hi, welcome to mix and jam a channel about game development. Experimentation today’s. Project is based on Final Fantasy 15 in the game. Noctus has the ability to do a fast warp strike on his enemies.

My goal for this project is to try and create a similar effect using unity. These are the steps I needed to follow to create. The warp strike find the proper animations to use on the character actions, make the character and sword move towards the target and recreate the shaders and effects so just like in the last project I downloaded some animations I needed on a Maximo like a run and sword.

Slash animation: I also followed this tutorial from film storm to create a third person control camera after the animations were implemented. I downloaded a model of Noctis sword by Vanessa al on sketchfab and attached it to my character’s model.

Before working on my main script, I downloaded it sweet to my project so to make the character move towards a target. I simply used to tweens to move, since the warp happens on a specific frame on the animation.

I use an animation event on the slash motion to call my warp function to make the player model disappear while moving. I go through all the skinned mesh renders in the character and disabled them and when the warp is complete, they activate again in the game knock.

This throws his sword before he works, so to replicate that I D attach the sword from the player by setting its parent to null and move it towards the target using doom to create the projections knock.

This leaves behind when warping, I simply instantiate a copy of the player without the animator and most of its components to work on the shaders. I wanted to use shader graph, and for that I installed the lightweight render pipeline to my project.

Shader graph is a visual way of creating shaders using a note system. So in my case, I wanted to create two types of shaders, one that would be a transparent surface with glow and another, with an opaque surface and also glow.

On the first shader I set the surface to transparent and the blend mode to additive. After that I use the fernell effect node in both the albedo and emission properties, multiplied by a color property to make it have a bluish tint.

Then, on my script, I just changed the material of the ghost projection to the new material with that custom, shader [, Music, ]. The second shader has a similar structure to the first one, but instead of a transparent surface, it has an opaque surface for this shader.

I created a vector for floppity to control the amount of glow it has so I can make it up here after the warp is complete and fade away after a while, I added some basic particle effects to make the warp look a little bit better in the Game the sword only shows up when the works trike starts, so I only make its mesh render active when the work begins and when it’s finished.

I use the custom transparent shader to make it fade away. After that, I created a simple system that would detect which target was the nearest to the camera center and set it to be the main target that enabled me to recreate the UI elements from the game and overlay them over the current target.

I populated the scene with some enemies with animations that reacted to the warp strike for some Polish. I added some pause processing like bloom and the fulfilled. I also added some screen shake when the warp is finished by using cinema scenes in post source.

To add a bit more of a velocity effect, I use the lens distortion property on the post-processing effects, while the work is happening, [, Music, ]. After a bit of adjustments, this is how it turned out [, Music ].

As always, the link for the project’s. Repository is on the description below. If you have anything you would like to see being made on a video. Let me know in the comments or feel free to reach me out on Twitter.

If you enjoy this video don’t forget to like it share the friends and subscribe to the channel. If you have it, I ‘ Ll, see you in the next one [ Music ], you

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