Video I’m gonna show you how to install a nice all-in-one add-on called kryptonite, but before we do that, we’re gonna, firstly have to go to this gear and click on it. Next, we’ll, move down to system and click on system I want, should I go over to the left hand side to display, let’s, work our way down to add on some to the right and up to unknown sources and Mines checked off, but if yours is like that click it once and press yes and then go back one screen, and now we can install kryptonite.

So next let’s check the file manager. Here I want you to work your way down. This list of the bottom option marked Add source and double-click move over to none click there and let’s enter that repo address.

Once you’ve finished entering that address, let’s. Click OK comes up with any repository. Let’s. Stick with that and press ok. Next, I’d. Like you to go back one screen. Let’s, navigate up to the top here to add-ons click on add-ons.

Let’s, go down to install from zip file and single click. There we’re gonna have to scan our list for repository or whatever you called it. Click on it and then move up to the zip and click the zip. It’s, gonna start to unzip that file, and we’ll, see a notification in the top right hand corner telling us, when our repository has unzipped and installed in the meantime, feel free to subscribe, and there’s.

Our notification, so when you see that I want you to next go to install from repository, let’s, single click there. We need to scan our list for the Fulke and repo there. It is. I’m going to click on it.

We have four options. I’m gonna go to the bottom. One marked video add-ons click there and kryptonite’s in green. I’ll click on it and go to install and finally click, OK, [, Music, ], and when you see that checkmark it has installed.

So let’s, go over kryptonite click on it and go to open, and you can see your options now from live tv to Monsters and movies and TV shows. So there’s kryptonite so go ahead and enjoy dance. Your way to complete to internet privacy with ipvanish, now I’m, going to show you how to install the crew.

Firstly, before we install the crew, we’re, going to need to go up to the gear. Click on the gear. Make your way down to system click on system up to the

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