Hey, what’s going on you? Do you want a beautiful build that looks like Kody, newest version on your fire stick or fire TV lots of movies lots of TV shows. I’m, going to show you how to install it, which add-ons work, how to use it, because there’s, a lot of Kodi videos and a lot of them.

Don’t. Tell you how to use the build after installing I’m gonna make this super quick. All fire stick devices. Let’s, get into installing Kodi for free movies. Free TV shows on your fire. Stick! Let’s! Go okay, so how do I get the newest Kodi always updated with the best built on my fire stick and fire TV for free movies and TV shows.

I’m, going to show you exactly. How do you do that? No wasting time we’re, going to go to settings, and this is the faster tutorial. Video, okay and you’re, going to go to my fire TV or my device. Once you’re there, you go to developer options and, from here make sure apps from unknown sources is turned on by pressing the middle of the deep pack and turn on once that’s turned on.

All you have to do. Is press the home button on your fire? Stick remote once you press the home button, go to the search, icon and search for an application called download or you can type in it or you can say it saying it is super easy downloader.

Here we are orange icon, you’re gonna click on that and you’re gonna click. The download button once downloaded downloads. I’m, going to give you one link for the newest Kodi that’s, always gonna update the link it’s, always gonna change.

You’re gonna be always fully loaded and you’re gonna enjoy movies TV shows, live TV sports and free like IPTV. Okay, once the download is finished, you’re gonna press. The Open button now very important here, press that allowed button right there and when it comes up and press the okay button, once you’re in here, click right in the middle of this and you’re going to type in the Following URL to get Cody, okay, so very simple: we’re gonna type in fire.

Stick! Okay, since this is a fire, stick setup period or dot dot de Vie, so not medCom, not de Vie, and then we’re gonna go to the symbols right here: click on the symbols. We need a forward slash and then we’re, going to go back to the letters by clicking letters and we’re going to type in TV.

Ok, this is the URL. This is what you type in and once you type done press the gold button. Ok firestick dug that /tv still here on the screen for you. Ok, it’s. Gon na show you a download progress bar sixty three point: three megabytes: let it download! Okay, once it finishes downloading its gonna prompt us to install it should take about five minutes to download this program.

Okay, to download this version of particular Cody. When the download process is finished, you want to press the install button right here. It’s gonna pop up automatically. Now we fully installed Cody how quick and how easy was to do that very, very simple: okay, when it’s finished.

All I’m gonna do now. Is I’m gonna open Cody up so after installing it should give me done and open? I’m going to select open because we’re gonna get straight to the build and install the build okay press.

The Open button here we are Cody’s, gonna open up, okay press the continue button and make sure you press the allow button right there. Okay, once that’s finished, it’s, going to prepare for the first run, and we are going to be ready to run Cody 18.

6 on a fire stick or fire TV device with the us-built okay, once in Cody. Just follow me along you’re gonna go to the gear icon the first place. Then you’re gonna go to the file manager. You’re gonna click.

In there you’re, going to click on the add source button. You’re gonna click into this field. None and you’re, navigating this with the remote. Ok, it’s gonna pop up with this type in the following URL in here.

Okay, if you follow it along how I got here, HTTP call it forward forward, slash okay, xanax, okay xanax is what you’re gonna type. In keep typing here, along with me, on-screen keyboard just want to make sure I’m.

Not making any mistakes make repo exactly how you see it yet detected this exactly in or you might get errors that’s. What I’m, looking at my phone down here, can make sure I have it exactly right. It was one typo will throw everything off here.

Okay, so xanax ready, put calm forward, slash and then we’re going to type in the repo, and I’m going to leave it up on the screen so to make sure you guys have it correctly and then forward slash. So what do we have here? We have xanax repo comm forward, slash repo once you’re finished typing that in okay you’re just going to go to the ok button, make sure you press that and then just gonna say repo, that’s.

Fine press, the ok button and if that was successfully they’ll, add without any any errors. Ok, our xanax repo and they hit back arrow hit the back here again it’s. Gon na take us to the main Cody menu.

Now we’re gonna go to add-ons on our main menu and we are going to go to the drop box here up here in add-ons. So we went to add-ons on main menu hit that draw box here. Okay, it’s called an add-on installer.

It looks like a drop box at the top here. Ok, two buns over from the settings. Click on that install from zip file. You’re gonna get this menu. You’re gonna go to settings, and from here you’re gonna click on the middle of the d-pad.

