If you’re going to stream, probably a good idea to get ipvanish’s services, the first one with a really long and annoying address is ricochet. This one’s new, but it has been around in the past anyway.

It’s currently been updated and it’s. Working well for movies, tv shows and a whole bunch of other stuff. So you can check out ricochet the next one is a new one as well the oath, and this one uh is a good exodus fork.

So you’ve got your movies and tv shows not sure stuff and uh. This one is new. A few days ago, it actually already received an update so that’s, good it’s been taken care of so check out. The oath diamond shadow was brought back recently and it now has received an update.

So you can check out the diamond shadow repo and lastly, sports hd has once again been updated. This one’s been updated a whole bunch of times over the last couple of months, which is good because sporting links are they work.

They don’t work there’s, always fresh ones every day, so we can check out sports hd. Don’t forget to remember to subscribe to my channel kodi add-ons and the fire tv one. I’m. Just dumping other videos on fire tv at this point and this video was recorded with the cloner alliance box pro it records anything, you want it’s like a pvr.

There’s, a link in the description below. If you want to check that out there’s, also a link for a viper anti-virus software to protect your computer and don’t forget to update to 18.9 uh. It could be very soon that 19 comes out and some of our add-ons stop working.

So let’s. Stay stay tuned for that info when it comes out near the end of march.

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