Hey what’s going on youtube today? I’m, going to be installing coating 19 with one of the best builds that’s working really really well, and it’s updated. Not only that and I’m gonna install also some apk.

So if you’re having trouble with Cody here in there or you’re, having issues you’re gonna be able to use these apks. I’m, going to pick like four or five best ones. For you for live TV for free movies and TV shows, so let’s.

Get into this tutorial. This can be done on any fire. Stick fire TV! First, we’re gonna set up Cody. So let’s. Do that okay install Cody and get it all done? Okay, so we’re gonna go to settings on our fire stick once we’re there.

We’re gonna go to my fire TV or my device. Once there we’re gonna go to developer options and from here make sure apps from unknown sources is turned on. So I’m, going to turn on app. Someone knows no sources, and then I’m gonna turn on ADB debugging as well.

Okay, once you’re done that hit the home button. Okay, so we turn those two things on. We’re gonna go search right there. I can use the voice remote hit, the sound hit, the little microphone icon or I can type it in.

We’re gonna look for an application called downloader downloader, I like to say it’s slow, so it picks it up. There you go downloader! You’re gonna click on download her. That’s. Not going to do it’s going to download downloader, so once it comes up, we’re gonna get that a little cloud icon.

It’s, going to queue it it’s. Gon na say it’s downloading, and it’s going to install downloader okay, once it installs, we’re just going to open it up. So it’s going to allow us to select the Open button on downloader, okay, press, the Open button – and here we are press the ok button click into here and you’re gonna put in get dot file linked, calm.

Okay, just like that so file, Lync calm and I’m, showing it to you on the screen as well, so file linked so get dot file linked comm. Put that exactly, as you see it here and then press the Go button.

Okay, this URL right here press the Go button. This is gonna get our application file link, which will allow us to get the newest Cody will also get some amazing applications guys for streaming movies and TV shows on a fire stick or fire TV and also live TV is a complete tutorial on cody and Some apps so stay tuned.

Okay, press the install button on the file link, install it’s, going to say installing no problem when it’s finished. I want you to press the Open button. Okay, there you go finished. Now we’re, going to press the Open button file length is going to come up.

We’re gonna get a menu here. Okay, prepare an application. It’s, gonna, say my codes and then enter code. Okay, you want to click into here where it says enter code and you’re gonna put a to s. 1. 2. 3.

4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 2 s, exactly as you see it here and then we are going to press the next button. So a 2 s next button, ok press the continue button right here and it’s. Gon na say, pin required click inside and put in 47:54 as well.

I’m, showing it here on the screen as well: 47:54 and press the next button. Ok, press the continue button now filing should come up, dismiss any pop-ups any subsequent pop-ups. Just press the dismiss button.

Ok in here you can go up and down. So what you’re, going to do you’re, going to go down, see that pop-up just dismiss you’re, going to go until you see Cody 19. Ok, click on it! Cody 19 will start to download when it ‘

S finished downloading you’ll see this will turn into a play button. You’re gonna press that play button okay, but we’re, not going to leave this application yet press the play, play button and press the install button.

Well, when it’s finished installing Kodi. What I want you to do guys don’t press. The Open button, don’t, go into it yet press the done button, because we’re gonna fully load, some other things, and then we’re.

Going to fully show you how to set it up and how to use it. Okay, so here’s, Cody 19, we’re downloading it right now. I’m gonna press that down button right there, like I said, okay and then I’m, going to get more applications.

Okay, this will pop up. Then I have the opportunity to press the done button. Scroll down you’ll, see a couple of things now. The next application, and once you get, is nova right here in nova TV same deal, it’s, going to show you that it’s.

Downloading play button install it press the done button. Okay play button, then install and then the done button, okay, so fully fully loading. This is not only cody is also amazing. Apks I’ll. Show you why they’re so amazing and why they’re.

So great, I’m gonna show it to you all. Don’t worry guys stay tuned. This is a little bit a longer video, but it’s. Gon na get you going a hundred percent for streaming. Ok, it’s finished. All we have to do is press a little dumb button.

Okay should pop up any minute here. Now and we’ll press that done bud installing when it’s finished same deal notification and then they’re done, but there you go. Okay. Next one is live net 4.

7 TV. This is for live television, free, IPTV, free, cable, okay, live net TV hit that play button and install live net. Tv. Okay, Lightning TV is installing. When it’s finished, we’re gonna press the done button, so we installed Kodi 19.

