What’s up xbox series s fam, so you ‘ Ve, got your shiny new series s and you want some 120 frames per second games to jump into. Well, i’m, going to tell you four amazing free ones. You can download right now from the xbox store and play as long as you ‘

Ve got a compatible monitor, which supports 120 frames per second, so first off we ‘ Ve got call of duty warzone on xbox series s. You can play this at 120 frames per second at 1080p, and this is a monster of a game.

As you know, a lot of hardware struggles with this. Due to that there is some resolution dips, where the resolution will go slightly below 1080p to keep that nice. 120 frames per second battery smooth frame rate for your faces.

Next up, we’ve got another battery l game, which is fortnite battle, royale and fortnite players on xbox series. S can turn on 120 frames per second mode at 1080p resolution also and 120 frames per second mode on the series s shadow resolutions and some other quality settings are reduced and volumetric clouds are disabled, but other than that you’ll, be able to Enjoy some amazing 120 frames per second gameplay next up, we’ve got a classic game here, rocket league! Oh yes! So this game.

If you select performance mode, it will run just below 1080p. At 120 frames per second with high dynamic range turned on. So this will be a lot of fun and really good for you all to check out. If you are a rocket league player on xbox series, s and last but not least, we’ve got another game.

I used to play a lot of on the channel and it’s a lot of fun. I recommend you check out. If you have never played it and it is rogue company and this one will run at 1440p, so that’s. Basically, 2k at 120 frames per second on xbox series: s: oh yes, so that is some pretty sweet resolution there and frames per second on rogue company on series.

S now make sure you subscribe for plenty more xbox series s content here on the channel. Leave me a comment down below what xbox series s video. You’d like to see next on the channel, leave the video a thumbs up and we’ll, see you on the next one, my friends

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