To download games where your xbox series s is off first thing is to go into settings once you’re in settings head on over to power mode and start up and remember. This will work for series s series x and for any of the one consoles and make sure your power mode is set to instant on.

That means. Your console will start up super quick and you can then download games from your mobile device. While your console is asleep just like, i show in the video the top right hand corner of the screen so check that out.

If you want to see how to download the games via your mobile and make sure when xbox is off, turn off storage is unchecked. So that you can download stuff well, your console is asleep, then you want to come on out of general power mode and start up go down to system, and then you want to go on over to updates once you’re in updates, you want To make sure you keep check, keep my console up to date and keep my games and apps up to date so that when you’re in bed sleeping or you’re out and about with your friends, your console will download all These updates, so you do not need to download them when you go to play the game so that’s.

All you need to do. Hopefully that was helpful for you. If it was, you know what to do smash that thumbs up button subscribe for plenty, more series. Content leave me any comments down below any questions you have and we ‘

Ll, see you on the next video, my friends,

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