We’ve installed nova TV. Now we’re, getting live net TV and we’re gonna get a couple more. I’m just getting the top top apks. Okay. When it’s live net TV is finished. All you have to do now is press the done button when it’s done okay, take in a minute or two here on my fire.

Stick I’m using the fork, a fire stick if using old generation might even take a little bit longer, but eventually don’t, be loaded on press the done button. Okay! So let’s. Keep going here! We’re gonna skip all those, so I’m gonna keep going down, keep going down until you see an application called B TV hit, that download arrow on B TV and then press that little play button and then press The install button on B TV, okay, so now it’s, installing B TV so installed Nova.

We’ve installed B TV. We’ve installed: Kodi 19 okay, so we’ve installed a few things and live net TV when BT TV finishes same thing, notification and press the done button. Okay! So let’s. Do that almost done here and then we’ll, go on to the next one: okay, installing and almost finished.

We’re gonna press the done button. You also get a notification right here: okay, boom press, the done button; okay! Next one we are going to get is the cinema apk there you go. This is like terrarium TV if some of you heard for it.

This is great, more links, though, similar to MTV, but works a little bit different hit that play bond and press the install button on cinema HD. This is the number one replacement for terrarium TV. If you’re looking around for terrarium TV or something that gives you a great experience like terrarium TV or if you’re just new to streaming, and I’m, introducing you to all these apps okay same kind of Deal you’ll, get a notification here that it’s finished and we’ll, just press the done fun that’s.

How simple this is to do. Okay, give it a minute installing and then let’s, press that done button when it’s finished okay, because there’s a few more that I want you to get, and then we’ll, be on Our way, okay, press, the done button, cinema HD, let’s.

Keep going here. You’ll, see a couple of things. Okay, keep scrolling, keep scrolling until you see TV Xion right here. Click on TVs ion right here it’s called T V, Zion, okay, well, download, hit that play button and press the install button on TVs and press down button.

Now we fully loaded our fire stick. We have Kody 19, but if we start up Kody 19, there is absolutely nothing there. No movies, no TV shows no entertainment, no music, nothing! It’s completely a blank slate with nothing inside of Kody.

All we have is Kody and then some of these applications. So now I’m, going to show you how to get this going, how to get started with everything so follow along press, then down button and hit the home button.

Okay, hit the home button that’s, going to throw you back into your fire stick device. You’ll, see a couple of options here you see or your apps and channels, and all the applications should be under apps and channels.

If you hit C, all you’ll, see that they’re all here: okay with our Kodi nova, live net TV, btv cinema and zion. Okay. Now let me show you how to set all this up. So the first thing before I start up any of these applications, I highly highly recommend to get more links in any of these applications that I showed you there all these applications that I’ve loaded to get more links and to stay protected.

I recommend ipvanish go to the search icon, one of my favorite applications. Okay, it’s type in IP vanish, just like that IP vanish in the Amazon store. Okay, click on the ipvanish icon. This will come up.

Click the ipvanish download okay, now hit the download error. This is gonna get and install ipvanish VPN. Okay, now to get your username and password for the IP Vantage VPN click. This link right here there’s, also a link in the pinned comment and in the description as well.

Click on this link, you’ll sign up for an account. You’ll, get an email in that email hit that email to confirm your account, and then you’ll, be able to log into ipvanish. You got ta always have IP manage on.

That means it’s, probably always going to be turned on its gonna get you more movie links more TV shows in all these applications, as some in our service providers started, blocking links started blocking content.

Some ISPs are starting to do that. So let’s, install ipvanish and we’re going to open it up. I’m going to be protected, and then I’m gonna run these apps okay. So let’s open up. Ipvanish ipvanish will start up and I’ll, say username and password to get your username and password.

This link right here. This bitly link right here, type it on your computer, laptop or click in the description or in the comment, pin, comment and sign up for an account and confirm your account and then log it.

I’m going to log in mine, and I’ll show you exactly how to use it. Ok here I am logged into ipvanish click on the gear icon and want to make sure start ipvanish that’s, going to start it up. Every time you boot your device, startup connection action connect to fastest server.

Auto reconnect have this always on when you turn on your fire. Stick ipvanish will start will on a reconnect now, for those of you who have Netflix make sure you click on split tunneling, if you have Netflix on your fire, stick and select Netflix from the split tunneling.

