Hey youtube: what’s? Going on today, i’m, going to show you how to install the newest kodi and always have the newest kodi on your fire stick device any device. 4K cube, you name it. This works great and it’s, one of the best builds that has the highest rating.

So i’m, not covering many builds anymore as i used to, because a lot of them are simply just not good and they don’t work. Well, so i’m, going to focus on the best build here. We’re, going to load cody on our fire, stick! Okay! So on your fire stick device! The first thing you want to do is go to settings and once you’re there, you can go to my fire tv once there go to developer options, click on it and make sure apps from unknown sources is turned on.

Let’s. Do that and let’s turn it on. I’m using the amazon fire stick 4k. Once you do that hit the home button. You’re, going to scroll over to the search icon and we’re, going to search for an application called downloader downloader.

You can type it in or you can just say it. Downloader will come up. We’re, going to click on the downloader application. We’re, going to click the download button and it’s, going to download the downloader application once downloaded.

It’s, going to install it and we’re, going to be ready to open it up. Let’s open that up here. Once we open it up, we’re, going to hit the allow button and we’re, going to press the ok button. Here. We’re, going to click one up and we’re gonna put in the following url: get dot file linked dot com; no need for a ww colon forward; slash just get dot; file linked dot com; that’s.

Simple: okay, let’s. Do that and once we type that in we’re going to press the go button. Okay, so it’s, going to say connecting and it’s going to start our download progress once it’s finished it’s, going to take us and it’s going to say, install Okay, so let’s, press the install button on our file linked application and once it’s finished, we’re just going to hit the open button.

Okay, let’s. Do that we’re, going to open it up it’s going to take us inside of the file linked application. We’re going to get into enter code. We’re, going to click inside there and we’re, going to put in one two three, four: five: six: seven, eight twos.

Okay, once you put it eight twos, we’re gonna press, the next button, and we’re going to press the continue button. Once we press the continue button, we’re, going to click into enter, pin and we’re, going to put in 47 54 for our pin number and we’re going to press the next button.

Okay, press the continue button and it’s, going to throw us into the store, dismiss this pop-up, and this many dismiss any other pop-ups you might get in the application. Okay, so there might be some pop-ups and you can always go back like this.

One dismiss that you can always go back into the file link store and you can get any applications, not only kodi, but you can get other apps for free movies. Tv shows and live tv. I’m not going to review them.

I’ll mention them after getting kodi; okay. So let’s. Click on ipvanish download first and explain why we’re, going to be using ipvanish today with kodi once ipvanish vpn downloads. We click on that and then this turns into a little play button and we’re, going to press the little play button to install our application.

So let’s. Do that see how it’s a play! Button click on it, press the install button, but i don’t want you to press the open button. I’ll, explain everything in detail shortly. I want you to actually press the done button.

Okay, once you do that, keep scrolling down and you’re, going to see a section called kodi under kodi you’ll, see many versions. This is the stable version. Right now we’re running kodi. 18.9. Click on this kodi 18.

9 and what this is going to do it’s, going to download kodi for you. This will turn into a play button and we’ll, be able to install kodi okay. So let’s. Wait here this should turn into a play button. The speeds from the server are great to download kodi, let’s, hit that play button and let’s.

Press the install button. Okay, kodi should install and we’ll be ready to go. Installing okay takes a minute and it’s installed. Let’s, press the done button. If you had an older version of kodi. What i just did i just overwritten that version now it’s completely new, but there’ll, be nothing there.

I’ll. Show you how to set up the xanax build, which is one of the best builds out there. If you want to get some other apps go to movie and show apps and ones, i recommend for you besides running kodi is the cinema.

Apk free movies and tv shows great apk uh be tv another great one. I recommend uh ttv my third best recommendation. Okay, my fourth recommendation: if you scroll down here, is aston sign for my number four and then i would get another apk scroll down.

I would also get cat mouse. Apk get those they’re gonna be great as well for movies and tv shows. Okay. So once you’ve done that doing, kodi hit the home button and, as you see, we should have cody right here.

We just installed it and if we go under your apps and games, you ‘ Ll, see that we have the ipvanish vpn that we downloaded and we have our kodi and our file link. So you can come back to my store at any time to get more apks.

So let’s, move cody to the front. I’m gonna hit move to front okay and our file link move to front. I’m doing this by pressing the three little lines on the remote okay. Now i’m gonna hit the home button.

My applications should be at the front okay here they are okay. I’m, going to hit see all and before i run kodi or any other apks. I make sure you use ipvanishvpn, so we downloaded ipvanish, i’m, going to click on it and it’s, going to come up and ask me for a username and password so to get your own username and password scroll down in The pin comment, description, click on that link.

