’ll, see you in the next one like comment subscribe, any questions drop them below.

I’m glad to help you guys out. So I see you in a future. I say damn chunks. Now that’s, funny

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