hi, welcome to mix and jam a channel about game development. Experimentation in today’s. Projects were taking another look at the legend of zelda raff of the wild. One of the rune abilities in the game is called stasis which allows link to stop time on certain objects.

He can then strike the objects increasing their inertia and allowing them to be launched in any direction. My goal for this project is to try and build a similar effect using unity. These are the steps I needed to follow to recreate the stasis ability, create the collision of the characters weapon and determine the point where it hits on each object.

Implement the time. Freeze mechanic on the current target and then work on the stasis, shaders and effects I’ve started by setting up the same third-person camera control that the one in this tutorial made by film storm.

I downloaded some animations in Maximo with sword and shield motions and implemented them to my character, using unities animator on sketchfab. I downloaded models of the Hylian Shield by mono culture, studio, the master sword by yogin Xia and applied them to my character to make the sword detect the collision with other objects.

I added a box Collider to it and set the edge trigger property on then. I created a script for the sword that uses the ontriggerenter function to detect when the objects are overlapping, the collider in order to make the collision work only on specific frames of the motion, I enable and disable the soar Collider using animation keyframes when using ontriggerenter.

We can’t really get the exact point of the collision, so to fix that, I use the ray cast on a sword that will return a specific point of the collision to start working on the actual time. Freeze mechanic, I use a ray cast that origins from the cameras Center and pointing forwards to detect objects in front of it.

On the target object itself, I created a script that can enable the is kinematic property on its rigidbody to freeze the physics simulations. Then I created a variable called accumulated force that increased every time the sword collided with the object with that, I can simply add force to the rigidbody using that property and taking the direction based on the object center.

The sword hit point and to make things a little bit more visible. I added some basic particles to the sword collision. Now it was time to work on some shaders using shader graph. I use the color property to change the color of the materials emission that I can modify on my script to match the visuals on the game.

Then I data for now affect the emission to make the edges of the object glow to make the color more red. As the force increases, I simply lerp the original color with my final desired color there’s also another effect on stasis that generates a noise pattern outline on the object to replicate that I use a saw tooth wave node to generate to noise patterns That get subtracted to one another, generating the outline and mission to indicate the direction in which the object is being launched.

I created a simple cube and made it a child of an empty game object that will be the pivot. That will use a transformed look at at the launch direction in the game the arrow renders on top of the objects.

So I found a shader on nudies answer website by this user that allows that effect to be possible. Then I simply replace the raccoon with a simple arrow i modeled using Maya. It was time to add some particles, so I started by working on the graphics for the change there are present on stasis and creating a particle system that would have a trail tiling that chain image.

I also added more particles, like the stretch lines, the burst emission and the hit effect for when the sword collides. I added particles that derive their color from the stasis shader [ Music ]. Then I added particles for when the stasis is over, like the chain release.

Bursts some stretched lines and another simple particle burst. I also added a trail render to the stasis object for when it gets launched. Finally, I added a terrain to play around on the scene and Addyson pause processing like blue def of field and some color grading.

After a bit of adjustments, this is how it turned out: [, Music, ]. The link for the projects repository is on description below mix and jam is only possible because of every incredible person helping on patreon, including these top-tier supporters.

If you enjoyed this video don’t forget to subscribe to the channel to check out the future projects. Thank you so much for watching [, Music ], you [ Music, ]

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