This will allow you to still use Netflix and have protection and VPN on click back once you select Netflix. If you do have Netflix. If you don’t don’t worry about split tunneling. Hit back makes your very important country, click on country and select the United States.

Here I am let’s. Select the United States right here once I select United States. All I hit is that connect button. This will come up. I’m gonna press, the ok button you should see now I’m fully fully protected.

Now I can fully load Kodi with our best-built. I can also start using some of these application and get a lot more links and a lot of more content. Ok, so I’m gonna hit the home button, and now we’re, going to fully fully load Kodi on here.

So let’s. Let’s. Do that so, where’s, our Kodi 19, very, very straightforward, our Kodi 19 should be here your apps and channels. I can see all our can go to the end as well and see all as well like that if I have more applications and then I’m gonna start up Cody here’s, Cody 19 fully fully started but, like I Said there’s, nothing inside my VPN protection is on, but nothing inside Cody.

So what I do well, I have to install. I have to install a repo and then I have to install all the content. So let’s load. It up hit the gear icon when you start up Cody and then click on file manager and click on add source.

Once this will come up press the none fill, none filled in the not source and then put in the following URL. So we’re gonna put in HTTP colon forward, slash and let’s put in our repo, so our repo is xanax.

Okay, xanax repo dot-com forward, slash repo, now put it on the screen as well, for you guys, so it’s, easy to remember, okay and then press the okay button. Once you have that information input it. I’m gonna press.

The okay button I’m gonna keep it as repo that’s; fine press, the ok button here, okay, this is gonna – add the repository now very important press once back and press one more time back. This takes you to the main menu click on add-ons click on this little Dropbox folder right here, ok looks like a little Dropbox.

Folder click on that and then install from zip file, select that it’s going to come up with this message. Don’t worry press on settings and then see that toggle switch. All you have to do is hit the B pot in the middle to turn that on okay, let’s slide it over to on position and it’s.

Gon na ask you do you want to do that say? Yes, very important. Now that this is turned on just hit once back guys, the back arrow on your fire stick remote that arrow right there just press that, once back okay, you’re back in this add-on.

Browser hit install from zip file again go to repo right here and Xanax repo press on that that’s going to install the Cenex repository here we go is an extra positive. I don’t installed. Now to make this very simple.

We’re, going to press install from repository. We’re, going to click into xenix repository. We’re, going to click into program, add-ons InDesign axe repository and then we’re going to click on the Xanax wizard.

This will come up press the install button. Okay, so here we are Xanax. Wizard is installing once it installs. You should get a pop-up noncoding 19 that look like this press, the continue button and press the build menu button and now select which server you want to pull your Xanax build.

You have six servers, I usually select three four or two. I never select one. Sometimes it’s slow. So any of these one, two three four five xanax 18.3, any of these okay. So I’m, going to go with four just trial and error here.

If it doesn’t work, you can always select another link and then always select fresh, install okay. What’s, that’s gonna? Do it’s, going to clear out some files now select continue. Okay and it’s, gonna ask you to start installing the bill.

Ok, give it a minute. It’s. Gon na say: do you want to install it say yes install again, so a few clicks there and now you can see it’s downloading the build once the download is finished. It’s, gonna extract and will be ready to use Kodi.

Ok, ok, once it downloads the build they ‘ Ll start to extract it, and I’ll finish extracting the build and we’ll, be ready to go. You’ll, be ready with xanax bill for movies, and TV shows ok, but we’re, not going to end them and also show you the top applications that I like to use that gonna get you a ton of movies and Tv shows when this comes up make sure you select the force close.

Ok there, your force, close Kody’s fully loaded now. Okay, so if I open it up, you’ll see. I can hit the home icon to take me back to my main screen here and I will be able to launch Kodi from here. Ok, so the first time you launch Kodi is very important.

I got ta tell you when you first launch it like: I’m, launching it right now the Cenex build should come up when it does come up. It’s. Gon na say xanax is built, give it about five minutes. Let it get things in order to get started.

Ok, here’s, our little notification that it’s working little sound effect. The xanax built will pull up and give it about. Five minutes, like I said all the add-ons have to update everything has to load up last update was October 30th, so you can see this built is updated all the time and it ‘

S got lots of great ions. If you want free movies and TV shows, try exodus redox, try, numbers is great, Saran is great stuns of stuff. So basically the way the build works just very quickly. You go up on the category you got movies TV shows.

