Hey what’s going on youtube today? I’m, going to be loading. The nvidia shield, with the most best five applications for free movies and tv shows. Let me guide you on an nvidia shield and my shield in front of me.

All i have to do is super easy. All i have to do is go to the play store. First, i’m going to get an application, so i’ll click on the play store and in the play store. I want to search for an application called downloader, so i’ll, go to the search icon, i’ll click on the search icon and i’m, going to search for an application called downloader.

So i’ll, just type that in so i’ll type it down. Okay, it’s called downloader by troy point. So if you start typing downloader, it should come up orange and white type in the whole sentence. If it doesn’t come up so downloader, okay, downloader so downloaded by trade point.

You’ll, see a bunch of application downloaded by trade, pull troy point like this click on it and then press the install button. What’s going to do it’s, going to verify the application and it’s, going to install the application almost instantly? Okay, when it installs the application.

All you have to do is pop that open button press. The allow button on your device and press the ok button. What’s going to happen? You’re, going to have http calling forward forward. Slash you’re, going to go up blink and cursor.

You’re, going to click into it and you’re, going to put in the following url you’re, going to put in get dot file length, dot, com, okay! So let’s. Put that get dot file length, dot com is what you want to put in okay.

So let’s. Put that once you’ve done that putting that url in get the filelink dot com, you press the go button. What will start will start connecting and downloading the application if you get any security warnings to allow to install the application, make sure you turn those security third apps on okay.

Here is mine. Pops up it says for security reason: your phone is not allowed to install unknown apps from the source and then i can hit the settings okay. So you want to go settings from here and you want to swipe that on to allow downloader to actually install the application from third parties.

Okay, you can also do that once you install download or go back in settings or you can do it live the same way as i did on the go okay. So i swipe that on and i go back and now it’s. Asking me to delete it or install so instead of redownloading it again.

All i have to do is just press the install button and right now it should allow me to install it by pressing the install button. Okay. So, instead of hitting delete and download it, i just hit install and the file link application is downloaded.

Now i’m going to open up the file link. Okay, hit the open button. It’s going to prepare applications. It’s, going to ask me a few questions and then it’s going to ask me to enter a code. So for the code.

I’m, giving you right now on my channel. It’s. All tools, one two: three, four: five: six, seven, eight twos exactly once you put that in a twos, you’re gonna press, the next button; okay and press the done button and continue.

Okay, once you press the done and continue enter, pin click into it, and i’m gonna put 40 54 is the pin number okay and i’m, going to press the next button and then i’m going To press the done and continue, okay, it’s, going to throw me into my store.

I’m going to dismiss, and i’m, going to dismiss any other pop-ups that i might get okay, so a few applications you want to get from my store. Okay, the first one will be this messed up. Pop-Up will be the ipvanishvpn that’s, going to give you protection it’s, going to give you more links.

I’ll. Explain everything about that in a minute. So once ipvanish is finished downloading this will turn into a play button. All you have to do is press that play button, so we’re almost done here downloading ipvanish.

This turns into a play button just like that. I’m gonna hit that play button and it’s. Gon na ask us to securely install unknown sources. We’re, just gonna go to settings and we’re gonna say yes, file link is allowed to install applications and hit the back button.

Okay and it’s, going to throw us back in here, so hit the play button again. Now it’s going to install ipvanish, i’m, going to press the install and instead of opening up the application, we’re just going to press the done button.

Okay. So now we installed ipvanishvpn successfully. We’re, going to keep scrolling down you’re, going to see cody you’re, going to see a couple of things you want to get to. The movies and tv shows app section in here.

You’ll, see cinema apk, not my number one apk. I’m going to hit the download button. Next, one is tv zion it’s. My number two i’m gonna have to download button. Okay. It’s, gonna start downloading, and it’s.

Gon na turn into a play button once it’s finished okay. My third one is zeni tv that will start downloading. That’s. My third one, okay, my fourth one, is btv. We’ll, start downloading. That, and then tv is my fifth one okay, so these are my top five applications.

