Let you guys know that on this channel, the pin number to my file linked for the code that you’re trying to access the eight twos. The pin number has changed and the pin number is now 98.98 so 9898 for the pin number.

I changed the pin number as a lot of people were sharing my file linked and given it to other people, it’s only meant for my subscribers. If you’re subscribed to my channel. I thank you guys for that.

The new pin number a lot of people have been asking me around. If you could, please spread the news, let everybody know that the new pin number is 9898. So if you’re watching any other video on my channel and the pin number does not work just remember, the new pin number is 9898 for my store.

Thank you guys for all the support. Thank you for all the love hit the thumbs up button and tell everybody else. What is um the pin number for my store. It’s, a new one, so we’re gonna be using that pin number going forward.

So we’ve got the a2s and we got the pin number as 9898. Thank you guys and see y’all in the next video take care.

Source : Youtube

My new code and pin

CODE: 22222222
PIN: 9898

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