Oh team, stick around. I’m gonna show you how to get rid of one of the most annoying errors in Kodi, using one of the methods found in my new e-book. So I’m trying to load something up, and you know what’s about to happen BAM.

We’re gonna get rid of that today. So you get home, you’re, trying to watch a movie and Bend you keep getting this error right here, so we’re gonna do is follow these short, simple steps that I show in my ebook and I’M gonna fix it for you guys in real time.

So the first thing I’m gonna need you to do is get to the main Kodi screen. So, in order to do so, you need to go to your build menu, whichever one you use, I use a Zenon build. I need you to go down and find system settings.

Ok, so click on your system settings then I want you to go down and find interface click on interface from interface. I want you look for skin over once and then click on it and we’re gonna look for a story.

Someone taught me how to pronounce that, and I still can’t. Do it. I’m, sorry, so a story and then click on it, and then we’d like to keep this change. Go to. Yes, click! Yes, on that, we’re gonna go back twice and you’ll, be here.

I’m. The main Kodi screen. Ok, so now it’s. You’re here. I want you to go to the gear icon here at the top click on that, and instead of all this file manager, we’re gonna go right over to system now what this is one of the methods I show in my my ebook Check it out guys it’s, it’s flawless.

It was foolproof, alright, anyway, shameless plug. I want you to go down here and you see where mine says expert, make sure your says experts. So if you click on it a few times it’ll toggle through and you’ll, get to expert eventually, once you’re at expert, I want you to go up to add-ons and then over to the right to Manage dependencies click on manage dependencies once you’re inside manage dependencies, I’m in a wild environment.

Once you’re inside manage dependencies, you need you check on two add-ons. Ok, so these are one of these are kind of the most important add-ons that Cody has, because this is where a lot of the errors come from.

What I want you to do is scroll down until you see not live resolvers this scroll down until you see resolved URL okay, so we’re gonna first click on resolve, URL, and then we’re gonna first make sure Yours is enabled, because I’ve logged in to mine, and it’s been disabled.

Before make sure that says enabled I mean make sure it looks like this sorry make sure it’s, enabled and installed. If you don’t, have it install, it also update click on update and we kind of want the latest version of it right now.

Mine is pretty old, which was probably why I was getting that error, which usually happens. So I’m gonna scroll up roll up roll up and we kind of want the latest version of it. This is five points to seven.

Well, I’m gonna go with a 5.0 to 9. Ok, let’s, see if that works. I don’t updated now. If you don’t have the version that I have it’s, probably because I have an add-on that you don ‘ T have, and I have a I have a ton of add-ons in my catalog.

So let me know if you don’t and it’s, always in my book regardless. The add-ons that I use are in my book as well, so that’ll, be helpful. Then I want you to scroll down to URL resolver. Ok, so click on URL was over as well and, like I said, install it.

If you don’t, have it make sure it’s enabled, and I want you to update it as well. So I’m on a old version again so scroll up to the latest version that you have. I’m gonna go with 5.0 0.35. So let’s.

Click on that! Let it install boom! I don’t has been updated. Alright, so that’s, pretty much the main issue right there. So we’re gonna do is we’re gonna go back now to the main screen and I’m gonna reopen exit is to see if I can get this to go alright, so bear with me.

Let’s, see we got here. What you should do actually is restart your kodi, so we’re gonna. Do that right now we start your kodi system. Alright, so i’ve restarted kodi. Here now I’m gonna give mine a few seconds just so everything can kind of load up a little.

A bunch of things that I have set up to kind of auto fix itself, like I said all shown in my ebook link, is in description below check it out. Let’s. Give that a few seconds. Okay. So now all of your add-ons have updated and checked themselves and make sure that they’re running properly.

We’re gonna go back and see if I can get Exodus to work now. Okay, so let’s. Go down to and go to add-ons I’m going to Exodus TV shows. I’m gonna see what we can do here, all right. Most popular Dahl’s, a long night, which was dope, which was dope all right.

Let Exodus final it’s. Links like it normally does give this a second as well boom. All right, let’s, see you see. We got right one two, three movie hubs. Hopefully you can find something correct. Oh I’m gonna miss strike one that’s, the thing about Kobe.

Oh, it may strike two. What is the third time? The charm? Ah, there we go so, as you can see guys it’s, a three just because the Lynx and Cody are never that reliable. Let me get out here because I don’t want no smoke.

Like I said not. Every Lincoln Cody is reliable. However, the method worked. No longer am i getting no uh, no frickin stream found worked out perfectly took a few tries, but that’s like everything is headed mess of trying to be very transparent with you guys.

So I hope you enjoyed the video. I hope this helped. You out, like I said I have an e-book in the description below that I have worked tirelessly on to make sure that the buffering fixes in the book work for you guys.

The error fixes that show up in the book works for you guys and it’s, easy to follow and easy to understand, as this tutorial was as well. So this was a freebie. If you want to check it out, links in the description below it also gives you access to an exclusive area.

On my website, where you’ll, see deals weekly that uh a gray times you’re gonna want to check out to help enhance your kodi system. There’ll, also be updates to every tutorial covered in that book.

On that webpage, as well and also exclusive tutorials, that I can’t post on this and and other tutorials that I haven’t posted on my website. Ok, so guys check it out. I’d. Be really appreciative if you did, even if you just look at the page and just see what there is to offer, I’d, be I’d, be so happy that I worked tirelessly on this thing, but guys thanks for sticking around.

I hope this demonstration kind of showed you that I’m, not playing games with what I have here for you guys, and I’m here – to help you guys out so have a great day. I hope he worked out for you drop a comment below like the video and I’ll, see you in the next one

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