If you’d, like to get into other categories in the file link store, you can go down or into different categories, and you can get live tv as well. Okay, but i’m. Looking today at these five one, two three four five and we installed the ipvanish vpn as well, so i haven’t installed them here.

I just downloaded them, so i have to hit the play button on each one. So i hit the play button and then i’ll press the install button that installs cinema hd and then i’ll press. The done button i don’t want to open them up yet.

Okay, i’ll press the done button. The next one i’ll install, is tvs, iron or stage app, and then i’ll press install and then i’ll press the done button very fast on the shield shield, this amazingly fast device.

Okay, now zenny tv, our third one i’ll – hit that and press install once it’s finished staging the app installing it. I’ll press the done button that’s. Three i installed it just keep hitting the play button.

Okay, my forefront is btv same concept, install and then followed by the done button, and i’m gonna show you all these apks how they run, how they work and how to navigate around them. You press the done button.

Okay. Now we got one two three four okay, and then we got our fifth one here. Okay, so i don’t know if i installed btv it’s happening so fast, but four, four and sb tv just gonna hit, install and then press the done button and then install our last one.

Okay, so done button, and now here’s, ttv play button and press the install button. Okay, and that should finish installing all five. You can go back anytime in the filing store and you can get more applications.

So this is almost done installing press the done button. Okay, i successfully installed all five applications. Okay, even though you installed all the apps, some of these apps might be missing for you.

So let’s go home and let’s. Take a look, i hit the circle button on my shield and if you notice, if i go into apps, we’ve installed zinny tv, but ziny tv is not here. Okay, i’ll, make this very easy for you guys hit the home button, go to the play, store, okay, and we’re, going to get a site launcher so go to the search again and type in in the search type in Launcher l launch there you go type in launcher, you’ll, see side, launcher click on side launcher.

This makes things very easy and press the install button. Okay, now we have a side launcher. I’m, going to open it up and i can open up the side launcher and now you can see that zinny tv will show up.

So i’m going to just hit home again and to make things easier. I added the file link and i’m, going to add the side launcher as well to make things very easy for you, okay, so side load launcher! I’ll.

Add that there so we got file inside load launcher okay. So let’s. Now: click on the side, load launcher and i’m going to connect to the vpn. I’m, going to hit the ipvanish and it’s going to come up with this.

I’m going to log in with my own username and password, and i ‘ Ll, provide a link right here on the screen. Also in the pin comment, description, don’t be linked for an ipvanish account. Click on that link create your account.

You get an email notification. Click on that email notification, then log in i’ll. Show you how to set up ipvanish super easy runs great on the nvidia shield. It’s, going to keep you protected and in some instances in some apps it’s, going to give you more links for more movies and tv shows, and you’re, going to get a better streaming experience so that Link for an account is available in the pinned comment and in the description, click on that link and uh sign up for an account so that’s available there.

Okay, once logged into the vpn with your own username and password, you’re gonna hit the gear icon. Here i’m gonna, say, start ipvanish, startup connection action. I’m, going to say, connect too fast to server, and i’m going to hit split tunneling.

If you have netflix from split tunneling, you’ll, just select the netflix application. I don’t. I have it right here and i have nhl as well, so i’m, going to select these two to use to not use the vpn, so split tunneling, which means these apps will not be using a vpn because of some of these apps vpn May not work even prime video.

Okay, i’m gonna go back, so split. Tunneling is a great option in ipvanish vpn, which, when you don’t need a vpn for those apps. It keeps that off because if, if i had my vpn turned on with netflix netflix would not work okay, so that’s.

What split tunneling is for. I’m gonna go hit the back button here and i’m gonna select country united states is gonna, give us the most links and the most content. So i’m gonna go to united states right here and then i’m gonna press that connect button.