You’re gonna click. To turn that on see how much slot move this over here and I’m gonna say yes to that. Okay, we’re gonna click, one back and I’m gonna click again now install from zip file, but this time that lets me in now I’m gonna scroll down to repo, see how it says.

Then, actually pull out come forward, slash repo in our path. When I click on that and I’m gonna click on the zip file in here right now, it’s called as an axe, repo dot, zip click on that wait. For your notification, it’s, going to install the repository with our builds.

An x-ray pull bill, give it a minute or two: let it install and then we’ll, be ready to go okay, so installing, and I should get a notification it takes a minute or two and then install from repository will show up.

So you can see it’s. Currently downloading add-ons there you go is EDX repository installed. Now I can go to install from repository. I can go to xannax repository program add-ons and then Xanax wizard and then finally, the install button.

Now that’s, going to install the Cenex wizard and it’s going to come up and it’s going to give us the opportunity fully load Kodi, because right now there’s. Nothing on here and I’ve fully loaded for movies and TV shows you can see.

Mine is downloading here, 32 percent 34. Soon as it finishes, it should automatically pop up and then I’ll. Show you exactly where to go, which server to pick to get the xanax bill? Okay, there you go.

I don’t installed. Ok, when it’s finished, you should get a pop-up, ok automatically. Just like that press the continue button. Now it’s going to take you into here. You’re gonna build menu. I’m gonna.

Take you to another menu, it’s, gonna clear cache and everything don ‘ T worry about that is doing its fame in this other menu. Now, when it takes me there, you’re gonna see several hosts for design acts build your selecting under layout builds.

Ok, so I usually do host 4 or 5 don’t. Do number one seems slow, sometimes give it a try. I’m gonna do host number four. You’re, just gonna click. On that. Ok, we’re installing the build now once you click on that it’ll spin up and it’ll.

Take me to another menu. Ok, so here I am going into another menu now from here. You want to select fresh, install click on that now give it a minute its gonna come up with another menu and then it’s.

Gon na ask you to continue. I’m gonna press. The continue button. Ok, it’s. Gon na do a couple of things and then it’s. Gon na start, the download off the build to fully load Kodi for movies and free TV shows absolutely wonderful.

Build works. Very fast works very well. There you go, the download has started for me to eta is about 40 minutes. It should be much faster for you. I’m on a very slow connection right now, but this will change or speed up one system balloting.

The bill give it about 15 to 20 minutes. Let it download completely once it’s finished. Then it’s, going to ask you to force close okay. So you’re, going to click the force close one. It’s, finished downloading and extracting the bill once the download an extraction process is finished.

It’s, going to ask you a few things: reload profile or force close. That means to build installed successfully. I’m gonna force close right there. Okay, now it’s. Gon na take you back to the downloader menu.

You can press the delete button to delete the installation file, press, the delete and press the delete again. Okay, now hit the home UP button, and now you should see that cody is installed here in recent and under your absent channels see all you will find Cody okay, so I can go in here and I can find Cody.

Okay, I’m gonna move it to the front by hitting this three little lines and move to the front. Okay, hit a home again and now you’ll, see Cody’s in recent, and also your apps and channels. Now before I run the cody application to get more links to get more content and to make sure that a match to absolutely protect that from my internet service provider, not knowing that I’m streaming movies or any other content and to stay safe And secure, I recommend ipvanish VPN, which runs great on a fire stick and you can use it up to 10 devices, go to the search, icon and search for this application called ipvanish.

So I’m going to look for here. I’m gonna just type in ipvanish. Okay, just like that so IP vanish, you should find it. It looks like this IP manage your gonna type it in it’s available from the Amazon store ipvanish.

I’m gonna type it in comes up like this green and white click on that, and then click on the download button to download and install the ipvanish VPN to fully protect your running cody or any other apps for free movies and TV Shows if you’re running an IPTV app.

If you’re running anything else, you should have a VPN on to stay anonymous and also for a lot of applications to get more links for movies and TV shows outside of Kodi. So there’s. Other applications, like cinema apk, T TV, many other applications outside of Kodi, that you should stay protected.

So when ipvanish downloads and if says you’re gonna open it up by pressing the Open button, it’s. Gon na prompt you to log in with your own username and password okay. So, to get your own username and password, you can go to this link right here, bit ly /vp and 60 off when your cell phone computer sign up for an account.

