Hey what’s going on youtube today? I’m gonna be installing the best version of cinema hd on your fire. Stick the fastest version. The best setup is gonna get you the most movies, the most content and it’s.

Gon na get you the best version, always okay, so on your fire, stick devices can be done on any fire stick light as well. Just the menus might be moved around, it might be a different look, but i’m doing this on the 4k fire stick go to settings and then go to my fire tv and from here go to developer options and turn on apps from unknown Sources, okay and say turn on on my fire: stick 4k edition! If you’re on a newer fire, stick you’re just going to turn that option on when you actually install the app okay so hit the home button.

Go to your store so on this fire. Stick it’s, just a search right here and on the newer fire sticks. It’s. Another option in the app store there. Okay, so i’m, going to search for an application called downloader that’s.

What you want to search for downloader? What’s, going to do it’s, going to go search for downloader it’s, an orange icon. I want you to click on that icon once you click on it. Click on the download it’s, going to cue it and it’s going to download the downloader application with downloader.

I’m going to give you access to my store. I’m, going to give you a code and a pin number that’s, going to allow you to get the newest best apks. Let’s! Hit that open button right there in our filing store.

I’m, going to press the allow here, press the okay button and you’re gonna get taken to this menu. Okay. Now we’re gonna get the file link stored. You’re gonna click, one up and click in here and once you’re in there, you’re gonna pull in the following url.

You’re gonna put in get dot file linked dot com, okay, so get dot, file linked dot com, so get dot, file linked dot com, and you’re gonna press that go button in the downloader application. Okay, it’s, gonna connect and it’s going to get the file linked.

I’m, going to give you a code and a pin number and i’ll, show you how to access my file link as well. So you can install this apk and many other apks. Let’s! Press the install button on the file linked application when it’s finished installing the file linked application, get the opportunity to press the open button.

Okay, let’s. Press the open button on the file link application. It’s. Going to pull up and it’s, going to ask for a code click into enter code and put in one two, three: four: five: six, seven, eight twos put in eight twos and then press the next button.

Okay, press, the continue! Now it’s. Gon na ask you for a pin number. I’m gonna give you the pin number right now, but if any time it doesn’t work. Follow the instructions here right now open your phone or computer to get, pin open your youtube app, so you will open youtube app and you search for new tech pin and then you will find my video with the newest pin today you don’t Need to do that, i’m, going to give you the pin number, but in case it doesn’t, not work in the future.

You know exactly what to do. Read this note. Okay, so i’m gonna hit enter, pin and i’m gonna give you the pin. 98 98 is the pin number, and i’m gonna hit the next button. Okay and press that continue button.

Once you get into my filing store, i press the dismiss to any pop-ups and any uh further pop-ups just hit the dismiss button. The first thing i want you to get is the ipvanish vpn dismiss this pop-up.

You’ll, see that i ‘ Ll start the download process. This will turn into a play button. Once this turns into a play button. We will install that okay. So here we are ipvanishvpn. I’ll, explain why you would want to run it and why you would want to use it and hit that play button and press the install button right there.

It’s, going to install the ipvanish vpn when it’s finished don’t open it up. Yet i’ll, explain everything press the done button! Okay, you’re going to scroll down and you’re, going to see cody. You might want to get cody if you wish uh.

This video is not about kodi, so i’ll skip it. I have videos on kodi. If you’d, like that on my channel, you’re gonna hit a section movies and show apps. Okay and the one we want to get is the cinema hd untouched version? Okay click: the download button, it’s, gonna download, the untouched version of cinema hd, and when it’s finished downloading.

This will turn into a play button. You’re gonna press that play button and you’re gonna press, the install button and we’re gonna press the done button once it installs okay. So let’s. Do that! Let’s, press the done button.

Okay feel free to get any other applications. Any tv btv they’re. All free movie and tv shows app. You can go back to my store at any time after installing cinema hd. So if i hit the home button – and i want to go back to the new tech store – i could just go in here and it would press to continue and throw me back into the store.

Okay. Now we’ve installed cinema apk and we’ve installed downloader and file linked and ipvanishvpn hit see all now before i run any of the apks from my store. I run ap vanish. So if i’m running cinema apk that i just downloaded right here, first, i’m, going to run ipvanish.

So let’s start up ipvanish and once you start up ipvanish, you’re, going to be asked for a username and password so to get more links to get geoblock content to be fully protected and fully anonymous.

I recommend running a vpn i partner with ipvanish. So if you scroll down you’ll, see a link. Click on that link to get your own unique account and your own password. You can log in i’ll. Show you the quick setup so to get that that’s in the pin comment description through my link, you’re, going to select the package once you sign up for a package, you’re, going to go, get an Email notification from ipvanish: you can use this on unlimited devices.

They just upgraded their servers. It’s super fast. I recommend using a vpn for your safety security and to also get more content, as in our service provider, started blocking content. Okay. So i’m gonna log in here, and i’m gonna show you how to use it okay.

