what’s up xbox series s fam, so you’ve, downloaded warzone on your shiny new xbox series s, but you want some crispy textures and the high resolution texture pack. Well, i’m, going to show you how to get that right now on your xbox series s first, you need to head on over to your apps and games and then, when you’re your game page, you want to hover over Call of duty, modern warfare, warzone and press the more options button.

Then you want to go down to manage game, add-ons click that and let it load up and it’s, the top one you want to click on, which is actual game install, which is around about 81 gigabytes. You can see there click on it and then let it load and you’ll, see there just underneath the game.

The modern warfare high resolution pack, which is 23.6 gigabytes. This is what you want to download to get them. Crispy high resolution, graphics in the game, so click on that and then you want to go on over and you want to hit save changes, hit, save changes and boom.

It will start downloading the high resolution pack once it’s downloaded. Let it install jump on into the game and see how amazing it looks, and if you want to see how amazing it looks running on xbox series s with the high resolution pack installed check out the card in the top right hand corner of the screen.

I’ll, be doing some gameplay as soon as i’ve got this downloaded. If you found this video useful, please smash that thumbs up button, keep it locked and loaded for all things. Call of duty and xbox series s here on the channel and we’ll, see you on the next one.

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