In this february video we’re, going to check out a couple of new add-ons and a couple of updated add-ons before we get to that don’t forget to get your subscription to ipvanish. If you want to surf the internet in anonymity, there’s, a link in the description below, and you can take advantage of these awesome deals.

You can see on the screen right now. Let’s, get to it. We’ve got a doctor who add-on here it’s called regeneration. I consider myself a doctor who expert ask me any trivia questions you want in the comments below and i will answer them all.

Unfortunately, this is a debris add-on. So you ‘ Ll need to subscribe to that service to get uh all the links for all of your favorite doctors, so check it out slipstream. This is actually one for um racing motocross.

Basically, anything on wheels that that runs slipstream is your add-on. So you can check out that one rogue one has been updated. This one’s been popular lately, it’s, good for movies and tv shows to check out rogue one updated and also the oath has once again been updated.

It’s, a new add-on recently and it’s been a few ad, a few updates since then so check out the oath and lastly, elementum has once again been updated. This one runs on torrents, so there is some downloading involved uh.

So to speak, and so it’s. Probably a decent idea to have your ipvanish uh turned on when you use this one updated. So there it is don’t forget to subscribe to my channels. The top one is the one you’re on the bottom.

One is where i have a bunch of fire tv, stuff and a bunch of other videos. I’m, just kind of dumping there. At the moment, don’t have any new fire tv videos to show uh. This video was recorded with the cloner alliance box pro if you wan na, like pvr thing use this click, the link in the description below and additionally, two we’ve got the viper antivirus software link in the i’ve been, i’ve been this product for five months, and nobody’s bought one yet so it’s uh, whatever don’t forget to update your system to cody 18.


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