Hey what’s going on youtube? Today? I’m, going to show you a couple of applications that are found right in the amazon play store; okay, no need to uh third-party apps; no need for file link; no need for any of that stuff.

They’re right in the store i’m, going to show you some of the best ones that i like they’ve, been out that some of you might not have heard about. Maybe some of you have, but i’m, going to show you them anyways there’s, going to be a few that i’m, going to show that are absolutely my favorite that are completely free and give you lots Of content, so let’s.

Get into this tutorial. All you have to do in your fire. Stick any version of the fire stick. Will work go into the search icon? The first one we’re going to look for is airy tv, so i’m just going to type in airy tv, and this one is great.

I’ve, been getting notifications from them that they keep adding channels so just type in arie. Just like that, the airy tv search should come up like that click on airy tv and then click on airy tv free tv forever.

It’s, going to take you and it’s, going to ask you to download it and install it. It’s, going to cue. It install the app and we’re, going gonna be ready to go. That’s. My number one right now for live tv.

It’s, got a lot of channels, i believe almost 200 plus live television channels. You got movies, you got westerns, you got comedy, i’ll. Show you a little bit about it, uh what it has, but it’s fully fully loaded.

So as soon as it downloads. Soon as it’s finished, i’m going to pop it right open and i’m, going to show you what exactly is inside of arietv okay. So here’s, arietv free tv movie streaming app forever.

3170 reviews great great little application. Okay, when it’s, finished downloading and installs you’re, going to get a notification. So let’s. Just wait for that. Okay, once airy tv finishes downloading installing we can just pop it open by pressing the open button, and i’m going to show you a little bit inside of arietv here we go.

It takes about five to six seconds. To start up there you go, and it goes off right away, starts playing the channels here’s. Newsmax it’s, got fight tv, it ‘ S, got a lot of channels. Okay, travel food tv.

You got featured stuff. You can hit the play button here to go full screen, like i just done, and you can hit back to exit full screen. Okay, so more features hold select, okay for more info, so select.

Okay, and i can change theme. I don’t like this white theme, so i’m, going to go to a classic airy tv black theme, and that gives me a nice black theme which is easy on my eyes and i like uh okay, so you got a Few options here and there and you got a full guide, so you got fully completed guide here.

Okay, hold select for more info or you can just press. Ok, so the select button more info you can enable subtitles and that’s, pretty much it. It’s, a very, very basic app, and then you got the menu at the top as well.

You can access all those options. Okay, very, very simple, app lots of channels. You can scroll through many many channels, and i can go. Click left here’s, an interesting thing when you click left, you pop up the menu which you can categorize by movies, classic movies, classic tv series classic tv kids reality shows so i, like reality, tv shows i’ll click on reality.

In my categories and then i would pull up all those reality shows here’s, kitchen nightmares, for example, and then on area tv you would hit play and if that was available, it would start playing. Looks like this one’s down.

Let’s. Try another one! Let’s! Try on my! Oh, my god network. I think. Okay, there you go and then press the full play and goes to full screen. So airy tv collects content from all around the internet.

Uh free content, unlicensed content and it shows you a lot of content there’s, so much content out there, and this is a great little app application, probably give you a nice 200 to 300 channels of content.

If you’re bored okay, so i’m gonna get out of airy tv. That’s, one very straightforward, very easy to use that i showed you uh! So let’s hit the home button. I’m gonna show you my second one that i like go to the search icon.

It’s called 2btv for those of you that haven’t heard of it. It’s for movies and shows so just search for 2b to be free movies and tv comes up. Let’s, click on to be okay and click to download 2b. It’s going to cue it.

It’s, going to download it and when it’s ready, we’re just going to pop it open. So here’s, 2b, it’s. Just downloading, and this one’s. Got 204 000 reviews, so you could see how many people are using a 2b application.

Okay, once 2b downloads, it’s, going to install it and we can pop it open. So let’s. Pop 2b open! Let’s, see what 2b has to offer and why i like it. So when pubic tubie comes up, you’re. Gon na see this little free movies and tv show splash screen and after the splash screen you’re gonna, say you know what register for 2b or continue as guest.

So i’m, going to continue as guest. It makes things easy it’s going to say: unlimited shows it’s, going to tell me over 20 000 titles. I’m, just going to say, skip it’s going to take me right into tube.

It looks like netflix it’s, absolutely free! You can watch. You know, shooters feature the terminal. You got all your movies kung fu panda, some big titles in here uh wild and polar open. 24. 7.. Some big titles like kung fu panda, was two was a pretty big hit.

Um we got a documentary section. We got a weekly watch list. Uh, we got action, we got horror, we got family movies, we got continue watching. If you’re, a registered show you where you left off like netflix.

Okay, we got the home categories and we also got channels. So if you go to channels, we can go film rise, movies, uh, docurama, dove channel, so there’s, a song and baby first, of course, as a live tv channel, okay, kids, section and category.

So let’s, say categories. I’m gonna move for comedy very easy to use to be very easy to navigate so, for example, in the mix you press on that it ‘ Ll. Give you a nice little description. All you do is press play and that movie would play for you there.

