what’s up four guys, so you want to get your hands on the dragon hugger pack, which includes the gold dragon paladin and the wizard. I’m, going to show you how to do that right now. You might think it will be over here in the shop in the dlc store, and i imagine it will be here later on.

But if you go there right now, it still has the packs from season one. So if you don’t have the fast food costume pack, this might be leaving very soon make sure you pick it up just to be safe, but to get your hands on the dragon hugger pack, you need to come out of fall guys and Go on over to the store, open up the playstation store, or if you’re on steam, you can just search on steam, store, also super simple and then go on over to search click on search and then type and fall guys well start typing.

In and then it’ll appear in the top four guys ultimate knockout click on that, and it will take you to the game page. Let it load up and then scroll down and then scroll down again and then one more time down to add-ons and there you will see there.

The dragon, hugger costume pack boom click on it. It will cost you three pounds. 99. It says reenact the most infamous medieval quest of all time with the dragon hugger costume pack. The pack comes with the knight, wizard and dragon costumes, but you can mix and match any way.

You please fall guys. Game is obviously required. So i’m. Going to pick this up right now and show you what the skins look like in game then make sure you restart the game so that the skins appear and your outfits head on over and let’s.

Go to our first of all and let’s, see who can we find? First of all, we’ve got paladin, which looks absolutely awesome. Let’s, select the full outfit for you, so you can see what it looks like boom. There you go.

There is little paladin that gets a big thumbs up from me. Make sure you, let me know which one of these skins is your favorite. Also from the pack, as they’re, all very, very, very cool. Next up, let’s, get the gold dragon which looks dope.

I love it and there we go. Oh, that is amazing. These are my favorite ones. I think these are all far better than what is available in the season pass, this season from all the leaks we saw. It was actually these skins, you’d, always see in all the promo material and they look absolutely fantastic.

Now the last one we’ve got the wizard check it out. That looks amazing, so so cool there. We go. Oh absolutely fantastic. That pack gets a big thumbs up for me. Please, let me know down below in the comments which one is your favorite: keep it locked and loaded for all things fall guys here on the channel and we ‘

Ll, see you on the next video, my friends,

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