Hey what’s going on youtube, so your fire stick 4k light. Whichever version you’re using or fire tv might be slow. You might be. You know having some slow downs today, i’m, going to show you the five tools, i think and five things that everybody should install on their fire stick or fire tv when they first get it.

This is gonna. Allow you to fully load it. It’s. Gon na allow you to stay protected. It’s. Gon na allow your fire stick to speed up all that stuff. I’ll get into it. So if you’re in your fire, stick or fire light, the menu might look a little bit different, but the concept’s pretty much the same.

You want to find settings, and you want to go to my fire tv and the developer options and make sure apps from unknown sources is turned on. If you’re on the newer fire os, you ‘ Ll have to go in to settings as well, but you’ll.

Allow each application to write to the fire. Stick the process a little bit different, but very, very similar under settings as well. Okay, once you’re done then hit the home button and you’re gonna hit the search icon and you’re gonna search for an application called downloader, okay, downloader.

So the first tool we’re going to get is the file linked application. It’s great because you can load many updated applications with my code and pin number that i’m, going to give you into the file link store.

So let’s, hit download and download downloader okay press that little download button and get downloaded downloader is only used to get filing because i think file linked is a better place where all the applications are stored.

I always have my updates and date, and there it’s, going to give you the opportunity to download all those applications. So here’s. Downloader we’re, going to open it up when we open it up. Just press the allow button press, the ok button go one up and put in the following: url: get dot file linked dot com; okay, just exactly like you see it like here: file linked dot com; okay.

Now what about these other tools? New tech that you mentioned earlier to speed up your fire stick and all that stuff. It’s, going to be inside my file link that’s, where i’m, going to be updating it, that’s.

Why we need to get file linked, so let’s, do get dot file, link dot com, you’re, going to press that go button and it’s going to download and install our file link application. Okay, going to see the progress bar and when it’s finished it’s.

Going to install this application on the newer fire os it might pop up and ask you say you don’t have permissions. You’ll hit on settings and then you’ll turn on those permissions. It’s a little bit different new fire os, but we can still install apps.

Okay. I’m on the older fire os here, because the fire stick 4k did not receive that update yet okay, so i’m going to press the install button file link is going to install and once it installs i’M going to press open on the file linked application.

Now i’m, going to give you a unique code and my new pin number once it prepares the application it’s going to say enter code. We’re, going to click into it. I’m gonna put in one two three four five, six, seven, eight twos once you put in the eight twos exactly you’re gonna press that next button and you’re gonna press.

The continue button with the eight twos i’m gonna say enter pin. So if the pin number changes, the pin number that i’m, giving you now, if it doesn ‘ T work always read these instructions here, open your phone or computer to this to get pen open, youtube, app and phone and search for a new tech.

Pin you’re, going to be able to find my new channel subscribe or whatever you need to do, and then you’ll, get the pin it’s, usually in the banner. But today, in this video i’m, giving it to you. The pin number is 98.

98 and press the next button and press the continue button. It’s, going to throw you into my following store. You can come back into the store at any time, so what does this mean being in the store? It means i can download apps.

Okay, i can click forward to go into kodi. I can download movies and tv show apps. So if you want to fully load your fire stick, you always have the newest updates here. Live tv, apps, free tv apps under here.

All of them always updated. Okay, fire stick tools as well all the way. Okay, so let’s. Click all the way forward, so let’s, go all the way up. So you can. You can hit this button here rewind button, and then you can click all the way up until you see newtek here and you’re, going to see a couple of things.

Okay, so the first thing i’m going to get is the ipvanishvpn i’ll, explain everything else and why i recommend it and why i think people should have it on their device. Now you’ll, see that the download process goes like this.

There’s, a little bar that downloads it the next one right underneath should be here somewhere fire stick db, cleaner, okay, this is going to speed up our fire. Stick. It’s, going to make it faster. It’s.

Gon na delete all the junk okay. This is my number two tool on here, so i’m just hitting download, and then this turns into play once it finishes downloading. Okay, okay, my third one is the fast task killer.

It’s. Gon na kill unnecessary tasks. So you can see the progress bar downloads right here so so far i got the ipvanish. I got firestick db cleaner and i got fast task killer as well. Okay, so once they’re finished downloading you’ll, see it turns into a play button.

