Hey: what’s going on YouTube? Do you want a beautiful build like this with Cody 19 us built called Zanuck’s, movies and TV shows work. This build is actually very quick and it works very well with cody 19.

I found it it’s, really working officially and working very fast with Cody 19. So let’s. Get Cody installed on your fire TV or your fire stick device, but you might have an old version of Cody, maybe with an old build, I’ll.

Show you how to quickly remove it. It’s. Super simple! So if you go to your apps and channels you go here see all and then you will go to cody and then you can remove your old version of cody. If you’re just new to the fire, stick fire can be in getting started.

Follow my video along I’ll. Show you how to install the newest version. I’ll. Show you how to set up the build and all that. So if you have your old code, you just go to apps and channels and under Cody at the three little lines and you can just click beyond the stove on to get rid of your old non-working Cody.

So I’m going to do that. Right now, since I’m, going to be showing you from the beginning how to install the newest Cody, okay, so on your fire, stick device, if you just unpacked about it, going to get Cody 19 and this beautiful bill, you’re.

Just going to go to settings very simple, once you’re in settings, you’re, going to go to my fire TV or my device click in there and you’re, going to simply click on developer options and from Here you want to click on apps from unknown sources, and you want to make sure that is turned on.

So I’m gonna turn. It on and say turn on. Okay, once you’re finished at gonna press, the home button here very simple, now go to the search icon. I’m gonna use the voice remote and I’m, going to search for an application called downloader.

Downloader, you can also type that in if you don’t want to say it, but it should come up as an orange icon. Click on that orange icon and click on the download button. Okay, it’s. Gon na cure it download it and it’s.

Gon na open it up. Okay, so give it a minute to download you can see, it will say already downloaded for me. It’s installing now, and then I’m. Just gonna pop it open by hitting the Open button, but very important, now press the allow here when this pops up this will allow to download the files press the okay.

Now, once this comes up, all we have to do is type in the following URL and we’re, going to be able to get Cody 19. Okay, okay, you’re, going to type in HTTP colon forward forward, slash it’s. Gon na be there and you’re gonna type in fire, stick exact, URL, okay, fire and then stick.

This is the fastest way to install this okay, so fire stick and then you’re gonna put dot de Vie, so fire stick dev and then you’re gonna go to the symbols here again put another forward slap and Then go to the letters and then put in nineteen one nine that’s.

Gon na get you Cody nineteen okay, one night put in this URL exactly like you see it here on my screen and then press the Go button. What’s, gonna happen? It’s, gonna connect and it’s. Gon na start downloading the newest version of Cody 19.

Here we are about sixteen megabytes once it finishes downloading it’s. Gon na ask us to install it from there. We’re gonna set up a bill that’s. Gon na give us free movies. Free TV shows free, pay-per-view and more okay, so let it download once the download finishes you’re gonna press, the install button there you are when it installs.

I’m, just going to press the Open button. Okay. Now, if you have another version of Cody, you might get an error if you’re trying to install a number Cody on top of another Cody, okay, that’s. Why, in the beginning of the video I removed the older Cody? Okay, it’s.

Gon na give you a notification like this. I’m, going to press the Open button now, okay for us to continue press the allow and it’s. Gon na do the first run: okay, Saeko d-19. Alpha we installed cody 19 successfully.

Now all you have to do is go to the gear icon right there at the top. You’re, going to go to file manager from here you’re gonna click Add source once there. You’re gonna click into this field. None okay! There’s, the middle of the d-pad and you’re, going to type into following URL HTTP call it Ford Ford, /, xanax X, a X, xa, n/a ex repo.

So is that an axe repo? Exactly now we see it on the screen. Okay, dot-com forward, slash repo okay. So let’s, see what we have exactly on the screen. We have HTTP Colin forward forward, slash Xanax repo comm forward, slash repo once we type that in all we have to do is press the ok button right there.

Let’s, press that it’s gonna type it in as repo that’s. Fine and then press the ok button. Now we should not get any error. We’ve added the Zen X repo. You’re gonna hit back on your spy. Stick remote hit back again and then you’re gonna go into now main menu like this.

So it looks like this right so from here. You’re, just gonna go to add-ons okay click on add-ons and from here in add-ons you’re gonna hit that Dropbox folder at the top right here and then install from zip file.

It’s. Gon na come up with this message: press the Settings here and then unknown sources make sure you turn it on and say. Yes now, when it’s done that hit back and we can press install from zip file again.

So let’s, press install from zip file again! Ok, this will come up. You now can go into the Xanax repo right here, click inside of that and then click Xanax, repo dot, zip. Ok, this is going to install the xanax repository from there.

We’re gonna install one thing to get the build. Ok, once it’s done installing that you get a notification, so it’s, probably still installing it. Okay, there’s, the notification that it installed. Okay, so from here you’re, going to click install from repository, and then you’re, going to go to Zen X repository since it installed.

