Now i’m, going to show you the basic setup for your amazon fire stick tv. So the first thing we’re going to do. Is we’re, going to start to make our way over to settings once you get to settings? We’re, going to go down and over to the right, and we’re going to move to my fire tv.

Let’s, click on that option there and we’re, going to go down to developer options. Let’s, click on developer options and what we need to do is turn both of these two on and we will turn that on. So now we can on uh now we can install some third-party apps.

So we’ll, go back! One screen: let’s, go back another screen now i want you to move over to preferences and let’s. Click on preferences. Let’s, go down to privacy, settings click there, and what we need to do is to turn all of these two off, so just keep going down clicking off one more and we’ve accomplished that so now we’Ll, go back one screen and let’s, go down to data monitoring, let’s click there and just make sure that one is off.

Let’s, go back one screen! Let’s, go back! Another screen. Now what i want you to do is start to go over to the left. Again, we are going to go back and up to and over, we’re, going to go to the little search icon right there and what i want you to type now is downloader.

You’ll notice as soon as you type d, o w that will appear on our menu, the third one there so make our way down and let’s, click on downloader and let’s. Click on here again and uh – i already own it on another stick, but if it’s, your first time just click on it here and it will start to install the downloader.

The point of this downloader is now we can download and install some third-party apps. That will give us some more watching options, so you can launch it from here. You can go back and launch it from the home screen, which is what i’m.

Gon na do so there’s, my downloader there. Now i’m, going to click on it and i’ll press. Ok to get this going now. The very first thing i’m going to do is move over to the left and go down to settings.

I’m, going to go to the right here and i’m going to enable this javascript. So just make sure you go to yes on this option here and let’s. Go back and we’re, going to go to home. Let’s! Click on the box here and enter the following a web address once you’ve finished typing the address in let’s, move down to go and click there.

It’s, going to start to load up the website. So now we’re going to the website here and we are on download. So all we need to do is scroll down and you see under choose your weapon. You ‘ Ve got your options here, so we’re, going to go with android, let’s.

Click on android and we’re going to move to the and we’re going to move down to the 32-bit. We’re gonna install that one first. If it doesn’t come back. We’ll, try 64, but 32 should do it. We’ll, wait here patiently, while it downloads it’s.

Now going to install and we’re, going to move down to the bottom here and click install and let’s go down to done. You could click open there. If we click done now, we have a chance to delete the file.

So let’s, delete the file we just downloaded. I’m, going to click on the home button. Now, on my controller and let’s, go down to our apps and just move over until you see the icon for kodi and there it is

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