After working on this for a long time, I’m glad to finally announce a new open source character for the mixing Jam projects. The idea was to not only build a character that could replace the mix of a model I used in.

Most of my projects, but also to create something that was easy enough for people to add to their own prototypes. I had the incredible opportunity to collaborate with Omni and Andrew from the kinematic channel to build a character that I’ll, be using in most of the 3d projects.

From now on, I’ll. Let army himself explain a little bit of the process of how this character was created, hey everyone, I’m Omni from curium addict and we are really excited to have had the opportunity to help bring this character to life, given that curium addict focuses On creating art assets for games and, of course, Nixon Jam is all about game programming.

It just seemed like a natural fit to work together on a project and, of course, jmo is the first fruit of that labor. So, just as a quick overview of the process, Andrei started with an idea for a character, and then he passed that off to another one of his artist friends who created a 2d model sheet and that’s.

Basically, a concept that shows the character from the main orthographic angles being the front back and side. Using this model sheet, we built out a high-resolution model in blender, using a mix of both traditional box modeling and sculpting.

Once that was finalized, then we built out a second version of the character model, with a lower poly count, which would then become the game ready model. We created materials in substance, painter and then rigged the character using a humanoid rig that we downloaded from mixer mo now.

There was a bit of a struggle trying to get this rig to work properly, but we finally managed to successfully import the model back into mix mo and from there we could apply different animations and that’s.

Basically, the abridged version of the process, but if you’re interested in character design and you want to go more in depth – can head on over to curio Matic, where we had Andre join us for a sort of cast like discussion of the entire Creative process from start to finish, and it’s, a really fun time, so go ahead and check that out.

But of course finish watching this video. First back to you, Andre thanks Omni, it was an honor working with you. I’m super excited to start using this character right away. You can find llamo on the unity asset store for free and there’s.

Also plenty of other download options on the description of this video and also don’t forget to subscribe to the cure, Matic YouTube channel. They’re, making really cool stuff in game development. I really hope you all enjoy Jamo and thank you so much for watching [, Music, ]

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