It’s, going to take you to a website. We’re, going to get a 50 to 70 percent discount or even more depending when you’re buying it. It’s, going to give you full protection. It’s, going to keep you completely anonymous, no more geo block content in kodi or many other apks, and it’s.

Going to some internet service providers started blocking content and started blocking links. What this vpn is going to allow you to do. That is get those links that were previously blocked. Okay, so once you sign up with the username and password that you find below the link, you’re, going to click on that it’s going to take you to the website.

You’re, going to pick your package once you pick your package, you’re, going to click on an email confirmation to confirm your account and you’ll, be ready to go once you have your account. Let’s. Log in i’ll.

Show you how to log in i’m going to log into mine, and i’ll, show you a quick little setup for the ipvanish vpn for kodi, okay. So here i am logged into the ipvanishvpn. What i’ll do is hit the gear icon right there from here i’ll, say start ipvanish, startup connection action, i’ll, say connect too fast to server.

I’ll, say in the scramble mode turn it on. I’ll hit split tunneling up here and split tunneling will allow you to run certain applications that don’t require vpn. That would be prime netflix hulu disney plus.

So for me it’s. Prime. I’m going to hit search because i have prime on here. If i had hulu or any other thing else, i would put it on the split tunnel list. That means the vpn will not be turned on when using those applications.

So let’s click prime video and you do netflix, whatever you have on your device. Okay hit back hit back and go to country and make sure you select united states. It’s, going to give you the most content: okay, so united states, and then you’re, going to press the connect button right there.

Once you hit the connect button, you’re, going to press the ok button to create the vpn connection. Okay, let’s. Press connect! I should be connected now to a new york server. It should be fully protected.

I’m gonna hit the home button once it connects here if it does get stuck for you first time, you run it like that. Not a problem just hit the disconnect and try hitting the connect button again. Okay, let’s.

Give it a minute here, first time, when you run it, it might happen to you there you go second time. Does the chime okay? Now it should work. No problems hit the home button and we’re, going to start up our kodi now and we’re, going to get the xanax build on here.

So when you start up kodi for the first time it’s, going to do its thing like that, it’s, going to come up with the screen. Kodi 18.9 right now we’re running, but it might be a newer version of my store by the time you watch this video.

The first thing i want you to do hit that gear icon at the top. Once you get into kodi, go to file manager, click on that, then click add source and then click into the none field, and you’re going to pull in the following url.

This one has to be with http so put http colon forward forward. Slash and we’re, going to put xanax repo dot com, okay forward, slash repo type this exactly. As you see it here, i’m, going to press the ok button and we’re, going to leave it as repo and we’re going to press the ok button.

Okay, once that’s done it’s going to take us here, we’re, going to hit one back on our fire. Stick remote! We’re, going to hit one more back and you’re, going to be at the main menu of kodi going to scroll down to the add-ons section.

Click on it now: click on the little dropbox installer right there. Now, click on install from zip file. Now it’s, going to tell you that third party can’t be installed or it’s. Disabled no problem mouse over to settings.

Click on that and unknown sources click the middle of the d-pad to turn it on and then agree to turn on the unknown sources. By saying yes, okay, now very important once you turn that on becomes white, all you have to do here is hit one back.

Just like that, and what we’re going to do, is we’re, going to press the install from zip file? Again it’s going to take us in here we’re going to click onto repo. In here we’re, going to click on xenax repo and it’s, going to install the repository, and now we’re, going to fully load our build okay, xenx repository installed.

All you have to do is click one up, install from repository and go to xanax repository and go to program, add-ons xanax, wizard and press the install button on the wizard installation screen. This is going to install the xanax wizard.

Now, okay, when it’s finished, this should pop up you’re, going to click continue. Now you’re going to click, build menu. It’s, going to clear cache and do a couple of things give it a few seconds and we’re going to install the xenx 18 pick any host there’s.

Six hosts right now for xanax 18 and by the time you’re watching this. This might be xanax 19 at the top. The bills are pushed at the top okay. So i’m gonna go with host three pick any host. Now, what it’s gonna, do it’s! Gon na ask you to install the build okay, give it a minute it connects to the server to our host, and then we’re, going to do a fresh, install.

Okay, so keep in mind it’s, going to overwrite any data you might had on a previous version of kodi, but that’s. Okay, this is the most updated version: okay, 18 host 3. Whatever host you chose press the continue button.

What it does it clears a couple of things: there should be a pop-up and it’s going to start downloading. The build automatically should pop up don’t hit, cancel don’t hit anything else. It will pop up once it has a server connection with the server.

