yo fam it’s. Murray. Welcome to today’s, video, where i’m, going to show you how to enter the fortilla vault. So no surprises you need to go to the fortilla on the map. First of all, that is where you need to land, and then you need to get yourself some weapons and i recommend, if possible, getting a boat there’s.

Boats mirrored all around this area because of all the water as it’s. A really quick way to scour the fertility to try and find ocean, and then you will hear her. She talks. Obviously it sounds a lot different than the other henchmen and that there she is there that’s.

Why i opened fire and then she realized who i was and started, shooting at me as well. So then, you need to take out potentially some henchmen and also you need to take out ocean, because she will have the key card for the vault, which is what you’re after you ‘

Ll also have an amazing, mythical burst ar for you, and also an incredibly overpowered healing item, which is the mythical bottomless chunk jug. Yes, this thing’s incredible. It gives you full shield and full health and it regenerates, so you can use it multiple times.

You could pass it about your squad if you’re playing this on squads and you have your whole squad healed off to the max. So once you pick them up that’s, the key card, you need the cartel key card, pick that up and every time you select that on your inventory, it will show you arrows towards where the vault is and also the vault is marked with A padlock a little grey icon.

You can see there on screen right now and now that we have got ourselves healed up a little bit. The storm has just came in, but that doesn’t really matter, because we have got the bottomless chug jug.

So head on over to where the arrow is telling you and it’s, this central tower and the foreteller you want to go to, and you want to head up these stairs here and then the vault is right there. Next to you, i just like shooting out these cameras because they are annoying.

They can distract uh can attract some unwanted attention. Sorry use your key card on that keycard terminal there and then the vault will open open sesame, and then you can use your awesome bottomless chunk jug to give you some help.

If you need it, if you’re stuck in this storm like me, and then once you get into this vault there’s, an absolute ton of items to help you and your squad. If you’re playing squads, get the win in fortnight battle, so hopefully this was helpful.

If it was, i’d, really appreciate if you hit that subscribe button and turn on the notifications. So you do not miss out on any of our future videos and tap that little thumbs up button. Alongside using my support creator code for shout out on the channel, thank you very much for watching my friends stay tuned for all things fortnite and we ‘

Ll, see you on the next video

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