You go. You’re after the break. You get a small ad, so here’s. The ad after the ad place. The content simply just plays 2b is an amazing little apk. It’s completely. Free works on a fire. Stick works great.

This is my second number. Two favorite application. You got. You got closed captioning as well for those of you that do like uh closed captioning, so that is built into the player as well. Here i can turn the closed captioning on and off, and the movie is just plain: okay, very easy to use to be very nice to use and highly highly enjoyable and highly highly recommended okay.

So i’m, going to just hit the home button. So i installed airy, i showed you a little bit about 2btv. Okay, the third one that i like also found in here is called plex offers a lot of movies. A lot of free tv shows.

I already got a review of that uh, just kind of showing you guys if you haven’t used plex and you’re, saying plex is kind of a media center for some of you. That might know this so search for plex. But plex now threw in a bunch of content inside of the application.

So if you do get plex and you hit the download and you install plex by searching in the amazon store for plex, you ‘ Ll see that plex has a lot of content to offer right now: okay, so let plex download and when it downloads we’re just going to pop it open.

I’m, going to show you a little bit about plex okay. So when plex is finished, installing you can run it just search for plex in amazon store so easy. I’d installed mine, downloaded mine, and when it starts up look at this you got beautiful holiday therapy movies.

Okay, you got recently added. You got most popular, you got leaving soon and you got film and tv section as well news section recommended podcast section as well, but the movie section is quite quite large uh, so you can also search for a movie and you can also go on the left Side and you can go see what ‘

S live television, so plex now offers some live tv uh, as you can see, with full guide. Uh it’s. Got some web shows it’s, got podcasts, it’s, got music and also it’s, got movies and shows i’m gonna go in here, and then i can go by category, which is very Powerful i like to always – and it looks like 2b – they just like almost looks like they knocked off the categories from 2b, i’m gonna click on comedy and here’s, some stuff look at this.

We got alf, we got. Mr bean, so i love mr bean. I’m gonna play, mr bean. You would click on it and then you hit that play button on plex and then the movie would just play for you. Okay, i hit that play button.

The player comes up and it starts playing the movie right away. The show hd content, mr bean does is season one episode, one for mr bean and you can start enjoying the content. Okay, okay, the last one i want to show you i showed you to be.

I showed you arie, i showed you plex. This is my one of my other favorite ones. It’s called popcorn flicks, go to the search search for pop popcorn flicks, just like that. Popcorn flicks, blue logo click on it.

Lots of reviews lots of great content in popcornflix. It’s, going to cue it. It’s, going to download it after it downloads it. We’re, going to pop it open and we’re, going to be able to explore it. Okay right now just wanted to say that my vpn is off.

Therefore, i’m, just getting content licensed in canada, so i’ll, show and explain everything in a minute. Okay, so let’s. Press open on the popcorn, flicks, free movies and tv shows you can see. This comes up.

A lot of content is here. We got. Some great titles looks like netflix. We got some options right up there, so we can hit the selector button and in the options, just some legal information that’s, it not much.

We can change. This is super. Super less is better in my opinion, new arrival, so you get more content here. Okay, so if you would ever board, i mean who needs to rent movies or to buy movies. Look how much content we have for absolutely free.

Okay! So let’s say i wanted to my classic car. I wanted to that’s, a tv show tv series, horror, section, uh, let’s say i want to go in the action and i wanted to watch gear heads okay. This would come up.

This will suggest more action movies and i would just hit play so popcorn flicks is amazing, apk, no buffering, no stuttering. It just plays the content. Okay, the disadvantage of this one, no closed, captioning uh 2b has closed captioning.

That’s. The only disadvantage but another great great apk. So now, if i wanted to get more american content before i head out guys, so what i would do, i would run ipvanish and what ipvanish is going to do is going to give you more content in those applications.

So i have ipvanish set up here and i would just click united states for those of you that do have ipvanish. I’ll, hit the connect button and i’ll press, the ok and now, when i go back to the application like plex, for example, i ‘

Ll show you here: let’s head home, plex popcorn flicks 2b. It would give me content that is licensed in the united states. So for comedy, for example, we’re in comedy section. You would see that i got some more content here, some other movies that were not showing up earlier, and the reason for that is that so they only had a license for the united states.

So, with my vpn on, i would be able to get some of that content that might not been showing up with the vpn off okay. So for those of you that would like to take a deal on a vpn, i have an exclusive deal just go in my pin comment description.

You can get a vpn, you can use it with these applications. You can also use a vpn with some of my third-party applications from my following store, if you buy from my link in the pin comment, description really helping me out guys, and i highly highly appreciate your help.

Uh, you know it’s. A few bucks a month, but it gives you more content using third-party apps and, of course, these apps as well. Thank you guys for watching. Thank you for being here. Let me know what do you think of 2btv? What do you think of arietv uh live television? What do you think of popcorn time, popcorn flicks, i should say not time.

Time is a third party applications, another can of worms, popcorn flicks and the plex application. Thank you guys. Thank you for all the love hit. The subscribe button hit the thumbs up button and i ‘

Ll, see you all in the next one. Take care.

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