Okay, once i press that it’s, going to ask me to create a vpn vpn tunnel, i’m going to press ok and it should connect to the fastest server and i’m going to be fully protected. If you get this error message, just press the reconnect button – okay and that’s, gonna reconnect for you and connect okay, depending on your internet service provider.

Some people might get that pop-up. Some people may not. I’m connected right now. You can see all the data to seattle, united states. I’m gonna hit the circle button, and now i’m to show you some of the applications.

I’m fully. Now protected, so i’m, going to hit the side load launcher and i’m, going to look at all the applications. Okay, so here i am pressing the side load launch and the first one i want to look at.

Is cinema apk i’m, going to just press it press the allow button, always when you start them up and then press the accept button. Okay, press, the ok button again here and scroll down. Okay, now you ‘

Ve got your movies popular tv shows, you can hit the hamburger button and you can go to movies. Tv shows all that stuff. I’m gonna go to movies, and i’m gonna just select the random movie, and i’m gonna show you how this application works.

It’s very easy. It looks like netflix. It’s, just beautiful, so i’m. Just gonna choose um. I’m gonna choose here onward, okay and you’ll see the streams will come up here once it starts scraping already found about 38 links very fast, 42.

Already it’s working very fast, and i have my vpn on. I can scroll here and i can select the link and i can start playing the content. So we got links galore here. Okay, let’s say i’m, going to pick one of the links here, so i’m, going to pick just a random link here.

This will come up and i can hit the play button. What happens now? This thing will spin up and try to connect to the server you’ll get a timer, you get closed captioning as well as soon as it hits the server in a connect.

The content should start playing. So it’s. Trying to pre-buffer some content before it plays and then it ‘ Ll play the content for you. Okay, if the link is sluggish. Okay, you ‘ Ll get an ad 28 seconds, so you do have to watch the ad but yeah it’s, not going to interrupt your movie or interrupt your content.

So this is ad supported, okay, but you will get some links. So when you get the link you hit play, if the link doesn’t work, you hit back and you try the other one. Okay, so side load launcher so that was cinema.

Apk very easy. To use. I’ll. Show you the second one be tv, okay, choose internal player, choose english and then once again hamburger menu. We’re gonna go to movies. They’re. All work very similar way like netflix, so i’m going to go here.

I’m, going to go with underwater and i’m going to hit the play button, see how easy these are working. Let’s, ask you for one player we don’t need it cancel and what it’s going to do once it finds the links it’s going to populate them here and then it’s going to organize them by speed and quality.

So here’s, high speed and normal quality, and then you can select other links and some of them will say trusted sources which usually work very good. So i’m, going to go with this one and hit play on the trusted source.

The player will spin up. You’ll, see an ad, but once the movie starts playing the ad will disappear. Okay, so give it some time to connect to the server to try to play the movie. If it doesn’t play you hit back it’s, going to ask you.

If you want to exit the player, you can say. Yes, i do want to exit the player and then you can try another link, so this will have an add to as well just like cinematic, okay, you just sit here for the ad and then you can continue, but you won’t get ads Throughout the movie, which is very important, so that was our btv number two.

Okay, let’s. Look at our other one! I’m gonna look at zion tv. So let’s just start up: zion tv, okay, and when you start up zion tv, it’s, going to go back because i try to shut down the other one. That was in the background, annoying me with the ad.

So let’s start observing tv. There you go and you’re, going to hit the cancel button here and then your movies and tv shows show up populate like this very easy to use. So i’m gonna this one’s, less intrusive, you’re gonna see less ads.

So i’m gonna go to movies, and i’m gonna say you know what sonic the hedgehog i’m gonna hit on that and what zion tv you will start doing. You ‘ Ll start scraping for that movie, so give it a minute here they’ll.

Give you like a screen right here with all the movie information you hit the play button and then you can auto play. If you find find links you can find links. You can turn it on or off up to you, so it’s, collecting sources and it ‘

Ll show you how many sources it found and then you could just play hit on that source and try playing that source. Very easy to use. Okay. There you go here’s, my sources, they’re populating and then this one’s, a drop apk uh.

