In this February video we’re gonna look at six add-ons, a couple new ones and a couple that have been updated for more videos for my channel click, the hash tags below this video. Our sponsor is ipvanish.

They have a birthday sale going on this month. Just click the description, click, the link in the description below, and you can get a subscription to ipvanish for four bucks and you can help protect your anonymity.

While you’re on line and subscribe and keep your eyes peeled for the you tube membership program, I continually promise and one of these days we’ll, get around to setting up our first one is safer media.

It’s, an all-in-one add-on. I apologize for not listing to the description in this video because if I do but this video will get D monetized and I’m getting annoyed by that now. So I’ve listed the repo address below in the comments and in the description so check it out.

If you want this, all in one cypher media add on another new one is a kryptonite. This one’s for movies and TV shows. An edema has a monster section, so check out. Kryptonite covenant was just updated the other day.

This is a popular one from the past movies and TV shows are easily found and working on it so check out. Covenant and Allah Plaza has been updated as well. Another one for movies and TV shows so check out la plaza for rare Spain, Spanish speakers.

We’ve got one here so check out Spain, TV and lastly, for our mites demon, Dee Ananda, we’ve, got IPTV for Australia, so cheek out that particular add-on. So with that we’ve, cracked, thirty thousand subs.

We’ve got our YouTube membership in the pipeline, and some shocking things have been going on with my channel since January began of this new year. My views have been cut in half my subscribers have been cut in half YouTube’s.

Up to something I’m, not exactly sure what but keep your eyes peeled for the few your membership program. Thank you very much.

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