Also, there’s, a link in the pin common in description. You click on that link, sign up for an account once you sign up for an account. You got 60 % off or more going on now through my channel for my exclusive link writer, this exclusive link on the screen and pin common description.

You’ll, get an email from them, confirm your account and then you’ll, be ready to log in I’ll. Show you how to use it, even if you have Netflix using Netflix. Okay, I’m. Your fire stick so once you get your using and password log in, I’ll show you the best setup.

So I’m gonna log in here, with my own pay, once logged in very simple, go to the gear icon and we’re gonna say, start ipvanish, startup connection action to connect to fastest server here the best speed how To reconnect and then click on, split tunneling and select, Netflix, Disney, plus or any other paid applications you might have, but you’re, not going to select Kodi.

That means it’s, going to use the VPN for Cody, but it’s not going to use the VPN for Netflix or Disney Plus, because those applications don’t require VPN and they may not work with a VPN. Once you’re done that hit back and then very simple hit back again, it’s going to take you here, go to country wherever you are and make sure you select the United States, it’s going to give You the most content, so the United States, and once you’re done now, you’re gonna hit that connect button right there.

It’s. Gon na come up it’s. Gon na ask you this press the ok button here and it’s going to connect. You should see like little Hills or Moyles. I like to call them. That means your fully secure if this happens, press the reconnect button to reconnect and then as soon as it reconnects, you should see data going through the VPN and you should see a new IP address here.

That means you fully understand, protect them. I’m currently now, in Los Angeles, through that VPN hit the home button, and now you’re, able to get more content and to be fully protected. Kodi, I’m, going to start up Cody and I’m going to quickly show you how to use it.

So here I am starting Cody for the first time with the VPN on and I’m going to so. The first time you start it up, give it five minutes or so for the annals to update. So don’t, go in right, away, try and play a movie.

It takes about five minutes to update. So I’m gonna. Let mine update here, okay. So while the subject is occurring here in the background, you’ll see it takes a while, but when it updates a work, very good okay, so I’m going to take you through the build a little bit just to show you What this bill is about, so it’ll, look like this and then you can browse between atoms.

So you can click movies, but I don’t recommend that and then you can go to the third row and click the add-ons. So let me show you a little bit how this works. Okay, as you can see, it’s very sluggish for me, because it’s.

Updating and I’m already – trying to use a no problem, so you got movies here. You can click on movies and try to watch, but that doesn’t work out very well. Sometimes, ok, you can click down and you can use these add-ons here as well.

That will drive a movie. Ok. Also, what I like to do I like to go in the third last row. So first, second, third – and these are the add-ons that currently work. Ok, you can use crackles reborn works very well for movies and TV shows the crew works.

Saran. I like to skip syringe. Having some issues now it hasn’t been updated, so use Kratos, reborn, use the crew numbers Exodus, redux and venom. Those are the best best add-ons. In my opinion, some stuff will get disabled, that’s, outdated and old.

No problem, let the build do its job. You can see the updates February 29th, so this build gets updated every month or so, and I’ll. Show you how to update the build as well. If you get into that situation, so TV shows same concept.

I like to go to the 3rd row: numbers x2: the show’s, vinum shows works, great ok and I’ll show you I’m on I don’t after how to use all that. Ok, there’s, a family section for cartoons, and things like that.

There’s, a sports TV section and then the free TV you want to use the free TV here you’ll, get a lot of IPTV content. If you go under free TV, ok sports section for the sports fans, everything is here: music, section, mrs.

Willis, some miscellaneous and then system. If you go under system, if you want to update you’re, going to go to update built and I’ll show you how to use that so system update built and when a new version of the build is out.

You’ll, take it right from here. You need to go through typing in repost, or anything like that. This will say working. This will come up with a bunch of information for the build and you’ll, be able to update.

So you can see under layer bills, you will click on that and you will update the bill. It’s that easy to update the bill whenever there is an update. Ok, so that’s, how you update are very easy. So let me show you how to actually get movies in TV show, and it does this actually work, because a lot of people show you how to install Kodi and they give you no idea how it works.

Ok, so I never section you I want to show you, you can also go into add-ons in the main menu and then you can force update to update all your add-ons very important, so make sure add-ons and force update when there’s an add An update little update.