So you got lots of sources here and then you can select one here’s, a 720 source. You can and then hit that play button. This will start up the player as soon as it connects to that link. You’ll, get a timer right here, and the movie already starts playing for me.

Okay, so that’s. Zion tv, less ad, intrusive, pretty interesting uh! You won’t, see any ads in this. One works very well as well, so that was intp hit, the circle go back home side, load launcher and my vpn’s on so we looked at cinema apk, we looked at btv, we’ve, looked at zion, which was three.

Let’s, look at the fourth one ttv, and then we got cindy tv, our last one. So here’s. Ttv i’m gonna hit the allow button. I’m gonna say i’m, accepting uh the license agreement and i’m gonna go to english and then i’m gonna go to movies.

They work very similar ways. So i don’t want to spend too much time on options and i’m going for. In this example, i’m, going to pick another different movie. Okay, so i’m, going to say inception, pretty old movie, i’m going to watch 2010 wow.

It’s been 10 years since inception, pretty long time right, okay, so i’m going to hit inception and there you go here’s. Our links, some of them, will surprise wire extra movies. They’ll. Show you the quality next to it.

So i’m, going to go with extra movies. I don’t hit the play button and then this will start up as soon as the timer kicks in it’ll start playing the movie. If the link doesn’t come up with you, for you just hit the back button and then choose another link.

Okay, you can access the player. Oh, i think it came up. Is it let’s play there? You go okay, so i’m, going to exit the player so ttv another great great option: okay, a lot of free links, a lot of free movies and tv shows, i’m, going to exit the app and i’M going to show you the last one uh zeni tv, so i’m going to exit my exit ttv here, let’s, look at the last one side, load launcher and then we’re going to launch zinny tv.

Okay, this will launch once again press the allow button and this one’s very easy to use. You got favorites watch genres downloads and you got the search button right there, and then you can just really scroll through what’s popular stuff, like that, you can go by disney sony’s.

Let’s. Go to by disney, so you don’t even need disney plus you can actually use this in canada. All your disney categories, so aladdin, let’s, say i’m, going to just switch it up. When i click on something else, and then you press the watch now button, you can favorite as well.

You can see the crew. You can see recommendations all that stuff is here, but the hitting play just takes me right to the movie and from here i can pull up this little s here. If i click on that a little s, you can see it’s.

Gon na start, showing me the streams once it finds streams for aladdin it’ll, show the streams and i’ll, be able to select the stream okay. So so far it didn’t find any streams. Yet it’s out there looking for them, and i can always pop that up and here’s, my streams and then i can select the stream which, when it pops up, see how i selected the stream as soon as the stream Starts playing as soon as you can tell that it found a good link and it starts playing.

If you click on here, you’ll, see a timer that pops up. If the stream doesn’t work, you can always go back to the stream and you can say you know what this is not working great. Let me try this one: okay, and this will come up and try to play the stream for you.

Okay, uh very, very easy to use application. Very nice look looks like netflix is absolutely free, so these are my top top five applications uh for the nvidia shield. I’m using the side load launchers.

How i showed you guys, because not all of them will show up under apps. Some of them are not google verified, which means they’re, not showing up like zinni tv is not showing up for me, so i use the side load launcher for them to show up.

Okay. Thank you guys for watching. Thank you for being here. Thank you for all the support drop a comment below. If this is working for you, it has worked uh. What’s, your favorite app? Why is it your favorite and just hit the subscribe button? And let me know if you’re using your shield, how long you had it for and if you love it.

Thank you guys for watching. Thank you for being here hit the subscribe button and don’t forget my discount for the vpn, which is in the pin, comment description to get protected with a vpn to get more links, get more content and have a better streaming experience.

Thank you. Guys for watching, thank you for being here. I’ll, see you all in the next one. Take care!

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