So my ip vanish is finished. So i’m going to install it press the install button and install the ipvanish vpn. Okay. Once that finished, we’re going to install the fire. Stick db cleaner as well: okay, press the done now; fire stick db: cleaner, okay, press, the next button and press the install button on dbtv assistant, which is our fire, stick: cleaning software; okay, press the done button now, the third one we’re gon Na install is the fast task killer.

Let’s, install the fast test killer. This will kill all the necessary processes for us when our fire stick. Fire tv becomes sluggish okay. So we got these three here: okay and another one that i like to use is a unique player called mx player.

So i’m gonna get mx player. Okay, this is our fourth application, so it’s. A custom player that you can set up in movie and tv show apps, so i’m gonna download one app just to show you for free movies and tv shows.

I’m gonna just download one app, and i’m gonna show you why mx player is good and why you should use mx player. You’ll, get much less buffering with mx player. That’s, why? I’m recommending this tool: mx player? Okay, so that’s, our fourth one and then the fifth one is actually in the amazon store, so we’ll, get it from there.

Okay! So let’s finish that mx player. So these are the things you should definitely download on your fire stick! Okay! So this is our fourth thing. Now i’m, just gonna download one free movie apk. This video is not really about uh, fully loading, your fire stick.

You can check out those videos in my channel. I have videos to fully load that okay, so once i get that hit the fast forward and we’re gonna get and one more until we get to movie, show apps and we’re gonna go to cinema apk, and I’m gonna hit the download cinema.

Apk is a great free movie. Tv show app, you’re gonna, probably like it. You can feel free to download, and i’m gonna show you how to use mx player and you can set mx players for all these applications that i have here for free movies and tv shows and mx player is gonna.

Give you less buffering instead of the default android video player, it’s, basically a video player to give you a better experience. Okay, so these are the four five power tools. I think that you should have so far.

We looked at four, but i’m, going to give you another one for browsing websites and not getting spam. I’ll, get into that in a minute. Okay, so in cinema apk downloads just hit that install cinema apk and we’re gonna press.

The done button and later i’m gonna show. You all leave these tools. So far we’ve installed. Four and the thing is, you can get back into my store at any time. Okay, so let’s. Press done let’s hit the home button and file link is also a tool, so it’s.

Really like six more than more than that, i’m, showing you okay, so our last one i’m gonna get, is called silk browser, so you can go to search or find on your amazon fire stick and you can search For internet, okay and a lot of things will come up and internet amazon silk.

So if it doesn’t come up. Look for amazon, silk or internet. It’s. A logo like this blue logo – and this is what i like, because i use this to watch sports on sportsbay.org live sports. I have a video on how to watch sports, but this is another browser that i like, because you can prevent pop-up ads.

Okay, this one that will prevent pop-up ads. All you have to do is click stay here inside of that browser, and i’ll prevent those pops pop-up ads coming up. Okay, so we’ve, downloaded all those tools and let that silk browser download there.

So we got our file linked. Let’s. Go to your apps and games, see what we have in total everything. Okay, so we got our file linked, store. Okay, we got our ipvanishvpn, we got our db firestick cleaner tool to speed it up.

We got the fast task killer and we got cinema hd, okay and we got a mx player to show you how this all works. Mx player, unfortunately, is probably hidden as a player. I don’t, see it here, yeah, so they hid in it and the apps it’s, dug in there no problem, okay, and we got the youtube app here as well.

Okay, so let’s. Amazon, silk browser already; okay, so it installed it. We got the amazon browser as well. Okay, so before i run any applications from my filing store anything like that, i like to run ipvanish.

So let’s start up ipvanish. Why do would you need a vpn on your firestick? Well, a vpn is going to create an anonymous connection when using any apps third-party apps or anything like that for streaming movies tv show live sports all that stuff.

It’s. Gon na keep you anonymous with all these crackdowns. All these things going on it’s good to be protected, so your real internet address does not show up. I recommend ipvanish works great on a firestick device, amazon device, but it also works on android devices.

Now you can have unlimited accounts. I partner up with them. Two guys offer you an account, so you, when you start up ipvanish, username and password. If you click on that link below in the pin comment description, it’ll.

Take you to a page. You can choose. Your package cost a few bucks a month very, very low cost packages. You’ll, be fully fully protected with a vpn. You also get geoblock content that some some websites for sports and things like that or movies and tv shows, may not work without a vpn.

