Oh hey, I didn’t, see you there. I was just busy watching Cody on my phone stick around I’ll. Show you how you can get it hello T welcome to another cloud tech support, quick tutorial on Cody. Today, I’m gonna show you how to install Kodi on your android phone or tablet.

This method also works on your amazon firetv device. However, i’ve, already posted a video on how to do that, which will probably float around here somewhere. If you’re interested click on it and I’ll teach you how to get it done.

However, this method also works on your Amazon TV device, so you can just follow along as well. So the first thing I want you to do is use your web browser of choice and go to the WWII tech support. / apk store that’s.

Your pop up, perfect, so to take you to this page right here once you’re here. The first thing I need you to do is click join mailing list because you’ll, be notified on all of my tutorials. You’ll, be up-to-date on when I drop my Kodi add-ons and tweaks ebook coming out very soon, and you’ll, be notified on a weekly basis of everything going on in this ever-changing streaming world.

Alright, so first off click that button. It’ll pop up into your name and your email hit Send and you’re done, so you got to worry about. So we’re gonna back out of that, and then I want you guys to scroll all the way down all the way down and we’re gonna look for Kony right.

There downloaded Kodi 18. Let’s! Click on that. Well, I’m gonna download it again hit download, give it a few seconds once you see it pops up at the bottom of your screen. You should see a CODIS bit install, do you want to open it and that’s exactly what waiting for here so give it a second okay, so hit open perfect, so it’s.

Gon na say: do you want to install give it special access that’s? Fine, if you don’t have unknown sources on it’ll notify you to turn them on and that’s perfectly fine. It’ll open up your settings just turn that on and hit install.

So I’m gonna go down. Click install, let it do its thing for a few seconds got it so, once app is installed, we’re gonna hit open all right. So once you’ve opened Kody that we’ve just installed. You’re, probably gonna get this notification to pop up all right, so we’re gonna hit continue on that.

We’re gonna allow, and now Kody should run on your phone boom. Easy easy, easy, easy, easy all right! So now we have that open. We’re gonna do a few things. We’re gonna install a build known as No Limits fire because I feel like it’s.

The best build out at the moment and that’s, the one we’re gonna use, so the first thing I want you to do is go up to this gear at the top here and click on that. Then we’re gonna go over to file manager.

Then I want you to go to add source, let’s, click on add source and then the first, where it says. None click on that and I want you to type this in exactly as I do. Of course, the text will be on the screen as always, but please make sure you type in exactly as I do or you gonna get an error all right, so it is HTTP yeah all right.

So there are three URLs you can type in. If you’re having issue with the one that I’m using, please use any the other three that are gonna, be on the screen as well so tinyurl.com. So it’s kind of hard to type on this phone.

Let me sure I don’t mess up /. No, it’s, fire correct, no limits fire. I think that’s. The only way to look – and I’m gonna hit okay, no limits fire. I’m gonna leave that the way it is nice, if you got a pop-up that says, can’t find the source.

That means you type something in wrong and you have to redo it. Okay, so hopefully you’re here, where I am you got it to pop up just go in. We’re gonna go back, so you go back one once you go back it’ll.

Take you back to this screen. We’re gonna go back again nice. Then I want you to scroll down to add-ons right here, so we’re gonna click on add-ons, then a little drop box icon in the upper left hand corner.

I want you to click on that. Sorry for my Kodi starting to slow down on my phone TeamViewer, it seems to not be doing his thing. Then I want you to go to install from zip file, so click on the store from zip file.

So this right here will pop up. We’re gonna hit settings once you go into settings going to turn unknown sources on okay, so right over here, let’s. Click on that and then we’re gonna hit yes perfect! So now I want you guys to go back to install from zip file and then we’re gonna look for the net other, the repository we just installed.

It should be no limits fire. Let’s, click on that one and then plug in video wizard, 18, all right so that right there now give this a few seconds, depending on your Wi-Fi connection or your cellular connection.

It could take some time, but up here in the upper right hand corner you’ll, see a bunch of add-ons being installed. Eventually, you’ll, see no limits fire being installed as well, so just give it a few minutes got it.

Alright, so now you see no limits. Wizard 18 has been installed. It took about took about a minute for me, so I don’t know how long will take for you guys, but just be patient okay. So I’m gonna go down and continue.

Let’s. Click on that build menu. It’s working. He’s working okay. So once you hear there are a few services that work with the no limits fire build. I usually stick on server one, because I haven’t had any issues with it, but if you do find yourself getting an error, all you have to do is try one of these other servers out and you should be fine now, since we’re installing it on our phone, I’m, most likely gonna use the no limits fire stick just because it’s, a smaller device than I do on my that I have on my computer.

So I’m gonna click. The no limits fire light section right here: okay and then we’re gonna erase and install a new build. They continue all right. So now give this a few minutes. Let it install you should go through for you, okay, so once that first one is installed, you want to make sure you go to force closed.

Okay, so right now it’s in green. I don’t know there. It is perfect, make sure you click on force close all right, so we’re gonna close Cody down got it, and now we’re gonna reload, hey team. If you’re using apps and apks such as Cody and others that I promote on my channel, I suggest you guys get a VPN and I for one use ipvanish it’s, easy to use.

I use it on all my devices on my phone, my amazon firetv device. Even my computer, it’s, easy to use and it’ll. Keep you safe out there. So please, I implore you take a look at it. Use the link in the description, I believe at the time of this video it’s on sale, so check it out, guys it’s cheap and it’s affordable and it’s necessary.

So all that being said, let’s, get back into the video. So how much you go back to your go back to the Cody app wherever you downloaded it and reopen it, give it a second and oh: you now have the no-limits fire build on your Android phone or tablet or fire TV device.

Whatever you happen to be using and it’s perfectly good to go, I’d, say give it about about a minute or two to install all the shortcuts. As you can see, it’s currently, due putting all the build menus together, so give it some time.

Usually it’ll, do a little refresh blip to let you know that it’s good to go, and you should be in good hands now guys. If you’re using these apps, I suggest that you get a VPN such as ipvanish. As you can see.

I use it for all my stuff and it works out perfectly on my end, if you’re interested, I believe they’re on sale right now. At the time of this, video so use the links in the description to check it out and keep yourself safe while using the Internet and all these other streaming apps.

Also, I’m glad this worked out for you guys if you’re interested in getting certain add-ons, such as Exodus and a bunch of other ones that I have on my channel here, use the videos in the description and also check Out a website tutorials section and you’ll, find a bunch of videos that you’re gonna love.

So, like the video subscribe to the channel comment, and I’ll see you in the next

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