Now you’re gonna go to program add-ons and from there you’re gonna click, the xanax wizard. This is going to come up and you’re gonna press the install button. So now we successfully installed xanax repository okay and once it installs we’ll, be able to install it.

The build go, say downloading. The percentage will go up slowly, but right away. I’ll, say install like CSS, not only 12 %, but it’s already downloaded all the data it’s, probably just extracting. It should be very fairly quickly.

It should come up any minute now that it’s finished installing it there you go 58 %, and now it should finish 80 and there you go it’s installed. You’ll, get that notification just like that. Okay, now all you have to do is nothing.

This will come up don’t press, anything, okay, press the continue button and just already starts up automatically go into the build menu, and from here I’ll. Tell you exactly what to do. Okay, so build menu.

Seen a clear packages. Don’t worry about that. That’s, just a normal process. You’re gonna see a bunch of layout builds and then you’re gonna see 18.5 here and choose the 18.5 there’s. Gon na be six hosts.

Usually I choose number three number. Two. They’re, pretty good or five, never choose number one. It’s, slow player out. So for me, I’m gonna go with number three right now, but you can go with any any hosts.

You see it on their layout builds as long as you pick that okay, so picks does that x.18 host. Okay. So I pick number three: it’s gonna connect to that host, but you can pick any of these. Like I mentioned, and then you get another menu, you’re gonna press fresh, install on this menu, and it seats installed.

Nineteen okay, it’s. Telus telling us our version is nineteen okay, fresh install! This will come up and saying: do you want to really download and install it? You’re gonna say continue. Of course, you’re gonna wait.

It’s. Gon na look like nothing’s happening and all of a sudden there’s, gonna be a pop up, but it’s. Gon na show you that it’s, downloading the build and it’s. Gon na extract the build. This should take about ten to fifteen minutes, to download it and to extract it, and then we’re gonna press.

The force close button and I’ll – show you that okay, so he gives us another warning okay, so we’re gonna press, yes install again, okay and now there should be that pop up with the download, and I’ll explain how it’s working or pay a little bit so once it pops up.

So here we are it’s just going to pop up here any minute. It’s just connecting to the server okay. This shows you the speed, the ETA 76 minutes. For me, this eventually is going to speed up and the megabytes.

Okay, leave the fire, stick, go away, you know, have a drink, have a coffee have a beer or whatever you’re drinking, come back in 15-20 minutes, it should download, you should extract, and then we’re gonna press.

The force close button: okay, okay, when the download finishes it should start an extraction process. You’ll, see it extracting. You should get zero errors for it to go through okay and to download successfully once the extraction process finishes.

Here it’s, a lot of files, it’s, going to ask me to reload profile or to force close. I’m, simply going to press the force close button once it comes up. Okay, so that took me about 15 minutes to download it and to extract them now.

This is what I’m. Talking about you’re gonna press. The force close. This is gonna close off Cody. It’s. Gon na throw you back in here, you’re gonna press, the delete button and press the delete button to delete the original file.

We’re gonna press the home button. Now we’ve installed downloader and we installed Cody 18 and it’s right here. We’re gonna go here. Your option channel see all and what we’re gonna do with our Cody 19.

We’re gonna highlight it at the three lines and then we’re gonna move it to the front for easy access. Okay hit the home one. Now before I run Cody, where I run any apks, I use a VPN. It’s, a protections get you’re gonna get you more links, and some Internet service providers are now blocking movie and TV show links why the way around it is with IP vanished, hit the search, icon and search for an Application called ipvanish it’s, going to keep you secure, running Kodi, okay, IP vanished, just like that IP vanished.

One word I’m, going to search for ipvanish click on the white and green icon. It’s going to take you to this screen click the download button on the IPV VPN. Okay, what a VPN is going to do is going to give you more movie.

Links and TV shows length. So some internet service providers started blocking content, geo blocking or simply block and movie sites or TV show sites that are for free, using Kodi or any other apk. So if you’re using any other apps on your fire, stick or fire TV running, a VPN is essential: keep your privacy and stay protected.

This is the reason I run ipvanish once the VPN installs it’s available from the Amazon store and you can run it up to 10 devices once it installs. You’re gonna open up ipvanish. It’s. Gon na come up with this, and you’re gonna get your own username and password from the link right here on.

The screen also provide the link in the description. The comment it’s. Gon na give you 60 % off it’s. A few bucks today is going to keep you safe. It’s. Gon na keep you protected and you’re gonna be able to stream many many content or free movies and TV shows life to be, and all that so get your own username, and once you sign up with this link and then a pink Common description, you’re, going to get an email from ipvanish click on that email to verify your account and then log in I’ll.

Show you really quickly how to set it up. So let me just log in here into mine and show you how to use ipvanish once you have your own account: okay, okay! Once logged into the ipvanish account, all you have to do, go to the gear, icon and say start active and it’s just going to start it up.