So i highly highly recommend using a vpn. Some paid iptv services now require vpn as well. Okay, so click that link and once you get your own account, you’ll, get an email from ipvanish confirmation, okay, and that link that you click in my pin comment description is going to give you almost 50 to 60 off, depending on time.

You buy it so having a vpn is vital if you have one turn it on everything that i do. I always turn a vpn on. So once you sign up for an account with ipvanish from those links, you’ll, get an email, confirmation, click on that email, confirmation and then your account will be active.

You’ll, be able to log in i’m. Just going to log into mine, i’ll, show you the quick little setup to have the least buffering and the most protection on ipvanish. Okay, once logged into here, go to the gear icon right here: click on that and ipvanish say start ipvanish.

Startup connection action choose connect too fast to server. Okay, auto reconnect on split tunneling click on this, because if you have netflix prime hulu disney plus, you may want to have split tunneling on so i’m going to click on split tunnel link.

For example, and i’m, going to search for an application called youtube. For example, you would search for netflix. I don’t have netflix here, but they don’t work great with a vpn. So when i’m using youtube, i don’t need the vpn to be on right.

I can use youtube without a vpn, so i would hit here and then i would search for a youtube app. Unfortunately, i don’t, think i have it anymore. So let’s, search for prime. That would be a better example.

Okay and then i would put a check mark on prime netflix or any other application. You don’t want the vpn on so there might be applications. You don’t want the vpn to be turned on for those you simply do it in split tunneling, okay, put scramble mode on now when we get to the vpn protocol, make sure you select ikey version 2 beta okay.

This, for me, has given me the least, buffering using ipvanish, so very important um for the vpn protocol iq version 2 beta instead of the open vpn protocol, okay hit back and go to country and select united states that’s, going to give you The most content, okay, united states and then press that connect button at the top.

Now you’re and then press the ok button. Now your fire stick is fully protected. Now i can safely use cinema apk. I can use many other apks okay, so i’m going to hit the home button and i’m going to go in here since we’re protected.

Now your apps and games uh. Now i’m gonna show you how to use cinema apk, so cinema apk is a great apk. If you haven’t heard of it for free movies and tv shows, i’ll press the allow button. One of my favorites press, the accept button press, the ok button and you can always get the most updated version from my filing store and you can below get many.

Many other apks for free movie and tv shows. Okay, hit the gear icon here, the hamburger and we’re. Looking for the settings option, so you go to settings here and choose default player. We’re, going to say, mx player.

Remember that video player we downloaded. That gives the least buffering mx player go back and then choose your. You know, movies or tv show choose whatever you like make sure you’re, fully protected with a vpn uh to safely stream.

All this stuff and let’s, say i wanted to watch. This is all christmas stuff. Christmas is past kinda. So now i’m. Just gonna go new hd releases, see what’s being released and okay, we’ll, go with dead water thriller.

I like thrillers, it’ll start searching for streams, and then you ‘ Ll see all your streams populating here and then you have the opportunity to play that stream see how the links are appearing here and then i can click on the link to play that actual link.

So let’s, choose a link. I can play with subtitles or play okay. So let’s hit play and, as you can see, mx player starts up. I’m gonna press the allow and then it kicks us into mx player and the movie starts playing with mx player better than the default cinema player better than all the other default players.

Cinema is going to give you the least buffering once the movie starts playing. It shows you. How big is the file that it’s, trying to connect the timer will kick in and it will try playing that content.

Okay, so cinema apk is a very good one, and if a link, doesn’t work, you can always jump to another link. Okay, so this one doesn’t have too many links, but you could always jump to another link and then that would that would start playing okay, so i want to connect, it would start playing and then movie would play so mx player.

I highly highly recommend mx player. It makes easy, makes things easy in the actual application. Okay, i know what i chose in there clownery. I think something else see you get lots of lots of streams, okay, 48 found already and then just hit that and max mx player starts up and the content starts playing there you go and the player is very easy to use and very unique okay.

So i’m going to exit cinema apk, because this is not really about movie tv show apps, but when you install so many applications and so many things on your fire stick, things tend to start to slow down.

So the next thing i want to show you is the dang buy cleaner, which is i call it the db cleaner as well. People are calling it db cleaner. It’s. The only cleaner out here, uh that really works well on a fire stick.

