hi, welcome to mix and jam Patel about game development. Experimentation today’s. Project is inspired by the indie game. Celeste Celeste is an incredible game with amazing art and one of the tightest platforming controls out there.

My goal for this project is to try and achieve a similar movement and feel using unity. So here are the steps I needed to follow for this recreation implement the basic movement of the character, which includes walking, jumping grabbing to the walls and dashi.

Add some pics art animations to the characters, movement and then polish, the scene by working on the environment, some particles and extra effects. I started by creating a game object with a sprite renderer and applying gravity to it by adding a 2d rigidbody component to make the character move.

I created a script that modify the velocity from the rigidbody by getting the values of the horizontal and vertical axis on unities input for the jump. I changed the rigid bodies Y velocity when the action button is pressed, but by doing that, the jump always has the same linear motion.

So I followed this tutorial from board to bits games on how to make better jumping by modifying the character’s gravity, depending on how long you press the button. Next thing was the detective players collisions so omit a script.

They used. The overlap. Circle function to see if the character was grounded or on the wall. With that detection, I was able to make the cactus slide when it was colliding against the wall by subtracting from its Y velocity and when the character was on the wall and holding the trigger.

I activated the wall grab bullion that allowed the player to climb the wall, modifying the Y velocity just like in the game. Another thing the player can do while colliding with the ball is a wall jump.

The first thing I tried to do was to deactivate the cactus movement for a bit after jumping, so it wouldn’t, allow the player to immediately get back to the wall, but that turned out not feeling great.

Instead, I decided to leave the movement after the cactus jump so that the player could still have control over the character, but not that much to work on a I get the direction based on the horizontal and vertical axis and use that to add velocity to the Rich body, in order to make the really quick without going very far and increase the rich bodies drag property.

While the character is dashing, then I decided to add a particle system to the just. So I could look a little bit better for this project. I collaborated with Nate clink for all the pixel art and animation Nate super talented.

So I was super excited to work with him so make sure to check out his work. He designed a character based on the mix and jam colors, and he also did all the animation and the art for the environment. I’ll, be put in a link in the description if you just want to download his art, so you can play around with it to implement the cactus images on the project.

I first had to slice up the sprite sheet by using the sprite editor. Then, when that was done, I created all of the animations for the character using uniess animator to make the transition between those animations.

The one solution I found was to create parameters on the animator that were similar to the ones on the character, script and use them as conditions for the transitions. After that I started creating the level using unities tile map with tile map.

I could easily select the image I wanted to paint over the environment on the tile grid, then, to make everything pixel perfect, I installed the unities pixel camera packaged and apply it to my camera.

The great thing about using this package is that I was able to create normal particles that rendered like pixel, so I created particles for the character, jump slide and even want to simulate the wind ease now to replicate the ghost trail celeste leaves behind when dashing.

I created a sequence of three images that moved on the characters position while dashing, and then I made them fade away to add more intensity to the I added a screen shake to the camera. Using do tweens new shake position on the game.

There’s, a little ripple effect that happens on the dash, so I found this shader on Keros github that does a similar effect and apply it to my project after a bit of adjustments. This is how it turned out: [, Music ], the link for the project’s.

Repository is on the description below mixing Jam is only possible because of the incredible people helping out on patreon, including these top-tier supporters. I’m. Absolutely grateful for all this support seriously.

You guys are the best. If you’re new to the channel don’t forget to subscribe, let’s check out the future projects, and I ‘ Ll see you in the next one: [ Music, ]

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