You can see. 358 megabytes it’s, going to finish downloading once it’s finished it’s, going to start our quick extraction process. So you can see my eta is two minutes for the download once it finishes downloading it’ll extract the build, and once the extraction is finished it’ll.

Ask you if you want to force close kodi, very important click, the force close button, and now we are fully set up now i’m, going to run kodi for the first time and show you a little bit how to use the xanax build.

Let’s. Click on the kodi icon, zx build should be loaded. We force closed. It should come up with the screen like that, and this is the most up-to-date build when it goes inside, of the build, give it five minutes, so things can run, things can update all the icons can load, so your build can become very, very updated.

Okay. Now there’s, a couple of add-ons that i recommend using uh, so some of them is numbers for movies and tv shows you’ll click on that uh. Athena is really good as well. The crew is going to give you a lot of links and content.

Sarin is okay, but you need to reel the bread. Okay, clicksville is going to give you movies and tv shows. The main category he lands on is the movie category. You can see the latest update was july 16th and when a build gets update, you can update it directly from the build, as you can see it’s enabling disabling add-ons.

It’s, doing a lot of things when you first start the build, so please be patient if you want it to work and you don’t want it to be sluggish. Please give it some time to update a couple of things. So, clearing packages, updating content and updating add-ons okay, so you’ll land, like i said in the main category movies and the build’s broken up into three sections.

You have the top bar here, where i can click through it back and forth. You got the middle bar here back and forth. Okay, you can jump into your favorite add-ons, for example, this is linked to an add-on genres and then you have another level which gets you two clicks down, which gets you into the add-on category, okay for movies.

So if i went to tv shows same thing, it gets me into the add-ons for tv shows. Exodus shows is also an excellent add-on for tv shows. Okay numbers for tv shows as well great add-on. Okay, you got the family section as well: okay, magic dragon limitless kids.

All these are great great add-ons for content. Okay, some of them will be updating. As you run the build like, i said, it does require some time to update things uh, that’s. Why? Some of my icons are not showing up here some of my add-ons, but they will eventually show up when it loads.

You got your sports tv section, got your sports prime! You got your free tv section, so these are all free live television right here under the free tv section, so i can go straight into usa tv. I can go into swift streams.

Fluxes tv tap tv tap is great uh and stratus. Okay, these are all free here. Okay, you got your sports section. You got go to sports great great thing for sports great add-on. Okay, you got the loop rising tides and all of these work great for sports.

Okay, you’ve, also got nhl wrestling maverick sports. You got all that stuff. Okay, you got your music section for music fans. Okay and then you got real the bridge section. If you’re using real the brit, you would go into this section and set up your add-ons.

Okay, uh very important here you got the system settings, so you can go to add-on browser to see all your add-ons and when you want to update the build, you would go to system and you would click the update build.

This is why i like this build, you can just click the update, build and that will update and reinstall the build for you. So you have all the newest add-ons that work. This is the problem that a lot of people – the build doesn’t work because it’s, not updated.

It’s, not up to date, you’re running an old version of the build okay. Also, i can go straight to add-ons and i can set up my realty bridge from here if you do have reel-to-bridge service special service to get links and stuff like that, you got the maintenance.

If you want to clear stuff out of the builder it’s, taking too much memories, and you can force an update from here as well. Okay, there’s, an all-in-one section, which gives you movies tv shows live tv all that stuff great section enjoy.

This go to go to is a new, great add-on and back to movies, and this looks like it updated for me – works very well on the fire. Stick as you can see it’s very responsive and a very, very nice build. So this is how you do it.

This is how it ‘ S done properly, wanted to take you slowly right through it and show you how to install the best built with the best setup and how to kind of navigate around it. As a lot of people, don’t explain all the details, especially to newbies or new people.

How to do this? As you can see, i stole this build and i did have my vpn on. I was fully connected fully protected to get that connect protection. You can find the link in the pin comment description and enjoy that discount through my exclusive exclusive discount on my channel.

Thank you guys for watching, thank you for being here and that’s. Cody 18.9 and i’ll, see you all in the next. One have a great great day drop a comment below. If this worked for you, if it’s working for you and what city you’re checking in from take care, guys,

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VPN Access for Kodi:

KODI 18.9 has arrived on the firestick, full install setup. Enjoy free movies and TV shows and lots of content using the firestick. Please check my other videos as well and don’t forget to subscribe to the channel. Today we fully load our firestick with best version of Kodi

Works on all Amazon Devices, Firestick, Amazon Cube, Amazon Firestick 4k and Lite.

Please note this video is made for educational purposes, it is not indented for imitation. All methods showed in the video are available in the public domain.

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