All right, so, as you can see, the episode ended and I’m gonna see if it auto, plays right into the next one. Okay, all right and it auto – played the next episode. Hello team. In this tutorial, I’m gonna show you how to get Exodus to auto play, so it works a little bit better like Netflix.

So a lot of people ask for it. Well, few people acts for it and I don’t. Normally use this on my system, but you guys want it. So I’ll make a video for it. Okay, so what we’re gonna do is get you out of the build that you’re using, and we’re gonna get you to the main Kodi screen.

The same way I like to do with all of my videos, so what we’re gonna do is from your kodi, build whichever one you’re using. I want you to go to the system settings alright, so click on system settings it & # 39; s, usually be in your main, build somewhere.

You should see system settings in the home menu system settings. I want you to go to interface. Click on interface, at the top skin over let’s, click on skin and we’re gonna go to istari, so click on a story.

Ok, yes, and then you’re at the main Kodi screen and go back escape, escape or hit back when your remote, whichever you need, and it’ll. Take you to this screen right here. So once you’re here, we’re gonna go into Exodus.

If you don’t, have it installed there’s, a card that you can click that’ll teach you how to install Exodus onto your kodi. If you do have it installed, we’re gonna continue on. So I want you to go down to add-ons.

Why is my mouse stuck with it? I want you to go down to add-ons. Let’s, click on add-ons here and then let’s. Go to video, add-ons click, video add-ons and look for Exodus. You don’t have to do it. The way I did, but it’s just so.

Everyone could be on the same page so from video add-ons. I want you to go to Exodus click on that and then we’re gonna go down to tools, click on tools, so the first thing I’m going to do is we’re going to go to general? We’re gonna change, a few settings in this, and by doing so we’re gonna get a like Netflix.

So, first off general, when you’re here there’s, two things you want to change from the jump providers. Time out, we’re gonna put this down to 20. Okay, so drag this dial down to 20. It depends on how long it takes exodus to go to the next provider before it gives it an error, an error.

So I’m gonna fit this to 20. Once you have that at 20 we’re gonna go down to let’s, see believe it’s, playback all right, someone playback at the very top here where it says, set autoplay directory a dialog.

I think it’s that directory originally. I want you to switch that using the arrow keys here to autoplay and then, under it view, providers in progress dialog, I believe it starts in foreground. We’re gonna change that to background okay.

So click on background here auto play up here and then we’re gonna scroll down a little bit to the file hosting filters. Now you can set the max quality without changing providers depends on how aggressive great your TV is or how strong your computer is, depending on what you’re, using Kodi on whether it be a fire stick or not depends on how the quality of The show you’re gonna watching will be.

I have mine on 4k, I’m using my computer. I kind of don’t, mind 1080p, so I’m gonna 1680 P, so it prioritizes that one okay, I don’t. I don’t mind it. It still looks good to me why people have a certain preference.

If you’re, one of them use it from then I want you to scroll down. Do we need anything else in here? Yes, scroll all the way down to the bottom, and I want you to go to SD, holsters and autoplay make sure that’s off you.

Don’t want SD. I know I said the quality don’t matter, but SD is trash, make sure that’s off holsters with CAPTCHAs. You want to make sure that’s off as well. Just so you don’t have to enter any information any codes and it won’t.

Let it work like Netflix, because you have to enter information so make sure that is off as well. Everything else is fine. Once you have this in, I want you to go over to providers so from providers we’re gonna go to open, scrappers settings; okay, so click on open scrappers settings and it’ll.

Take you to the scrapper settings module. So when you’re here, we’re gonna turn off a few of the providers that we don’t need because they’re, slow or dead or not working. So we’re gonna get them out the way.

All right so says general. Here we’re gonna go over to holsters in hosters. There are certain things you want to turn off. They may already be off for you, but if not, these are the ones that I don’t use.

You can turn off as much as you want. I know a bunch of them do still work, so you can play around with it, but the more you have off the less it’ll search through in scope scroll through the whole time.

So I ‘ Ve turned one two: three Hulu off scroll down. Let’s, see file Pursuit off see. Let me show that is to the left. Let’s, go down a little more and we have fork that’s off as well. Go stream off what else we got library turn it off there’ll, also be in the in the description there’ll, be the list all the ones I don’t use that are already off there’Ll be a list of it down in the description.

Okay, so you don’t have to keep pausing this video. You can just go down there now. If you want a row row, I turn that off and what else I think that’s. It! Yes, so a row rows the last one make sure that’s off as well.

Once you’re done with the hosters, we’re gonna go over to foreign. Now, depending on your preference. I don’t, speak Spanish, so I don’t need any Spanish providers, so I made sure I turned all of mine off.

If you want the Spanish providers, you want to watch the show in Spanish. You can turn these on as well and scroll down they’re. A bunch of different options is German. There’s a bunch down here. I don’t.

I don’t use any of them Center off. They’re Greek, I disabled, all of them all right. I don’t need it. They’re all off. If you would like to keep them, one by all means go for it, but it’s up to you. So once you have four ins, the ones you don’t need off the holsters that you don’t need, are also off.

You’re good to go. We’re gonna go back, so we’re, just it. Okay go back to settings here and I’m gonna give you a quick look at how it works just so you guys can check it out now. Full disclosure – I don’t use this.

I don’t like it. My computer may be kind of slow. So when it’s, finding two providers, it takes a little bit a while to switch to the next episode and I kind of just like choosing the ones that I know work best for me.

So teachers own. So let’s. Get this little tutorial out the way all right, so, as you can see, the episode ended and I’m gonna see if it auto, plays right into the next one. Okay, all right and it auto played the next episode.

Okay, so again I don’t really like it too much. I think it’s. You know it takes too long or if you asked me, I like to just select the episode and go, but everyone’s different. Maybe your computer or your device is a lot faster than mine is and you don’t have this issue, but I say: try it out test it for yourself and see how it goes.


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