So the link is available in the pin comment in the description for your sign up. Okay, click that link and follow those steps. Okay, once you sign up log right in and then we’ll follow along okay. Once you log into the vpn, all you have to do hit the gear icon from here say: start ipvanish, startup connection action, connect too fast to server make sure you have auto reconnect on go to split tunneling.

If you have netflix disney hulu and put a check mark on that or even prime, so i do it with prime. I put prime, and this will not turn the vpn on when using those services, because they don’t work great with a vpn on, so i do, prime you can do netflix you put a check mark on.

All it means is that you’re, not going to use the vpn using those services. Okay, hit back and then make sure scramble mode is on hit back, go to country for the most links and the most content make sure you select the united states, okay and then you’re gonna press that connect button.

Okay, once you press the connect button, it’s. Gon na ask you this. You’re gonna press, the ok button. Now it’s. Gon na connect to the vpn. Now i’m, fully protected, fully secure and streaming anonymously using any apps from my store and getting geoblock content.

Okay, this will spin up. So now i’m fully protected. I will hit the home button and i’m ready to start my application, so your apps and games i go in here and let’s start our cinema. Hd application should be somewhere here.

We installed it right there, cinema, okay, if you have another version, you might see two of them, because this is a different version: the untouched version. Okay, let’s; click on cinema hd. This will start up press the allow button and we have to accept the license and scroll the way down and press okay.

Okay, now you can see this is all tv shows. Now we got the search, we got the filter, let’s, go to movies and i ‘ Ll. Show you how this works. So i’ll, go to movies here and then let’s say i’ll pick a movie, so here’s, our movies, i can also search for any movies or tv show.

This is great okay. So let’s just search, i’m, not gonna go with popular. I’m gonna go with something else here. Let’s, go uh new hd releases and yeah. Let’s. Go the first, the first king okay, when you hit that you’ll, see i’ll start scraping for streams.

How is this version different? Well, this version gets different streams, different scrapers and it also provides correct link names. So when you click on the actual movie, you get the actual movie uh playing without any other content, because sometimes the movies are named to be a certain content, but they’re, really, not a movie.

So this version will really always get you. The movie or tv show that you’re looking for okay and when you press on it long press, it shows you what the file is. Okay, so long press will show you. The file name and single press will pull up the player and from here i have the opportunity to hit the play button.

So long press shows you the actual file and then the actual play button you hit it and it plays the actual movie two hours. You got closed captioning and this version is super quick. It’s much faster than than the other version of cinema hd.

I recommend this version all the time. Okay – and this is when you go in my filing store – i’ll – show you where it’s at exactly so. If you go back to my following store, you can find the cinema hd version.

Let me just go back here in my store: dismiss this pop-up okay, you can [ __ ] dismiss that pop up and dismiss any other pop-ups, and this version is always found. If i pass cody here, it’s going to be fine found under the cinema apk.

This is the. This is the regular version. This is the untouched version, the quickest version, the best version you can get you can see how nicely and beautifully is working with ipvanish there’s, no issues of buffering uh, no issues whatsoever, ipvanish just upgraded the servers.

I recommend using a vpn with this works. Really great. You install this. You set up ipvanish you’re, going to be enjoying a lot of tv, shows a lot of movies and they’re, going to work really fast. If you want tv shows, you go, tv shows uh.

Okay, this is what’s popular right. Now, let’s say you know what i want to do. Uh grey’s, anatomy! You would click on it. Select your season season 17, we’re on wow. I didn’t even know that we’re. This far episode at the top jump episodes hit, the play button goes off streaming and then you select your link.

You can long press to see the file name same same concept, see that n3um master file or you can just click on that movie and hit the play and tv show. In this case you have also closed captioning as well.

You can turn that on. If you’d like and as soon as it connects to that server, it’ll start playing, the timer will kick in. If you get a bad link or a bogus link, you can always try another link and hit that play button.

Let it connect put in your favorites, do whatever you like with this and enjoy this content. I’m just gonna stop in here. I’m, not gonna wait for it to load, but cinema hd uh. This untouched version is incredible: it’s, a good version.

You’re gonna really really like this cinema, hd version it’s, the best one out there. Okay, thank you guys for watching, thank you for being here and if my code changes for my pin in the file link always come back to my channel and always read the pop-up message in file linked when you enter my code and the pin number doesn’t work.

I change it regularly just to um, update my subscribers and have only this information available to my subscribers so hit the subscribe button to my channel. You always get those updates. Thank you guys for watching.

Thank you for being here and i ‘ Ll, see you all in the next one. Take care!

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IPVanish VPN protection:

CINEMA HD fastest best version, the untouched version runs smooth gets the most links and most content and works the best with your firestick or fire tv or any android device, you will love this cinema HD special edition. Enjoy free movies and more

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