So click on it have it start up. So when this cleaner starts up, it shows you how full the device is and what you can do. You can start cleaning the great thing about this. You can test your network speed to see if you’re, getting the right speed on your fire stick very easily from here.

Okay and then you can uninstall apps this i love this see. I can uninstall apps that i don’t like it shows me all the apps that i have that i can uninstall shows me. The use storage at 53, great great tool for any fire stick works on all versions of fire stick.

So if i want to clean up this fire stick, all i would do is press the start button and there you go a lot of things. Residual cache, obsolete and stuff from the memory is clear running. This is going to always clean it up now at 99 efficiency instead of 80.

Okay hit that start button and it’ll clean up things for you. Okay, great great tool works on any version of fire stick or fire. Stick: uh tv, okay, any amazon device, so great tool. I’m gonna hit home.

So if your fire stick is sluggish, you can also do that. Okay, so let’s. Go back to this and another one. I’m gonna look at so we’ve. Looked at this one cinema, apk ipvanish, we looked at this. We looked at everything except task killer and our internet browser.

Okay. So let’s, go to the task killer and this one’s. Super simple! This one, you just click on it once and it will run it for you’ll, kill all those tasks. Okay with the task killer. The thing is it: might, it might interfere with your youtube.

You might have to reinstall your youtube once you do it. I’ve, been getting reports that it becomes troublesome with youtube. So let’s. Try that right now i’m going to just get youtube and i’m going to run the task killer c, if it bugs out with my youtube, so that’s, another tool, i recommend: let’s.

Try getting youtube again that the task killer might interfere a little bit with your youtube okay, but these things are going to make things much faster. Okay and it’s. Going to keep you secure, mx player is going to prevent buffering.

This is how you get your fire sting running up at the optimal level. I’m, going to skip this and let’s, see if those reports are correct, that people been saying in the comments let’s run the task killer here.

Okay, there you go now let’s. Go back and let’s run youtube, so youtube still seems to work uh, but it will probably sign you out and you might have to sign back in and won’t show your setup, so youtube is working.

Okay. The last thing i’m, going to show you the last one of my favorite tools, which is available right from here, is the silk browser which we’ve, already installed called internet or silk browser. I like to call it and why would you have? Why should you have this because you can go directly to movie sites, you can go directly to sports sites and you can watch content.

So click on internet i’ll. Show you one example uh. I would go here in the white bar here at the top and let’s. Put sports bay, that’s; a website for sports and events, spore sports bay, dot, org, okay, press the go button.

Sportsbay.Org cancel the calibration okay. This will take me here and now i could watch nfl football. The good thing about this: it has a mouse cursor, see how i’m moving the mouse cursor around and the good thing is.

I can actually click on. If i wanted to watch nfl, let’s, say or anything else. I’m going to blur some of this out. You would scroll down here. You have all your games set up and, of course, you have to blur this out.

You hit the watch now on sports bay and you’ll, see the first video here don’t click on that go to the second video and hit cancel. If it’s going to ask you if you want to watch an hd and hit stay here, this is blurred out always hit stay here in the browser and always press stay here and there you go.

I’m. Getting the channel live right here, it’s unfortunate. It’s blurred out, but i could catch live events on sports bay. This browser the internet browser. If i’m going to go back here, it can also be used for anything else.

A lot of movie sites, a lot of things like that you can go directly to the movie site and you can watch it with minimal interference with minimal ads. These are the tools that i recommend on your fire.

Stick it’s, going to make your experience better. It’s, going to make your experience faster and you’re, going to highly highly enjoy it. So i recommend these things. I recommend them all, and this is going to give you.

Hopefully, all these tools have helped you guys. You can go back into my store at any time. The file link you just click on that will take you to my store and you can get any updated movie. Apks live tv, apks, uh use these tools make your fire stick better.

Okay, these are the five or six. If you want to say tools that i would highly highly recommend on your fire, stick guys and gals to use. Thank you for watching. Thank you for being here make sure you hit the subscribe button to always get the newest pin number.

If my pin number changes, if you hit the subscribe, you’re, going to get a notification when my pin number changes very important. You hit that subscribe button. Thank you guys for watching. Thank you for being here.

I’ll, see you all in the next one. Take care!

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