You got family section, sports, section, free TV, section, okay, sports, section, music, miscellaneous and system; okay, add-ons all-in-one, so basically what you could do, for example, all-in-one is like movies and TV shows as well.

So let’s. Select all-in-one then go down here. You & # 39; ve got three categories pick here. What you want to pick or you don’t even have to pick here. You can scroll one down and go directly into the add-on as well see how I’m going directly.

It’s highlighting and blue the add-on. You can go directly into the add-on. So if you want to watch a movie movies, then you go to let’s, say so red you click on and you click your categories and then you enjoy the bill.

Give it like. I said five minutes it’s. Gon na be a very, very slow for the first five minutes, so don’t. Do nothing put your remote away. Let it update okay, so that’s, that that’s. Kody 19, with xanax built works, beautifully well and works very, very well, but we’re, not done here.

K IP vanishes running were fully protected and our file link tests here as well. So your apps and channels. Let me show you some of the other apps so go to see all the ones we’ve loaded and how to use them to get live.

Tv and movies and TV shows okay. So here I am, I’m, going to go to look at more apps and channels, so I’m, going to click into that and, as you can see, my fire sticks a little bit slow right now because Cody’S, updating all that stuff.

You should eventually speed up once it updates all of that. Okay and we’ve loaded nova TV live net TV. So let’s. Take a look at nova TV first, very, very quickly. This will start up and i’ll. Show you how to use nova it’s.

A great great application for movies and TV shows okay. This will come up and if there is a screen that asks you to allow or deny select that okay, so this will come up. Select the internal player exoplayer hit, cancel and visit.

The facebook page select english, and here you are, if you get a pop-up to allow this press the allow button we didn’t get one, but if you get in some application, a pop-up that says here allow or deny always press t allowing the Applications: okay, so here wearing TV shows, you can hit the hamburger icon movies and i ‘

Ll. Show you how this works. You can click the category here as well or you can go straight to the actual movie. So i’m, going to go fast and furious. You click that movie and then you hit that play button or you can watch the trailer.

So I’m gonna hit that play button. This comes up. One player hit, cancel don ‘ T worry about that. A lot of links should come up when two links do come up. All you do is select that link and that will play your movie and TV show in nova TV, very, very straightforward to use.

It works a little bit different than some apps or a little bit different than Kodi when their links come up here they’ll, be populated. Here you will just select a link and you’ll, be ready to go okay.

So we’re, scraping for fast and furious and when the links come up, all you have to do is just select that link and hit the play bond. Obviously I selected something very new, so there might not be a ton of links, but if you select some other stuff there will be more links so that’s, basically Nova TV, you can go back and you can select any movie or a TV Show and that should play a movie or TV show very easily for you and the app works very fast on a fire stick.

Okay, so I’m gonna hit the home button, and I’m gonna get us back to home, because I’m, going to show you the second application that I like to use. One of my favorites as well, and I’m, showing you only only the best ones.

Here, let’s go home, and next I’m, going to show you is the B TV, so you can also view them all. If you can’t find them your apps and channels Co, and they should be all in here because we’ve loaded them all.

Ok, so there you go your apps and channels. It’s, going to show me all of them here. Okay, I got my ipvanish on CODIS fully loaded. Now, as I showed you, we see Nova. So now we’re gonna click on B TV, let’s, fire up V, TV, ok and any time if there’s, a pop-up that comes up here on some fire stick, and I ask you, allow or deny To run the app always choose allow, because if you choose deny it’s not going to work.

Ok, internal player, exoplayer and b TV english as well same kind of deal movies. Tv shows HD releases. If we want to watch HD releases and then from HD releases pick your movie all our stuff is here all you have to do just pick your content, so here’s, some HD releases.

I’m, going to pick John wick here. It’ll, give you the same idea, hit the play button and then it ‘ Ll. Ask you to install one player, simply say: cancel never install X, one player just hit, cancel that it’ll start scraping and just works.

Just like nova TV, similar method, it’s, just going to start populating the links once it finds them. It takes a minute or two to find the links, but once it finds the links it will start to populate them in your application, depending on your Wi-Fi connection in my popular and faster or slower, I’m on a very, very slow Wi-Fi.

My firestick is literally crawling here, but links sooner or later should populate. I would select the link and then I would play that movie and TV shows there you go as you can see. The links are coming in.

There is a lot of links, but my Wi-Fi super super slow right now you would click on the link and you would hit play that’s. Why? I’m, really not gonna play, because I’m on horrible. Wi-Fi here, ok, so I’m gonna hit back that’s, another problem when people get buffering or you get done, they don’t, get to see many links.

