Yo fam it’s. Murray. Welcome to a super quick nintendo switch tutorial video here with a mega mega fast way to delete software from your machine, and this is a little tip that some of you might not know just to see.

If you’re going to settings, if you want to delete software or any apps from your nintendo switch or switch light, the quickest way to do this is just head on over it. So, for example, we have got super carpet, clash there and then press the plus button, so that’s.

Like the add the plus button on your controller and then it will take you straight to data management and you just go to delete software and click. Ok, and it says the soft software easy for me to say it says this software will now be deleted.

If you’d, like to delete it again, you’ll need to re-download it from nintendo eshop, which i will show you in a separate video. How you can do that? I’ll, leave a card to pop up in the top right hand corner of the screen, so you can check that out.

Just click delete and then super car be clash or whatever you decide to delete, well, go bye, bye and you’ll, have additional storage on your nintendo switch to download more games? Hopefully, you found this useful if you did like this super quick tutorial smash that thumbs up button subscribe for plenty, more awesome, gaming content coming your way on the channel.

Thank you very much for watching my name is murray. We’ll, see you in the next one:

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