Every time we start up our fire stick start up connection action and connect to fastest server. How to reconnect – and then one important option is the split tunneling click here once you click in there.

I’m gonna choose Netflix, okay, you choose Disney, Plus Dassin or any other services. You might have choose that okay paid services, Netflix Hulu dasn’t Disney, Plus you’ll, put a checkmark on this. This means the VPN is not going to be used with those services because Netflix does not work well with the VPN and you don’t need a VPN for Netflix, but for Cody I highly recommend using a VPN.

So you’re. Not gonna you are not going to put a checkmark. That means split. Tunneling is going to prevent these applications using the VPN okay, so I ‘ Ll only have Netflix, so I have to worry only about that.

One get back get back again. You’re gonna go to country, and from here you’re gonna drop down to unite safe area United States, and then I’m going to say, connect, dress that bun it’s going to Come up with this press, the okay button and then it’s, going to try to connect on older fire sticks.

It might not connect the first time you might give you an error like this. Just press reconnect twice for me. I have to press on my older fire stick when your fire sticks will not have that issue or should not well once you press it twice, it’ll connect and you’ll be protected.

Now you can hit the home button and you can start many of your favorite applications or even Cody 19. So I’m, going to start Cody 19 right now. First, I’m, starting it make sure your VPN is on. So you’re fully protected and you start the xanax built in Cody 19.

I’ll. Show you quickly a little bit how to use the built. So once you started up in about five minutes or all the apps, all the things start up, so I’m, going to give it about five minutes here. It will start up.

All the atoms will start updating. Okay and then I’ll, really quickly talk about all the add-ons, so you got movies. I can click on your right away, so you ‘ Ve got three rows or you can click down to go to the second row and usually what I do I go to down to the third row, and then I select my add-on so for movies and TV shows highly recommend using numbers.

I also recommend using Exodus. Redox and serene and the crew. Those four right here are very, very good. Add-Ons for movies and TV shows. You basically would click on one click on the category and then watch the content, beat them as well.

It’s, a good one, but down right now, but these this is up. This is up. This is up right now, but situation might change to build my update, so don ‘ T worry that’s. Movies TV shows same thing: you can go three down and then you can choose your add-on.

Okay, very simple: to use family section as well. You can choose three down and then choose your add-on cartoon see. Toon is great for cartoons. Magic dragon. Kids is good. Okay, then sports TV section, you can go down click down and then you can get sports TV, but this needs a login and password.

So you, don’t have to worry about sports TV. Okay, if you want sports, Prime and then free TV, there you go, you can find a lot of sports under free TV, so you’d click three down and then you ‘ Ll find a lot of sports under free TV, okay and then, of course, another sports section is here as well.

That’s, a free section, so these two sections are paid. You don’t have to worry about those, but the free TV section will give you live TV, and the sports section will give you sports music section there as well missile s and then system.

So this is and then the add-on section. If you click on add-ons, oh Sh, it’ll, go in there and they ‘ Ll show you all the add-ons that are installed and you can pick them individually. So my add-ons and then you can choose video add-ons and then you can choose the add-ons individually without any issues.

So video add-ons here we go, this will spin up and then you can choose any add-ons. This build comes with many many add-ons. Ok, so many many add-ons that you can use for content. Ok, so I’m just gonna back out.

Some of them are still updating and downloading, as you can see, because I’m running the built for the first time. It does take 5 minutes. You can see it’s very sluggish. It’s, not even responding right now to me because it’s.

Updating. So when you first run the build, let it run for 5 minutes don’t. Go in like me trying to show you guys already what’s it all about, but for the sake of time I just went in just to show you how the build works.

Okay, so this is MX built, so there it is n ups. I just restarted it: it’s, still updating, so it does take 5 10 minutes. Like I explained, and then from system, you can always update the build 3 rows down and update build if you ever run out data.

Ok, this build is fully loaded works great with co19 best build ever highly recommend that most updated working out on enjoy this build guys. Some apks are giving you problems, try to build there’s still.

Some good movie links, free TV, show, links and some live TV hope you guys enjoy this. Let me know in the comments below very important if this has worked for you. Let me know where you’re from. Are you watching from your location, and let me know if this worked for you and if you’re able to install this of this, set up work for you.

If it didn’t work, I’ll. Kindly appreciate you guys, if you hit that subscribe button for my future update press that subscribe button to my channel and also leave a comment. Just so, I know who you are and then we’ll, see each other in the next video and just let me know if this work.

Thank you guys for watching. Thank you for being here and I ‘ Ll see you all in the next one: take care

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install Kodi on a firestick with the best Xanax build that actually works gets free movies and TV shows and Free content and more. This is a great setup and a great update for this kodi build on firestick, this by far is the best kodi build in 2020

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