I should mention that you should be on a very good connection: ok or you might buffer, or you might not get a lot of links, the faster your Wi-Fi connection, the more links you will get ipvanish will allow you to get more links and stuff as well.

If your ISP is blocking them, ok, so I’m, going to go back, go back and I’m going to exit the application, and then I’d next, so I’m going to show you is The cinema HD one of my other favorite ones – these are the top ones.

I’m, really showing you quickly. You can use this in conjunction with code. Yoli’s, except so that means you can use Kodi 19. Then you can use all these on top. Ok, press the ok button here and as well same kind of deal.

Let’s, go to movies. I’ll select movies and then I’ll go with a movie here. Lots of stuff being released here and I’ll, just select John wick, the older one from 2014. So what happens here? He’ll, start putting you trailers from YouTube, and then I’ll start looking for streams and the streams shoot populate here.

Never press the download that’s gonna slow down your fire. Stick! Ok, and here’s, our links, you can see how how many links I got even on a slow Wi-Fi you can hit play that will try links in conjunction and start playing it or you can simply select the link.

You want and select play that easy-to-use cinema HD beautifully PK movies and TV shows as well great great experience way better than Netflix right, hey, we got TVs all young and then I’m, going to show you the one for live TV as well.

At the end, ok is TV sounds great. Another application. Okay, I press the okay button that’s, going to show movies TV shows as well same concept. You got movies TV shows, hello movies. Select your movies select your TV show.

The thing I like about these apps better than Kodi is that everything is nicely organized and it looks like Netflix. It looks like Hulu, you’re, getting a great great experience here. Okay, so same concept, pick a movie or scrape pick a link autoplay.

Okay, let’s. One live net TV. This is the only one I’m, showing you for live free, cable television, because I think it ‘ S been stable. It’s been here for a while for us to continue, but you agree that you know you’re gonna see ads so scroll down press the continue button.

It will come up with the application. It’s. Gon na say loading and it’s, gonna load till a hundred percent. The great thing about this one channels change this updates, and this works great. I’ll. Show you how to play a channel in here as soon as it updates.

Like I said, my wife is super weak. It’s, not gonna. Take you this long. I’m only like a 1 or 2 megabit boy fire right now. I’m. Having some internet problems so always check your Wi-Fi. If some application of Cody’s, not giving you a link, something’s, not working always always check your internet, make sure you’re.

Getting the speed that you’re, paying for ok. So there you go. We’re almost loaded, and this is super super easy to use as well. So Cody works. All these applications work great, fully loaded, firestick, fully loaded fire TV, Amazon cube whatever device.

You have super simple, you go 24/7 channels or you go here. You can pick basically anything you want. So let’s say you want Canadian. We’ll pick Canada right, let’s say you want us channels, you go entertainment, 24/7 channel’s, news! Let’s, say movie channels and under here you would see a lot of channels.

So here Indian, Pakistani and United States there you go. You got all your HBO’s, you got all your Cinemax. Is you got all your stuff? All you do is press on that channel and this will come up very important, select, Android player, ok, Android player and say always: okay.

This is going to use the internal Android player and if the channel is up and working, this should spin and then it should start playing the channel there you go, it looks like this channel is up and it’ll start playing any minute now.

So just gonna back up here. This is trying over a channel here same concept. Now we should automatically pop up that channel and if the channel is up it’ll start playing that channel. Okay, make sure you use the Android player.

If the channel is down, you might get into a loop like this, where I’ll, just spin and spin, and I’ll, never play the channel so that one might be down. Okay, you get the point, enjoy this entertainment, 24.

7 channels, guys this works great. All these applications, in my opinion, are the best ones. Let me know, let me know if cody 19 installation worked for you in the comment below very important, so I can open a my links and change things.

Let me know if you’re liking these applications. Let me know how you found me on youtube hit. The subscribe button hit the like button, and let me know if this has worked for you if it has share with your friends and family.

Thank you guys for watching. Thank you for being here and I ‘ Ll, see you all in the next one. Take care!

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Make sure you get protected before running KODI and Apps!

KODI TUTORIAL: topics below.


This tutorial above on KODI on firestick and Kodi 19 is very good all movies work, all shows work this build we are running is Xanax build which works very well these days you can try this Kodi build if all other builds are not working for you enjoy tons of movies shows and more.

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