Ok, so you can click right into add-ons and then you can select from all the add-ons in the menu. Ok, so you can go my add-ons and then from there you can select, which I don’t. So, for example, I can say you know what I want: video add-ons for VIP movies and TV shows and IPTV so video add-ons and then from here you would select an add-on.

Ok, if it’s buggy, if it doesn’t work from here, I don’t want to go into too much detail how to do that, but that’s there available as well. This is a very, very easy build to use. I’m using this connected to my VPN right now, works very, very well.

Ok! So let’s see how to use this. So I’m, going to go here and I’m gonna say I want to watch a movie. Ok, one that I found works really well for me is the Exodus redock or Kratos or numbers. I’m going any of them, so I’ll, go into Exodus, redux! Ok, it’ll.

Take you in here to another menu, things will load up and that’s. How every single add-on in here it looks like so you can put movies TV shows you can search. So I’m gonna save movies. You know I’m in the mood for and movie and let’s.

Show you how to pick links intelligently, to avoid buffering and to avoid having a headache. Okay, so now movies, I’m gonna say you know what I’m gonna go to here, and I’m gonna choose movies made in 2020, because this is what I want to watch today so 220 And then it’s, gonna load up all the movies.

The second time around the build should run faster once you go in the add-on, because there is data that is now cached okay, so it caches all the data. As you can see, it’s a little bit slow for me, because the data is not cached yet slowly, all the 220 movies.

So you can see how much content that would be all movies from 2020, basically, okay, and that one step loads. I’ll, be able to select the movie and I’ll, be able to select the link. I’ll. Show you how all that works? Okay.

So here my is my list of 220 movies. I’ll click on word. The build soon is going to look like nothing happened. I just pressed on add word don’t worry. The build is actually doing the things in the background and then military to a pop-up should come up, and it should tell me exactly what it’s.

Doing it’s, gonna start. Looking for a link, so I’ve, actually clicked on our own word. If you click twice or three times it’s, actually gonna slow things down so just be a little bit patient click. Once things will come up, it’ll, go off it’ll scrape for links when it’s finished.

You should take a minute. It ‘ Ll. Give you all the links, and all you have to do. Is click on a once? How do you get the movie nock to buffer? Very simple? I pick the 720 links. Okay, you can go for that 1080, see how that works out.

But if you’re, having trouble with the movie buffering go for the 720 okay, guys and girls, some of them is still HD. 720. Will work, fine, look how large these files are. So I try to select the 7 20s.

They tend to long work a little bit better for me, okay, so once you find a 720 click on it, but you can go for the 1080. I’m, not stopping you! I’m, just saying with my connection right now. 7 20s are working very good for me, so you click on the 720 or 1080.

Depending what movie you want to watch after you click on it click on at once. It takes a minute to spin up. It takes a minute to pre buffer all the content, for you to load all the content, and then the movie will play ok here I am.

This will come up like this. This will disappear. The player will kick in right here and then it will start playing a movie. Give it a minute give it a to Cody is not as fast some of these other apks, but I think when it does find the content.

When you do find the link, it does an excellent job of pre loading, the content playing the content for you, so I’ll, wrap that off guys enjoy the build. Hopefully this helped you how to use it. I showed you the add-ons that work.

Well and we gonna be playing for Mina background. I’m gonna just stop it here. You got the player here. You can pause it. You can do everything you want in the xanax bill works very, very well. I’m gonna just go back here to my main note, you can back out and then you can use any of these add-ons, like I said, and you’re gonna really really enjoyed this build.

Let me know how this worked out. Did my explanation help you a little bit more explaining how to go in now to kind of use it. Let me know if you guys enjoyed this video. If you do, please share it on Facebook, Twitter anywhere else to your friends, family.

I bought a fire. Stick, let everybody know. I would appreciate it and draw up a comment below. Where are you watching from? Where are you from and don’t? Forget my huge discounts for my subscribers for the VPN access to keep you protected and saying that link is right here and it’s also available in the pink comment in description.

Thank you guys for watching. Thank you for being here with me and I ‘ Ll, see you all in the next one drop a comment where you’re watching from take care, bye, guys and girls.

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VPN for KODI 18

This tutorial shows you KODI and KODI 18 on Firestick and how to install this on a firestick or firestick 4k device. This will give you free movies on firestick and other content and instructions how to use Xanax Kodi Build on a firestick and complete setup enjoy this newest tutorial in April 2020.

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