Hello, my friends and welcome to today’s, video, where i’m, going to show you super quickly how to download youtube onto your nintendo switch late. Oh yes, i am many of you will be staying indoors right now and wanting to watch youtube on your switch or switch light.

So this is how you go about getting youtube, as it is not painfully obvious how to get it. So i’m. Going to show you right here right now, and first thing you need to do is go to the nintendo eshop click on the nintendo, eshop little basket icon and then let it load up once you select who the user is.

So i’ve selected murray. As that’s me and just let it load, it’ll, take a moment to sit and chill out and listen to the cool music and then once this pops up, you want to go up to search, which is the one right.

Above recent releases, which is what you should probably load in on and then head on over to enter keyword, click on it and then the keyboard should pop up. Then you want to type in youtube and just in case it came up as a suggested there.

In case you don’t know i’ll, just type it in anyway, and once you have typed in youtube, you want to press the plus button on your switch like device and that will then search the store for youtube, and you Will get these options bare mind? There is a game called youtubers life, so you can go and play that if you wish it will cost you money, but what you want is youtube, which is the free download.

So once you are on that click on it and then this will appear, it will just give you some information. All about youtube. Kick back. Relax enjoy all of youtube on your nintendo switch, which is what you want to do.

So you can watch more of the gamers world so make sure you subscribe to the channel once you have got youtube downloaded now: click on free download and then you will just get disappear again and just click on free download once more and then just wait a Moment and then thank you, you can check download status on the home menu, so you can now just click on close and then you can see there youtube is downloading.

It should not take long at all. It’s, a really small app, so just give it one moment, and you can see there one minute remaining, so it should only take you a minute or two and then once it is done, you will be able to get on into youtube search For all your favorite creators, i advise you guys to make an account.

So then you can like and dislike videos and all you need to do to do. That is make a gmail email account and you will be sorted so there you go successfully downloaded software. We got the notification and youtube will open for you just like this.

If you found this video helpful, please smash that thumbs up button and subscribe, and we ‘ Ll, see you on the next one, my friends

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